Christmas Shop Local Feature: Introducing: Cherry Hill Decor

Laura and her boys              Photocred: Captivate Photography

First thing to know about me is I am super frugal. If I want something I shop around make sure I get the best quality for my money.

So one night I was cruising Facebook and I have been looking for a growth chart ruler for a while. I saw an ad for a company selling them for $45 bucks! I couldn’t believe it, my next thought was ugh this is probably somewhere in America. Nope! Cherry Hill Decor is local, affordable, beautiful and in my home town!!


Unlike the other features of the Christmas Shop Local, my first time meeting Laura was when I went to pick my ruler up. She was so nice and reminded me because she understands that being a mom you forget 50% of the things you are supposed to do when booked in advance. I can’t begin to tell you how blown away I was, she hand paints the writing and pictures all herself, she is a very talented artist. When I picked up my ruler her son came out to see my son, it was so cute, in that moment I knew I would continue to support this mother.

When I got my ruler and brought it home I showed my husband and he really liked it as well, he couldn’t believe the quality at such a great price! He then told me we had to order one for our friend who had just had a baby! So we ordered another one! She was able to get it done pretty quick for me so I could bring it to them when we helped them move. They also loved their ruler.

I love how she was able to paint Sweet Pea’s onto Pearce’s Board.
A little about Laura is that she is a mom of two boys, who used to work in the medical field. After giving birth to her first son she chose to be home with her son and has since had another little boy. But Laura doesn’t just make rulers, Laura started her business because of a challenge from her husband. Laura’s husband wanted a large dinning room table for Christmas and told Laura she should make it. Laura was excited to challenge herself again and make the table. It was also flattering that her husband had so much faith in her to do it alone. She made the table and it was beautiful.

The table Laura built her hubby
After showing off her hard work people were very interested and wanted her to build them a table and so Cherry Hill Decor was made. She has stopped making large furniture since her second pregnancy but does hope to go back to it in the future. Laura says “the most rewarding part of having her own business is being able to create with her hands and seeing that people actually like what she makes. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to create but it is very rewarding to know others appreciate your hard work.”

I am always very interested in a business’s opinion of its best feedback so I asked Laura what her best feedback she had received was, but its more of great advice. “Someone once told me to make things that I like, or that I would want to keep in my home, rather than thinking of what other people want.” This is great advice, you cannot guess what people will like or enjoy, so creating things you like and enjoy and being true to yourself is best as a small business owner. 15094350_1298859130170262_2433615245203943600_n

An important part of owning a small business is giving back, so I asked what advice she had for other moms who are trying to start their own business “Take your time – starting a business can be hard and time-consuming, but if its worth it and you’re doing something that makes you happy, then finding time will be easy. I love being a Mom but I look forward to my time away in my studio when I get to create.” What great advice – so honest! Doing something you enjoy makes going to do it, not feel like work and carrying the load of your own business won’t feel so heavy.

Laura makes a ton of items that would be a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list. She also does a ton of custom work, with some pricing down below. Laura currently allows local pick up, you would have to speak to Laura directly to see if she would be interested in shipping if your out of the local area. Check out her Facebook Page : Cherry Hill Decor to see more products available!

Now for some exciting news!! Laura has given us 2 items to be given away to 2 lucky winners!!! First item is a Christmas Sign the next is a family birthday sign. Both prizes will be drawn and announced on the December 1st blog. All you will have to do is: Like Cherry Hill decor on Facebook, Like Chasing my Mini Monster Blog on Facebook, and comment on the blog post on Facebook! To be entered for a chance to win one of the below items.

Win Me!! see above in pink!



You can also find Cherry Hill Decor on Instagram @Cherryhilldecor

Laura is also open to customer orders and has a ton of products she has made on her Facebook page which is definitely worth browsing!


** Don’t forget to enter the draw from our last feature on SoloBaby Designs, check them out on Facebook to enter!**

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