Downtown Langley Treasure Hunt

Initially this blog post was going to be launching to discuss some tips for things to do in Downtown Langley over spring break. Since writing this blog the situation of COVID-19 has changed drastically and it became apparent to me that it didn’t seem right to post the same blog I had originally written. Therefor I decided to re-write this blog post, to be more relevant for the current situation we find ourselves in.

In the past few days, we have watched so many things we love be cancelled – its easy to get sucked into a negative head space in a time like this. But its extremely important that we think positive and continue to support one another in this time, it is not only a hardship for you, but for many others.

I want to talk about a few things that aren’t cancelled. Getting outside isn’t cancelled, and you can do it anywhere – especially if you aren’t showing any symptoms, haven’t been in contact with anyone who is, or haven’t traveled in the last 3 weeks.

A few weeks ago, Pearce and I enjoyed a special day together, we went with friends down to Downtown Langley, a historical part of Langley made up of over 500 unique shops, services and restaurants. The area offers free parking, so you can stop for a minute or a few hours and wonder around.

I realize for some of you, you may not want to venture for a walk, but you can also go for a drive, and if you’re going to do that, downtown Langley is the right stop, it has over 20 beautiful murals (14 of which can be seen without even getting of your car). Not to mention several amazing restaurants that you can order food and pick up from (or skip the dishes) if you are not up for eating in. There is also a ton of amazing shops downtown, some of which are still open with reduced hours, and others that are just doing online orders.


When Pearce and I visited a few weeks ago I wanted to make it a fun day for us, so I turned the mural walk into a treasure hunt (Pearce currently loves treasure hunts). I made special clues for us to read that would lead us to each mural and we picked up a mural walk map from Discover Downtown Langley Business Association (these can be found here). We loved that the mural walk took us weaving through all the stores, and even to Douglas Park for a break with some much-needed play time. Then it was back on the hunt for the next mural. As the day went on Pearce got very creative with his poses, and a bit of a sugar high as we enjoyed a few treats along the way. Pearce absolutely loved his treasure hunt day which ended with $20 dollars to spend in Sticky’s Candy Store. You can use the clues below to go on the same hunt we went on.

After we finished our mural walk – It was time for me to shop! I am so glad we did the mural walk as I had no idea downtown Langley had so many amazing stores – stores I would not have even known about if I didn’t do the walk. I got a huge haul – a new door mat (Whalecome) and an adorable mustard t-shirt from The Passionate home. A MAMA Sweater, a Hot dog T-shirt for Pearce, a ceramic soap dish, and a kitchen floor mat from This is It Gifts, and A Smash and Tess Romper, a Stitch Please Scrunchie, a jar of Jars by Jodi Cookie Mix, a Sushi t-shirt for Brooks from The Local Space. Oh and of course I also got a bag of Candy from Sticky’s.

I realize that at this time, you may not feel comfortable going out and doing the mural walk but I want to share with you the many ways in which you can support the Downtown Langley Businesses in other ways:

  1. You can support them by liking them on social media:
    (go to their page and like it, like their post, share their post, share an old post of when you were last there.)
  2. Jump online and give them a yelp review, a google review, or even a Facebook review.
  3. Buy gift cards from local restaurants and stores to use at a later time
  4. Reschedule appointments for a few weeks from now instead of cancelling.
  5. Shop Online.


I know that we are a strong community and we will get through this and I want to give us all something to look forward to for when that happens or to help you support these local businesses now.  which is why I have teamed up with Discover Downtown Langley to give away $50 downtown Dollars to 1 lucky follower. See below to find out how you can win!


Enter To Win:

  1. Like @monsterzmama and @discoverdowntownlangleyon Instagram
  2. Like this Photo Below
  3. Tag 3 friends (every set of 3 friends tagged is an entry) that you want to check out the #muralwalklangley with



Other things not cancelled during this time is spending time with family, reading, singing, laughing, listening to music, watching shows, doing crafts, going on scavenger hunts, and having hope!

 Downloadable treasure hunt clues

-xOx Chelsea – Good Luck and Stay well.

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