When bittersweet moments happen… 

So one thing to know about me as I love reading as much as I love writing and being a mom I find it so hard to have time to read. For me it is so much easier to turn the tv on and fold laundry, clean up the trail of toys my son has left, pump, or even just relax in a land of numbness. But I love to read, I love how describitive authors get, how my imagination creates their world in my own way. So the other day my husband said “wow your baby brain has gotten bad, I feel like you need to go back to your old hobby of reading.” So I took his advice tonight, I put the baby to bed, walked the dogs, made the lunches and went to the garage and grabbed my extremely heavy box of books.– I should note that my husband is at hockey — I am one of those people who reads many books at once while I’m reading. I usually do this until one gets really juicy then I finish that one kinda like Rory from Gilmore girls, always changing books when one gets dry. So tonight I pulled out Stephen King – Under the Dome. I have been reading this book for quite some time! One thing that I thought was so great is that I often use cards from loved ones as my bookmark. It’s a way to hold onto old things and get a reminder of the nice things people write. So much to my surprise my book mark for this book was a card from my husband when we were dating, before baby. This card is funny because I had bought it for him for his birthday stating I felt it truly described all that you are… and much to my surprise (as his tradition) I woke up to a card on the bed side table ( he hates watching people read heartfelt cards) that he wrote “I feel like this card was made especially for you! I can’t wait to see where life takes us, love you lots.” Wow! Where has life taken us… baby, new home, marriage. It is crazy, sometimes I forget what life was like before the baby and how much I truly love my husband! I love that he pushes me to be myself and reminds me of all the pieces of me I am. So many times I have felt lost being a mom. Forgetting who I was before being a mom so it is nice to be reminded of where we were and where we are now! So here I go I have 45 mins to read mindlessly and enjoy an old hobby… let’s hope the baby brain didn’t consume what I have already read… 

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