Will’s Jams

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the latest children’s album “Rock and Roots” by Will’s Jams – Releasing online May 14th. Our family has absolutely loved listening to the bi-lingual album. The first time I turned it on I was laying in bed with my husband and Brooks sitting between us, we turned on Rock and Roly Guacamole and he just started dancing for the first time ever. Each time we turned it on since he gets his little body moving and its adorable. The music video for “Rock and Roly Guacamole” is now out and can be seen on Will’s Jams You tube channel .

Rocks&Roots VICF & SICF image


After leaving his Teaching job in 2009, Will Stroet has traveled from Canada – China performing for children around the world. His songs are fun and catchy for the whole family. He will be performing in the Lower Mainland at the Surrey International Children’s Festival May 25th.  You can also find Will in Vancouver at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival (June 1 & June 2).

For Will, creating music is a huge passion of his and is a family affair since he and his wife have been working together full time for 10 years. He wrote the song “Smell the flowers” on the album for his wife as a reminder to slow down more – advice a lot of us need a reminder for. The album is a beautiful compilation of music that you can sing a long to with your family. We have loved listening to it and having dance parties in my living room or throwing it on in the car when the little ones gets antsy and singing along together.

Kim Thé Will Stroet Ella Stroet & June Stroet - Carla Elaine Photography

If your interested in learning more about the album and Will’s Jams you can find him on Instagram, Facebook and his Youtube Channel. I know many people will enjoy dancing to “Grandma on the Move”, “I am a Moose” and Cuddling up with your littles while enjoying “Day, Week, Month, Year, Life”.

You can find the album online at Will’s online store, on spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

xOx Chelsea 

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