Things I will not share on my Social Media Platforms

For so many influencers we are sharing a lot of our lives on social media and I can’t help but think how important it is that we do not share everything. Below I put together 5 things I will not share on social media. Let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree, I would love to hear!

  1. The location of my home.This one is obvious, we live in an age where people can be found easily because of what we post and share on social media, to protect mine and my family’s privacy will not share where in Mission I live.
  2. Information about what people in my life are going through. Example, my husband, my immediate family, my friends.

    I am blessed to have a lot of loved ones in my life; however, I will never share things going on in their life without them asking me to share it. It doesn’t seem fair for me to talk about their journey through life as if it were my own.
  3. I will not discuss my political views and religious views– I may touch on things on one side of a campaign but will never discuss who I am voting forLike most others I want our country to be run in a way that helps to create the best place for our children, however I believe that you should not share your political stance with others.
  4. As for Religion I believe the same, I don’t want to ever make anyone feel uncomfortable or to stop following me because we may not have the same belief. I respect everyone’s choice but will not weigh in on the matter.
  5. I will not discuss how much money I make or my husband makesWhen it comes to blog posts, features, ads, or even my full time job, I will not discuss how much I make, for a lot of my life I worked for a corporation that instilled strong habits and one of those is to never discuss your wages with people outside of your home and your financial institutions – I stand by this.
  6. I will not share or discuss mine or my children’s private partsThis one for me seems like a no brainer, I am choosing to post my children on social media, something that will be online forever. At their age (4 and under 1) they have no say on the matter. So, I want to ensure I respect them and not show or discuss their privates on social platforms. And as for me I respect that some women choose to show their body but for the same reasons as my children I chose not to put something on the internet that I may later regret.


XoX Chelsea

3 thoughts on “Things I will not share on my Social Media Platforms

  1. Great post!! Yes we must always be careful what we post. Social media & the internet is very permanent and as you say it may come back to haunt us down the road. I share pictures of my kids online and I often wonder… and hope… that they will be okay with it when they are adults. But of course I only share the very best pictures & nothing embarrassing or too private 🙂


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