Dancing on the edge of Sanity

Well the title of this blog truly says it all. The past week has felt like I’m dancing on the edge of my sanity. Being a mom to a toddler is so hard!

It has been emotionally draining. I won’t share too much details about it just because I feel the details are irrelevant – you can relate without them!

There are points in every parents life where so much is going on and you have reached your threshold for stress. Then your child decides to go through a sleep regression and you’re getting A LOT less sleep and the world might collapse on top of you! That is my week.

To say it’s been trying is an understatement! This morning I reached the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore I had to just walk away. That moment was so hard for me, since Pearce was born I have always felt a tremendous pressure to be the perfect mom (I’m sure some of you can relate)! But it’s hard and being a parent really requires you to be at your best and when you’re not it’s important to recognize it and get help. For me admitting that I need help has always been hard in most things in life, but especially as a mom I always want to  be a pro and not need help. This morning I think I loved my husband just a little bit more he noticed I was breaking and got up took our son downstairs and took control of the situation for me and I was incredibly grateful.

I spent the day enjoying Pearce just a little bit more and feeling like I could handle the crazy antics of my wild 18 month old! Somehow I had let all this stress and all this pressure of being perfect really hinder my happiness and patience with my child.

Chris and I are blessed to have a lot of friends with toddlers and I love watching how they handle situations and deal with the tough times. You always hear how hard toddlers are and I wanted to prepare for the terrible two’s so I have been reading “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” – this book has really allowed me to better understand where my frustrations with Pearce lie. The book describes that when you are frustrated with your child that you toddler is bringing forth a memory from your past in which you felt the same way and that is why you react in a frustrated, overwhelmed manner. So when I get this way I have been trying to recognize, how I am feeling, What time in my history would make me feel this way. This has allowed me to be more patient and understanding however sometimes it is still really hard. I have really struggled with this sleep regression we are facing at the 18 month point while dealing with all of the other stresses life has to offer.

This blog I just wanted to recognize that not everyday as a toddlers mom is perfect and that help is truly needed sometimes. Having had that help I got a couple extra hours of sleep and ended up having a much better day with Pearce. I was more patient and less stressed. Hopefully in the future I can let the pressures of motherhood move aside and voice to my husband that I may need a little bit more help because I am not perfect! I realize I am not alone and that there are probably many of you out there feeling this way. Being a mom is not easy, it is the toughest job I have ever had, but it’s also the only job that I feel has given me true purpose in life.

I also wanted to note that its okay to never share your struggles, but to know that if you need to I am here. Feel free to reach out about any parenting struggles or share them in the comments. Maybe hearing your stories will put my mind at ease.


p.s. The New Blog day is Saturdays! So you can expect to see new posts on Saturdays from now on! Thanks for reading ❤

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