My name is Chelsea Helm, and since I was a little girl, I loved writing, I remember my mom and dad giving me a vintage desk (which I destroyed by drawing all over and not appreciating). But sitting at my desk I would write stories, write in my journal, write boys I had a crush on and do homework. English was never a good subject for me so please forgive any grammar issues on the blog. 9 years ago I met a man, who changed my whole life, he saved me. He taught me to love again, and pushed me to find me. 9 years later… we are married and have a beautiful son, Pearce. My entire life I felt as though I was searching for purpose, it wasn’t until my son was born that I felt I had found my purpose; Being a mom. I can’t explain it to anyone and it wasnt something that happened instantly.. I think when it happened was when we got home from the hospital and Chris wanted to take Pearce outside in his bassinet and have him watch him garden. I think it happened then because when he took him out of my sight I felt lost, and anxious. In this blog things will be brutally honest, disgustingly truthful and hopefully funny. I wont hide emotions, or play up to what people believe. I hope you enjoy and come back and visit :). I will share stories, recipes, product reviews as well as give shout outs to local business in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley Region.

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