Happy Birthday to my Husband Chris <3

Today my husband turns 30, wow! Where did our 20s go! I met my husband when he was 20 years old, crazy, young, and pretty much the same guy as he is now but like good wine, I think he has gotten better with age!

Chris’s 22nd birthday

It’s incredible to think that 10 years ago we were just meeting and I was just falling head over heals. Since the day I met Chris there was always something about him. It was like subconsciously I knew I would marry him one day!

Our love story is long, messy, and a roller coaster but the best part is it’s still happening. Chris has always done his best to ensure that I don’t get bored. His hard exterior is just a show for his soft and lovable personality. I still can’t believe that I got him. I knew from the moment I met him that no man would ever compare and that I needed to have him in my life! I would share our story, but it’s somethings are best left shared between two people.

Sasquatch festival

So why write a blog about my husband? Well he is an incredibly hard-working man who supports our family, ensure we still have fun even when times are tough, and still remember to keep making me fall in love over and over. I think its important to take time and celebrate the people who we care about. The ones behind the scenes, and well 30 is kinda a big deal!

To many Chris is a great friend, always there to lend an ear, share a few drinks or hop on the ice and play a few games. To us he is a father, a husband, a friend, a lover and sometimes a second child. He is so many incredible things all in 1. He has more friends than I can even count and somehow he is able to maintain all his friendships. He pushes me to be a better version of myself, to keep my dreams and to always strive to succeed.

In the 10 years my husband has been in my life he has truly helped me overcome so many insecurities, obstacles and I can’t imagine going through them with anyone else! He is exactly what I always wanted in a partner and I only hope that I will be by his side for many more birthdays.

Christopher, happy birthday, may this year be a great year and may we keep making each other happy! I love you with all of me and I promise to try harder to fold all the socks. As long as you promise to never stop dancing, or having fun! 

xOx love you.

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