Uprise Coffee Company

Whenever I write about a vendor I send over a list of questions that I use to build my blog off of. When I received the questions back from Nicki and Kris, I had 2 thoughts.

  1.  Who knew roasting coffee by hand was so much work – Kris gave me a very detailed look at the whole process.
  2. Where do I begin. Kris’s passion left me with so much information I struggled a bit to figure out how I would share it all.

So let me begin here; I am not a regular coffee drinker – I drink coffee regularly BUT I usually have mochas, latte’s, french vanillas, anything that isn’t straight coffee so I knew I would need the help of my husband – the Coffee expert.  I WILL drink regular coffee it just must have sugar.

I knew that this blog would be a challenge for me and it was why I wanted it to so bad! First, I wanted to challenge my taste buds, maybe I have just been drinking SHIT coffee – we all know its out there. Second, how do I – someone who doesn’t drink regular coffee relate to coffee lovers.

Here goes everyone: Uprise Coffee Company is made in my home town, of Mission, BC. Finding a coffee company that is local was extremely exciting. Not only do I love supporting local, but I love supporting local FAMILIES. Its one thing for a person who has no dependents to start their own business and work their ass off their time is theirs. It’s a whole other thing for a parent to start their business – please do not take that offensively I recognize all struggles – but their time is mostly their childrens. We live in era where affording daycare, groceries, and your mortgage is a daily struggle for the middle/lower class families. Uprise Coffee Company is that a family business, 2 people, husband and wife, mom and dad who started their business in their kitchen, while raising their 2 beautiful little boys (trust me they are).

Now you may be wondering, what makes Uprise Coffee better than your convenient Tim Hortons, Mc Donalds or Starbucks. Well Uprise coffee roasts small batches of coffee, what I recently learned is that large companies don’t have the time to roast small batches. They need to get the fresh roast beans to their customers as quickly as possible – this means roasting in large batches. So why is small batch roasting better? Coffee beans come from the coffee tree, and after being process it is called a green bean. These are the beans a roaster will receive. Kris made sure to tell me that anyone can roast a coffee bean, but the trick is to get to know the coffee bean. Getting to know the beans and it’s defining characteristics allows you to understand how it will react during the roasting process. Differing characteristics of a coffee bean depend on region, elevation, process used to achieve the green bean, size and its ability to endure heat.

Now I will tell you why large batches are so hard to make a great cup of coffee from. When a company roasts their coffee in large batches they must find the optimal heat for the majority of their beans.  Not all beans will roast well at the same temp, some may burn, some may not be roasted long enough. So by roasting small batches more attention can be paid to the beans needs and better coffee can be made. Uprise coffee roasts their coffee in a roaster made for small batches with minimal bells and whistles it relies on the roaster to guide it through the process making the roaster in total control of the outcome of each roasted bean.

I had no idea what any of this meant the first time I read it. It took reading it a second time and pausing to digest it. Kris told me that he got involved in the coffee business by accidentally drinking his wife’s coffee and noticing it tasted exactly like his and they had ordered different roasts. AKA The standardized temperature at which large companies use to brew doesn’t make any large noticeable difference in coffee.

So where did they get the name from well Kris thought while he drank his coffee there must be an Uprise of mom and pop roasters and coffee shops to show people there is a difference in how each roast is should taste. That is how the Uprise Coffee Company began.

Coffee Roaster

My favorite question to ask vendors is what is your favorite part of owning your own business; You can tell their passion when they simply reply – we love our coffee, coffee lovers are the most passionate people around – this fact I have found true. They also really enjoy when they have someone swear off their loved chain brand and commit to Uprise. On the flip side it is also really interesting to hear what they find the most challenging. Time  – Small batches equals copious amounts of time spent in front of the roaster, they may own their own company but they still work full-time and have 2 children.

I found that like all my vendors I have featured Nicki and Kris were passionate about their business. When I ask people what is something you want your customer to know, they said “that we take pride”. When I met them in person they had their two small boys with them and their son told me he helped packaged my coffee. They had just finished roasting it that week for me. When you see the hands of a product and you taste it knowing that this small family made it, I think it makes it taste just a little bit better. So whats their goal for their company? Maybe a coffee-house one day, as the numbers grow each year. They don’t keep large amounts of coffee on hand and mostly roast to order so you truly get the freshest coffee. That being said you can find Uprise Coffee Company at Mossy Creek & Co , a local boutique on Main Street in Mission, BC (previously featured) for $13 or you can email them or contact them via Facebook to arrange shipping or drop off for $10 a bag.

Kris started the questions by telling me he was no coffee snob, that he would drink any coffee, he takes it by the gallon. Anything black and caffeinated he will have, but why not offer a great product and show people how love and passion make a cup.

Above I described that I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker, one thing I found is that I didn’t need to add much as it was so flavorful, something I hadn’t really experienced before. My husband liked it so much he took it to work to give the guys a cup and show them the exciting thing I was working on. Chris said “the aroma of the coffee filled our house and smelt delicious, even though it was a Dark roast, it was still light and flavorful” – and he is a coffee snob!  He takes his coffee black, me I take it 1 milk 3 sugars – don’t get me wrong I don’t think I will ever stop drinking my white chocolate mochas or chai lattes but it’s nice that I found a coffee I actually enjoy and don’t need to leave home for. Their company has now been open for 4-5 years and I have a feeling they may have gotten me to put away the Keurig and enjoy a real cup of coffee. I remember working at Mc Donalds for the first free coffee week and they told me, you give away 1 great cup, you get a customer for life.

On that note, Uprise Coffee Company has put together a basket for 1 lucky Blog reader, all you have to do, is comment on the picture of the basket on our Facebook page, follow our Facebook and Uprise Coffee Company’s  Facebook page and you will be entered. Winner will be announced Next week on the blog April 22nd 2017.

I hope you all order a bag, or stop by Mossy Creek and pick one up, remember supporting local mom and pop shops supports a family!

Good Luck

xOx Chelsea 

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