A Page for all the Ladies

I am SO incredibly blessed to know so many successful woman in the lower mainland.

So I decided to start a page dedicated to woman who own their own business and who you and I think are pretty great! You will be able to nominate woman you know. The woman you see below are just the start. I can’t wait to watch this page grow!

Shayla Fraser – Owner of Rose Quartz Make Up

thumbnail_Branding Rose Quartz-Rose Quartz-0025

I am very excited to share our First Nominated member of the ladies page! Shayla Fraser was nominated by her biggest supporter and boyfriend Daryl. Shayla is a Blanche Mac Donald graduate, who found herself struggling to find work in the field which she had gone to school for – like so many woman. Shayla found herself working at a car dealership and dreaming of pursuing her goals. She eventually quit her job got hired at Sephora and spammed Facebook wedding groups with her contact info, eventually her business took off.She was able to leave her job at Sephora and start her own Award Winning business Rose Quartz Make up Services. Rose Quartz Make Up is based out of Langley but has traveled as far as Regina, Osoyoos and Whistler, where ever you need them they will go! Behind her business is an amazing team who offer girls nights packages, make up lessons, and specialize in Bridal hair and make up!  It’s amazing to see this local woman following her dreams and running a successful business while still getting to live a flexible lifestyle! Check her out on Facebook or Instagram for more info!

Carlee Perugini – Owner and Creator of Tumble and Roar


Carlee’s company has been featured on our blog previously but I absolutely love the brand and whenever Pearce goes anywhere in her stuff he gets a ton of compliments. Carlee and I worked together before having babies, but have been able to remain friends through raising children and differing schedules, she has been an ear through so much and I cherish the friendship she has given me. Carlee’s clothing just launched a brand new shirt, and is locally made clothing company with cute sayings such as “snack champ”, “Mini Roar”, “hows my jam”. They are made from the softest t-shirts, my only wish is that eventually Tumble and Roar will make clothes for me!


Karen Johnson – K’Pure Naturals


First off I am not sure where to begin with Karen. My first memories of Karen are from when I was very young in her family’s home. Karen used to babysit me, she used to do mine and my moms hair. She is a woman of many talents. For as long as I have known Karen, I have seen her be great at many things, so I can honestly say that whatever she does, she will do great. K’Pure Naturals all started because of a Mom’s desire to ensure her children were taken care of to the best of her ability. She started with making deodorant, and has now grown her products to an entire line of natural skin care items, made of organic ingredients in small batches, locally in my home town. I strongly urge you to head over her to her website and try out some of these amazing products!! You can also follow her on instagram @kpurenaturals

Caylee Williams – Owner and Creator Of Taylin Threads


Caylee and I met through working together and we instantly connected having so much in common. We haven’t spent much time together since working but have stayed in touch through social media outlets. I absolutely love this brand and Pearce has so much of it!! It’s a practical kids line made locally in White Rock, BC. Caylee started by making her daughter clothes and when people became interested in them it started her business. Caylee has since gone from make to order, to launching ready to ship this year! I highly recommend checking Taylin Threads out on facebook and instagram

Michelle Cervo – owner of Michelle Cervo Photography 

michelle cervo

Michelle Cervo, is a local Family and Newborn photographer who is absolutely amazing. Michelle and I went to the same highschool and when Michelle took up photography I watched from afar. When I found out I was pregnant there was absolutely no settling, Michelle was going to be my photographer and I was not disappointed. Her pictures are also scattered all over this blog. She can take you to all of the local beautiful spots to take some pretty amazing pictures. I highly recommend checking her out.

Holly Solosth – Owner and Creator of SoloBaby Designs


Holly and I went to school together and hung out after highschool mainly through friends gatherings, or the annual birthday dinners. It wasn’t until we both became pregnant that we got closer. SoloBaby Designs has completing taken off and is so cute. You can now get SoloBaby Designs in three stores locally! I can’t believe she finds time to sow, while raising 2 beautiful kids. I highly recommend checking SoloBaby Designs out and supporting this local mama!

Kelsey Simpson – Rayneography


Kelsey Simpson and I met while working together – wow does that seem like a common occurrence of these woman. Kelsey and I are part of a tight-knit group of friends whom I love and Cherish. It seems like our friendships really can get through it all, I love my Pitt Girls <3. Rayneography is an event videography and photography company. If you check out her page I promise you won’t be disappointed. Her love for photography is comparable with my love of donuts. Check this local chick out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Stacia Sharma – Owner of Meals for tiny hands


Stacia is a great friend of mine, for years we lost track but when we ended up pregnant at the same time we found our way again! Stacia has been my rock through life these past few years and I really couldn’t ask for a more loyal and reliable friend. Without even telling me about it Stacia started a instagram page called “Meals for Tiny Hands” because she is an amazing cook who also has the best ideas when it comes to putting together food for toddlers. I urge you to check her out and give her a follow!

Chrystal Robinson – Owner of Chrystalized Artz


Chrystal and I have been friends for many years, we have planned weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, stagettes and birthdays together. We have pretty much done it all and it really doesn’t matter how little we talk our friendship always stands through it all. Chrystal is an incredibly talented, artistic individual who recently launched a instagram page where she writes poetry and shares artwork. She has been featured on our blog for the picture she drew of Pearce and I from the blog post “Pea’s Nursery”. Check her out on instagram and give her a follow! @Chrystalized_artz

Nikki Heriot – Little Brow Diva

Nikki is another friend I met through work, and although are busy lives have taken us in other directions we have been able to remain friends and be there for one another. Nikki has always had a strong interest in make up and esthetics. So it didn’t surprise me when she started doing Microblading  at Casa Del Sol and eyelashes extensions and lifts at Bella Beauty Bar in Mission. Check out her Facebook page for more information and to book appointments.

Laura- Lee Vaughn – Co Owner of Eye Candy Clothing Co


Laura-Lee is my mother in lawn and started a business a little over a year ago. Her and her brother Tim make hand -dyed tie dye clothing items. They are based out of Oshawa, Ontario, making anything from socks, hats, to golf shirts and dresses – Perfect festival attire! Laura-Lee is a wonderful mother in law, we met a little over 9 years ago when she called me up and told me she had inspected my entire Facebook page and we now needed to meet! Clearly she approved because 8.5 years later I married her son – my amazing husband!

Carley Rempel – Co- Owner of Mossy Creek and Co.


Carley Rempel and I met in school as previously mentioned on her blog feature. We were close in the younger grades but when Carley left my school we lost track of each other. It wasn’t until Carley and I had children that we reconnected. She is a super ambitious woman and I know that Mossy Creek and Co is going to grow into a Mission Landmark!


Do you know a woman who owns a small business and deserves to be lifted?? Email me to feature them!! chasingmyminimonsterblog@outlook.com


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