Christmas Mini Feature: A Twincess and a Frog

Meet Gina, a mother of 5 and the creator and owner of A Twincess and a Frog. When Gina had her first child and wanted to follow in her heritages tradition and give her child jewels. Since Gina was not working at the time they did not have a lot of money, everything she found was much out of her price range. It wasn’t until having her 4 other children that Gina decided to start her own business in making children jewelry. Her business specializes in silicone toys, pram garlands, birthstone bracelets, aromatherapy diffuser bracelets, gemstone bracelets and soon sterling silver bracelets; all for baby, Mom, Dad or get one for everyone to match! Gina can also do custom orders, so if you are looking for something specific or would like a necklace she can also create those for you as well.


If you are wondering where you can get a Twincess and a Frog, you can buy them online or you can visit them at The Christmas Craft Fair at Lynn Fripps Elementary School in Langley on Dec 2/17 @ 10 am to 3pm, as well as Winter Fair at the Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall on December 3/17 10:30am to 4:30pm.


You can also use our special promo code Monsterzmama10 to get 10% off everything on a Twincess and a Frog’s Facebook page as well as on their custom orders, Code is good until December 31st/2017!! They will also have a mommy aromatherapy bracelet made with White howlite and Volcanic lava beads and a rattle in our basket that we are giving away from December 3rd – December 13th so be sure to check back on the blog to see how you can win these beautiful pieces.

Win Me in the Basket!!

Give this small shop some love and follow them on instagram or give a quick like on Facebook!


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