Product Review: Uchi Ltd.’s Aqua Twist Baby Carrier

I am so excited to be getting to share with you this product review. So many times I have thought it would be great if there was a carrier you could wear in the water, then I could take both my boys to the pool. So when Uchi Ltd. approached me to do a product review I was very excited.


Uchi is a local business recently relocated to the Sunshine Coast, that makes baby carriers from amazing fabrics, specializing in hot weather carriers, they have been a member of the BCIA since 2012 (Baby Carrier Industrial Alliance). The Maker Mariela Wilhelm is a Critical Care nurse turned product developer. Her products are ethically made in Canada.



Mariela Wilhelm, is a mom of four beautiful children ranging in age from 12 – 30. Growing up in Chili and France Mariela is fluent in both Spanish, French and English. Mariela used to be a critical care nurse, which she represented Alberta as a medical Inventor at Medica 2013, showcasing her neonatal kangaroo care wrap. She currently resides in the Sunshine Coast with her husband and two young children.



Two Tone Aqua Twist Baby Carrier – Can be worn both while wet and while dry. This is the second aqua wrap made by Uchi ltd. They also have an aqua wrap.


Soft mesh model Jersey Fabric, polyester blend.


Weight between 6 – 26 lbs due to light weight of fabric


Where can you find the product:

You can purchase the product online, on Esty, in Gibson’s at Peggy Sue’s Gift boutique, in Powell River in Seaside Aenfae. She can also be found sporadically at Langdale Ferry Terminal, Sechelt Farmers market and Shipyards Night Market in North Van on Friday Nights this summer. Be sure to check out her  Facebook page for more information on where she will be.


Production takes 1-5 days, then it shipped via expedited small business service. I received my package within 4 days of being shipped.

Product Review:

First impression:

My first impression of the product is that it is very light weight. The fabric is super breathable.

Testing out of water:

The first time I put it on I found following the instructions very easy and was able to put it on fast and with ease. After wearing him for an hour or so he came out not sweaty and seemed to really enjoy it. I liked it for using it in the garden or outside in the heat as I didn’t find it overly heavy like I have found other carriers/wraps that I have used.

uchi in water

Testing it out in the water:

I absolutely loved wearing this in the water. Brooks really enjoyed being in it in the water, and it was surprisingly very easy to wear in the water. I took him out and put him back in and doing so was easy even with the fabric being wet. I found the fabric remained light weight while wet and not too heavy.


Favorite thing about the product

My favorite thing about this wrap is that I do not have to worry about Brooks getting too hot, something we often forget as moms with small babies is just how easily they get too hot. So, for me a Huge win is that this is a lightweight carrier for the summer. Its definitely for moms with babies in the summertime. I also like how it doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it easily fits in my diaper bag without being too bulky. Its very easy to clean as well. I’ve washed mine a few times and hung it to dry and it shows no signs of wear.

Find this pic on Instagram to enter



I love this product and want more people to experience it. So I have partnered with Mariela, to give away 1 wrap to a lucky winner, All you have to do is follow @uchiwraps and @monsterzmama on Instagram, tag a friend (each tag is as entry). For extra entries share it in your Instagram stories tagging both @uchiwraps and @monsterzmama (if your private unfortunately it will not be seen)

Contest ends June 16th at Midnight Winner will be announced June 17th at 12pm PST.

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