5 things fellow moms really need to hear from one another 

It’s been a rough few weeks first my sweet little pea was sick and now I’m fighting a horrible cold and have no voice so last week we took a much-needed hiatus from the blog and rested and hopefully we will be 100% next week!

Seeing how I am writing this on Bell Let’s Talk day I thought it would be a fitting topic; depression is real and post par tum depression is very real, I felt I should write a blog about what us moms really want to hear from one another!

1. You are doing a great job!

Not only do we need to hear this from fellow moms but we also need to be sure to tell moms when they are doing good job! Being a mom, a new mom, a mom of four, any mom is hard work! It’s the most selfless job we can do and it will drain you, bring you to tears and basically make you mental, so be sure to give credit to others who are working just as hard as you!

2. What you’re doing is right! 

We live in an era where giving criticism has become a natural and daily occurrence that we do sometimes without even thinking. It’s important to understand that no 2 children are the same and that mothers really do know best! Even if it’s not what you would do recognize that if she’s not asking for help and it’s working for her, she’s doing it right!

3. Thank you for teaching me_____! 

It’s important that when someone has a great idea you let them know! If it helped you, you should tell that mom! Not only does it feel amazing to receive a compliment, but knowing you helped another mom with this super hard job called motherhood, will make her feel like a million bucks!

4. It’s okay to not be happy everyday! 

So much of being a mom is people asking you endless questions. How’s breastfeeding? How’s your baby sleeping? How are you sleeping? How’s your body bouncing back? When’s the next baby? It’s exhausting, not only that but being a mom is exhausting! When you haven’t gotten any sleep and you really just want to cry – cry! You deserve a good cry it will help! Not everyday is good, not everyday will be the best! Being a mom is the hardest job you will ever do, recognize that! So remember that even though the expectations people have for being a mom is that it is the most rewarding best thing ever, it is also a selfless hard task that you can’t exactly give up on! Having bad days are okay! So if you don’t feel happy, talk to someone because chances are they have been there!


5. I am here for you!

Being a mom is so hard and sometimes we need a break we need someone to call to talk us off the ledge. Sometimes we feel like we just can’t take another melt down we can’t take another bite on the nipple or another hissy fit. Knowing you have someone to lean on can really help and sometimes that’s all a mom really needs is knowing your there even if she never asks!


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