6 Things to save a mombie from the apocalypse of motherhood 

This week has been, rough to say the least! My almost 18month old has been having a rough go with sleeping, we just got over being sick and it seems like the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and stress are taking over my mombie body! (Mombie = zombie mom) so I have been doing a few things that always make me feel better on a run down week, which I thought I would share because it can be extremely hard sometimes being a mombie!


1. Wash your face in the morning and at night with a hot wash cloth!
I recently started this one when I read how good it made people feel and how it was also a celebrity skin secret! The truth is I have had such a rough week, that I probably spend 10 minutes washing my face with the hot wash cloth and it’s almost just nice to spend 10 minutes not thinking and just feeling the warmth on my face! After I feel clean, refreshed and a little stronger!

2. 10 push ups & good stretching before bed. 
A) So the push ups really started when I lost a tremendous amount of weight a few years ago and went from not being able to do 1 push up to being able to do quite a bit! So when I got pregnant I never wanted to lose my ability to do push ups so I did 10 before bed and when I got to big I did angled wall push ups and this really just made me feel strong and accomplished. Something about being able to do a mans push up makes me feel like I can take on anything!

B) Stretches before bed well, for me sleep is everything! I often joke that if I dream about lunges it means I worked out? Haha well why I think it’s important to stretch before bed is that sleep is incredibly important for functioning. Your body needs good rest, the day has been long, and hard and you need to unwind. After a work out you stretch to unwind, relax your muscle. Before a work out you stretch to loosen things up and prepare for your workout. Think about it this way sleep is your workout and you must prepare! Try a few stretches maybe add one each night, I really like to touch my toes, stretch my arms out backwards, reach as high as I can side to side… I find on nights I stretch I sleep a little better!

3. Read a book! 
Something about reading has always relaxed me, takes me to a place outside of my problems and allows me to just go somewhere else. Staring at a tv can be exhausting on your eyes, and if your like me your brain can feel overloaded after a day spent on the computer. I am reading a few books right now that I am really enjoying, I spend my nights when Pearce has his night time snack reading “The Happiest Toddler on the Block – Harvey Karp M.D.” Which I am learning so much from and am spending so much more time analyzing my frustrations in a more positive way! when I read on my lunch and before bed I am totally sucked into “the Girl in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware” its incredibly suspenseful!

4. Get outside! 
My days our spent inside on a computer screen so by the time I get home I feel mentally drained like technology has sucked me dry! So I find if I don’t get outside my mood is like sink into the couch! But if I go outside even just to walk my two crazy dogs, or take sweet Pearce to the park, it makes my mood much more positive. I like the nights I can take Pearce to the park before I feel like I actually spent time with him, learning and watching him grow. Tonight we went to the park and for the first time he was interested in picking up leaves. Which to me was so neat, it may seem small but it’s exciting to see his interest in nature and not just toys!

5. Hug your partner. 
Life is hard, it’s exhausting and well sometimes you just need physical touch. Sometimes your partner needs it, so after work come home and hug your partner, tell them you love them, and ask them about their day! That moment might be the only moment you spend with them because your exhausted and after you fight your toddler to bed all you can do is sink into dream land.

6. spend time with friends and family. 
When I am feeling overwhelmed I like to hide. I don’t like to see people or talk to people or even do anything with anyone I just like to be in my world. But that’s probably because I am a huge home body, who really needs me time. I look forward to nights alone spending time with myself. But when I feel overwhelmed it’s important for my sanity to speak to my free counselors aka my friends and family! So I force myself to go on small outings or have small visits with friends, like going to the park with dogs, having a friend over for a play date or even just talking on the phone!


These few things have been really helping me these last few weeks which I have found to be overwhelming. When I feel this way I become a huge secluded loner. I don’t leave my house and I don’t usually want to talk to humans. So forcing myself to take care of myself and get out, always becomes a challenge! The important thing is to remember that we are the biggest influence in our children’s lives so being happy, healthy and present is our job! If you have anything you do for yourself that helps at times like this please share!



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