World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, and I think it is incredible that we have dedicated a day to this. Mental health is a invisible illness that is currently affecting 1 in 5 adults and countless children.


I have tried to be very open about the struggles I currently face with my mental health. But this topic is so vast and effects so many people around us without us even knowing. This week I took part in the #okaymovement – A movement designed to show people that just because we put a smile on our face for a picture does not mean we are happy. Something that unfortunately has become our norm. The past couple weeks have been very hard for me and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that because I am trying to build my following, I am spending more and more time on social media. Looking at others highlight reels and questioning my life. Am I a good mother? Do I have a good bond with my children? Do my children know everything they need to know?

We are living in a society where the norm is to pretend, we live perfect lives. To not share our struggles, to tell everyone we are FINE. The truth, I’m not fine! I feel good today, but 2 days ago was another story. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I didn’t want to spend time with my kids, I didn’t want to workout, I didn’t want to shower or see anyone.


Below are a few tips on how I get through the days when I feel like this:

  1. Open the curtains and let the light in
  2. Get outside – even if its raining, or if its too hard to fathom going outside, open a window for fresh air
  3. Have a nice hot shower or bath, as long as you need just let yourself soak
  4. Talk to someone, anyone, even if you do not feel comfortable, more people than you know are also suffering.
  5. Get off social media, take a break from the highlight reel.
  6. Journal

Motherhood is hard and all I was seeing is these pictures of these beautiful mothers, and their perfect children. But you know what I too post these pictures, where my life seems great! So how do we fix it? How do we make people see that it is okay to not be okay?

We talk about it, we normalize it, we tell people we aren’t okay, we ask for help. Today I want to challenge each and everyone of you to join the #okaymovement. You do this by simply taking a piece of paper and drawing a smile, place it in front of your mouth and take a selfie. Post it to your social media taking @okaymovement and using hashtags #letstalk #talktoday #okaymovement and sharing your story about why mental health is important to you then challenge 3 friends to join the movement with us.

Let’s end the saga of being FINE. Lets stop sharing just beautiful pictures and lets start being real raw beautiful people even on our highlight reel.

If you want to help further you can make donations to Canadian Mental health association.

I am going to end by sharing a quote that I shared earlier this week, because I think it may help you to see that sharing the bad times is just as important as sharing the good. 

“The Comeback is Always Stronger, then the set back.”

xOx Chelsea


One thought on “World Mental Health Day

  1. Mama i just wanna say that you are amazing and that you are a wonderful person and your kids freaking adore and love you so much!
    This brought a tear to my eye because i too do this and i to think these things often at times and i always have to push through it because thats what we mamas do and its okay to not be okay ♡♡

    Im always here love you!

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