Birthday Gift Guide For Toddlers

If you are anything like me you probably are looking at the next 4 months and thinking wow so many birthdays coming up, I need to get on top of this!

We have so many friends birthdays coming up and  have only managed to shop for the next 4 birthdays my son is invited to, but we have tons of friends with Birthdays coming up and I decided to share some of the best gifts that I have seen,


Gifts for kids 1 & 2

At this stage in a child’s life they are very much at a sensorimotor development phase, so gifts that are great for this age I look to help in that phase! This simply means that a child is developing their sensory and motor skills with the environment.

Here are my top 5 Favorite gifts for kids during this age, starting from lowest cost to highest

  1. Duplo Lego – Any Set – These range in price from $18.00 – $99.00 depending on the size of the set
    I absolutely love Lego for this age, its really colorful and fun and children get to work to put it together and often really enjoy the taking it apart aspect as well
  1. Bubble Lawn Mower – $19.99
    This is one of my favorite toys for this age because they may or may not be walking and they probably love pushing things around. At this age they are also fascinated with bubbles.
  1. Fisher Price little people – any set range in price from $29.99 – $99.99 depending on the size of set 
    This one is great for learning what things are and see new worlds, some of them are farm sets, or safari, etc.
  1. Little Tykes first slide – $39.99 at Walmart
    Pearce got his first slide at age 1 and absolutely loved it, he loved climbing up it and going down, he played on it for hours, so excited to learn how to climb and the excitement of going down.
  1. Water Tables/ Water & Sand Tables – Prices vary depending on size
    Water tables are so fun; kids absolutely love them, and they come with so many toys that help children learn and understand how water and sand move. They can build sandcastles and play in the water.

Gifts for ages 3 & 4

Kids at this age are learning their fine motor skills so they are learning a lot about how to play with smaller items. They are also learning a lot about pretend and how to pretend things are something they aren’t/

Here are my top 5 favorite gifts for ages 3 & 4 listed by price lowest to highest

  1. Kerplunk or other toddler games – $20.00
    This is a super fun game that toddlers can totally play, and have a lot of fun with, other fun games for toddlers are Gone Fishin’, Soggy Doggy, don’t break the ice.
  1. Melissa and Doug – My magnetic Daily Calendar – $24.99
    I absolutely love this toy as it teaches children, days of the week, season, how they are feeling, and what day it will be tomorrow.
  1. Picasso Tiles – Magnetic blocks – $49.99
    These blocks are awesome for building and some comes with letters and numbers on it and so while your child is building it can learn to recognize letters and numbers.
  1. V-tech Digiart Creative Easel – $69.99 
    I love this easel because it can be used as an easel for kids to paint on and draw on and this one also turns on and teaches children how to draw letters, pictures and is a great interactive toy.
  1. Train table and Trains – 89.99 +
    We absolutely love trains in our house, they are fun to build the track and set it up and take it apart and rebuild. Our little guys both loves playing with trains.


Other great gifts are books, coloring books, playdough, and letter tracing books. These are just some of the ideas we love, all kids are different, and you can always give clothing as well, these are just some of our favorite items to give as gifts.

Toddlers can be really hard to shop for and they receive a ton of toys. I personally do try to move away from the kids getting toys, Brooks for example’s birthday is right before Christmas and we never open all our kids gifts at once, we usually wait on a few, so this can become really hard when he has just had a birthday. So, we usually aim to get other gifts. Some other great gifts that aren’t a toy that parents would love their child to receive are:

  1. Gift cards to local leisure centers in your town:

this is a great gift because it allows children to put it towards public programs or towards a lesson. We have gotten this as gifts from a couple friends for our kids and used it for public skating, or swimming and loved the family memory it created

  1. Gift Cards to an activity, such as Movie Theatre, bowling alley, or go karts (depending on age)

    this is a wicked gift as it creates another family memory for them to go and enjoy!

  2. Passes to a local Zoo or Aquarium.

    Again, this is a great one to give the family excuse to go and make memories! My kids have been very blessed to go to a daycare where they had a zoo pass and have been to the zoo lots. But we take the boys to the aquarium for Pearce’s birthday and he absolutely loves it. Last year he even got to feed the jelly fish.

  3. Gift cards to a local restaurant, or candy store.

    this one may seem a little bit odd, but its fun for children to get to go to a restaurant and pay with their own gift card. Even just $5 to a local candy store or donut store is a ton of fun for them, and one less toy in the house!

  4. Gift Card to a clothing or shoe store.

    This one may seem a little untraditional, but kids are constantly growing and sometimes buying clothes we get the wrong size, or we get a ton of them to avoid buying toys. Giving a gift card allows the child to go and pick out something with their gift card that they need, and also maybe when they’ve grown a bit – this doesn’t have to be a lot, but it’s a great way to pitch towards those items.


I hope you find this helpful, and that we can soon enjoy birthday parties like we did before covid!

– xOx Chelsea


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