Christmas Shop Local Feature: Introducing Taylin Threads

Caylee, Her Husband Mike and their beautiful children Linden and Taylor

I think I will always remember the day I met Caylee, It was like meeting my first ever Kindred Spirit. Caylee and I had a ton in common, we were both working for the same company, we both had Chihuahuas who we were weirdly attached too. Both super outgoing and very forward. Caylee was my boss, but she made work fun. When Caylee became my boss it was at a time in her career where she knew she wanted more. So we didn’t work together for long, but we have always stayed in touch. I think that is why I feel so strongly about this brand. I have watched an extremely hard-working devoted mother build it from the ground up and watch the success grow! I am so grateful to be able to share it with you and give an exclusive offer to my readers. Here’s Caylee’s Taylin Threads journey.

The Lin and Tay

Caylee always had a keen eye for fashion, and studied textiles in school, so when she got pregnant she was extremely excited to be able to finally shop for her mini. But Caylee really struggled at the time to find trendy affordable baby clothes. Since she knew how to sew, it seemed only fitting that Caylee would make her daughter Taylor trendy clothes herself. Caylee got a ton of compliments on her daughters leggings when they were out, moms wanted to buy know where she found these trendy outfits. So she started small selling to local moms and growing to even selling to Tori Spelling. Once her son came she knew she wanted this company to symbolize her devotion to her family, So it seemed only fitting to name it after her daughter Taylor and son Linden, Taylin Threads was born.

When my son was born I couldn’t wait to get some stuff from Caylee, the first thing I purchased was her grow with me harems, these pants are amazing because you can make them last so much longer by pulling the pant leg down or folding it up to start wearing them early. From there Taylin Threads has become my hide from my husband addiction. Gone are the days of hiding purchases I bought for myself… Now I hide my addiction of buying my son her hip clothes. Everytime I put my son in something from her line, I get a TON of compliments, from his wiener dog leggings to his batman harems, to his romper, her line has something for everyone!

how does one pick a favourite print? 

I think my favourite thing about Caylee is she loves to have sales. Caylee understands that times are hard and she loves to give her customers the opportunity to buy her clothes at a discounted price, Caylee often offers Fabric Frenzy sales which are usually 6-8 fabrics where you can buy all items at a discounted rate. But my favourite is her Taylin Threads Ready to ship instagram page, this is where Caylee posts items that are ready to ship and discounted including shipping (@taylinthreadsrts on instagram), I often hit this page up for quick birthday party presents, but I am always checking up on it to see what items are being offered.

Knowing Caylee and watching her on this journey I was so eager to find out how all of this has made her feel. She says “Seeing customers sends pictures of my quality hand-made clothing that I made for their littles, and knowing I touched their family in some way and seeing their adorable happy kids is the most rewarding.” But what is the best feedback she has received since starting her business “Stay true to yourself and your brand, You will never make everyone happy, continue to strive for the best customer service.”

More recently Caylee started a Facebook page for her exclusive Taylin Thread followers, this is a page where you can get exclusive sales, buy, sell or trade your Taylin Thread Apparel. She also promises to give early access to members for new style drops, secret promotions as well all the info on new arrivals. I definitely suggest following Tayling Threads BTS on facebook if you love her stuff as much as me! In honor of the launch of this page Caylee is going to be giving away a $50 store credit, check out the page to see how to win! You can also find Taylin Threads at . On facebook at Taylin threads and on instagram under: @taylinthreads and @taylinthreadsrts .

So what advice does Caylee have for Moms starting their own business, “Follow your dreams and never give up! You can do anything you put your mind and drive towards. Having your own business will be never-ending work hours and tiring, but worth every bit of it.” When I look at all the feedback from the moms we have featured, 2 things stand out, hard work and following your dreams… Kinda reminds me of an old saying, nothing worth it is ever easy.

Caylee currently ships in Canada and internationally. But the most exciting thing is that in the new year Taylin Threads is going to be READY TO SHIP!!! That’s right no more 3 week turn around, all items will be ready to ship! How exciting, and what an accomplishment for this mama! Caylee has also given us an exclusive offer to blog readers, 25% off store wide, just use the code: MINIMONSTER  and support this local family! Remember that each purchase from a local business is helping to give that family a little more. 


I want to give a huge thank you to all the businesses I have featured for my Shop Local this Christmas Feature. You are all tremendously talented mothers who have built a great support system to help you achieve your goals. Your all following your dreams and being great moms, I’m incredibly proud and blessed to know you. thank you for giving me this opportunity! As well as a BIG thank you to Stacia Sharma for doing pictures, Laken Craig for pictures and my little mini for being so patient with me while we all worked hard for the perfect picture of you in your threads!




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