Loloz With Cavibloc – Giveaway!

I am so incredibly excited about this giveaway! As a Mom I have struggled a lot with wondering if I am giving my child too much sugar, or products that will harm their teeth. Finding a product that not only resembles a candy, tastes good and that helps to prevent cavities feels like a diamond in the rough. Loloz is exactly that a diamond in the rough and the result of 7 years of research by a team of microbiologist at the UCLA School of Dentistry.37761476_2040385442889773_5790336339937329152_n

Loloz specializes in candy with Cavibloc. You are probably wondering what Cavibloc is well, it is a specialized active ingredient found in a specific type of licorice root. Cavibloc targets and disables major organisms that cause tooth decay, such as Streptoccus mutans, Sobrinus and Lactobacilli. It kills the cavity causing bacteria and can prevent cavities from forming for up to 6 months! For best results you are to have 2 candies a day for 10 days once in the morning and once in the evening. Doing this twice a year will give the best results.

lolozCurrently Loloz come in a small hard candy form and a lollipop form. They currently have 3 flavors, Berry, orange and lemon! With Halloween coming I think these are the perfect thing to give your child to prevent them from getting cavities. As a child that grew up terrified of the dentist and have struggled with cavities all my life. I think these products are great and I am so excited to be able to offer, a discount code for $5 off your purchase! As well as 1 lucky winner will receive 3 boxes of loloz to try! If you are located in Canada you can purchase Loloz from Amazon or have your local dental provider order them for you direct, or ship to the states!

To enter all you have to do is:

  1. Like Mini Monsterz Mama Blog and Loloz on facebook
  2. Share the loloz post on my page with your friends
  3. Tag a friend on the post who you think would love to give it a try


Draw ends November 4th at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be announced November 5th at 10 am.

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