The Transition back to work…

In Canada we are EXTREMELY blessed to have 1 complete year off work. This year is spent bonding, teaching, learning, all while still in your jammies if your me. But in all seriousness, it is a great experience.

My year was extremely busy, immediately following our sons birth we were busy house hunting and buying our first home. Then moving from the City to the Country I like to say – New West to Mission. Then after Christmas we flew to Ontario so that Pearce could meet all my husbands extended family, in an extremely jam packed 5 days. We got engaged, planned a wedding in 3 months and got Married. It was a HUGE year for us, that I wouldn’t change. Of course all of this made the year go by fast, counting down from one event to the next.

Other than our big trip to Toronto with a 6 month old, we also went on some mini vacations. We took Pearce on his first camping trip in Squamish which was a lot of fun and I will definitely blog about. We went on our honeymoon with our son to Whistler. We went on a day trip to whistler when Pearce was first born with his great grandma. We went to the Island 3 times, twice with my husband to visit his dad and once with my mom. It was a GREAT year, which I will cherish forever.

But as the saying goes, all good things must end. As did my maternity leave, so quick it felt. Returning to work ever lingering over my head, what would work be like. Will it be hard going back and having Pearce so far away.

So one thing you should know is that I literally spent the year with my son. Only being away from him over night 1 time – our wedding night. To me that year was meant for My son and I. Plus I literally miss him 10 mins after I put him to bed.. so imagine being away.. its HARD!!

As previously mentioned in my breastfeeding blog I had made the decision to return to work and continue to breastfeed. There are a few things I wish I had done to better prepare myself and Pearce for the transition. I wish I had pumped and saved milk more while I was off work because pumping at work I am barely able to keep up. I wish I had started waking up at the time I go to work to get him used to it, we had a few really rough weeks. I wish that I had moved his nap time to the time of daycare, so that it wouldn’t be so tough for him to stay up till 1pm.

But oh well you live and you learn. Anyways in order to get ready for back to work I got a spot in my daycare 5 months before my return to work, I had been put on a short wait list. One thing I looked for in a daycare was someone I could feel comfortable with. I wanted it to be somewhere where the kids had a stable figure where there wouldn’t be people coming and going. I wanted somewhere where there were activities such as field trips, crafts, and walks. Pearce and I spent so much time walking around Mission that I didn’t want him to give that up. I lucked out running into my old daycare lady at a baby show in October. She is great, and does all those things, not to mention I went to her as a child. I love seeing the pictures she posts of the kids all playing together.

Next we transitioned Pearce into daycare, starting by Pearce and I going a few times together and playing, then by me dropping Pearce off for an hour, two hours, 4 hours, and then 6 hours. I picked him up Early on the 6 hour one because I was going out that night and wanted to spend as much time with him as I could with my monster. Once I felt good about him in daycare, It settled me a bit. I didn’t want Pearce to be at daycare from the time I left till I got home because I felt it was just such a long day for the little guy, So my mom helps us out by taking Pearce from 6-8:30 then dropping him off. It also gives her time with her grandson.

One thing I was really worried about was my wardrobe. Most of my office attire doesn’t fit still. My body has changed and I have accepted that. All of my office attire was from me losing 20 lbs, so its a little scary to jump back into. So I was overjoyed by my husband and family gifting me money for my birthday and gift cards to go buy a new wardrobe. Which I did. Many new staples to create a great work wardrobe it was nice to have clothes that fit properly again. I even bought a few pairs of jeans, which is crazy if you know me! The last couple days before work were spent with many cuddles, and good memories I will cherish for always.

The night before I packed all our lunches cuddled Pearce extra hard before going to bed. Went in 10 mins later and watched him sleep, then went to bed. The next morning woke up at 5, got ready, walked the dogs, got our lunches all ready and loaded up the car. I work for a great company who was awesome about my transition, my first day was getting my desk together. I had started in a completely new region, so it was basically like starting a new job. Before I had left I was working for our american side of the company and now to the Canadian side which is very different. But with good coaches and co-workers I am slowly losing the baby brain, and getting back into the groove. There are days that are really hard and I miss Pearce a lot. But then there are days and I am being honest that I am so exhausted I am kinda glad I can go to work and escape for a few hours.

Going back to work has really made me cherish my time with my family, and make the most of my time with Pearce. Some people think of day care as allowing someone else to raise your child, but I love how much Pearce learns daily, new words, new actions, he is learning so quickly. He loves playing with all the other kids and coming home and being our crazy little monster. And I enjoy being able to go to work and have adult conversations, as well as start learning again. Good luck to all the moms going back to work, it isn’t a easy decision but so many moms do it. Supporting one another is key!


P.S. Next Week I’ve got a Christmas give away for you! Stay tuned xo



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