DIY Stone Fireplace!


I am gonna be really honest, this move to our new home has been hard for me. I didn’t love our home at first sight like I did with our last, I didn’t get the feeling I had with our last home, I let my husband chose. We were getting super discourage, super stressed, nothing felt right. This home has great bones, its got a beautiful deck for entertaining and its rancher so really whats not to love!! I think we had worked so hard on our last home, doing a massive renovation of our basement, painting it from top to bottom that when we moved into a home that needed our love again I was discouraged. However since moving in I am slowly falling in love, of course I painted our home mostly white. I like to think of my decorating style as white on white on white – Which my husband hates! But he tolerates it because it has such a clean feel.


So our new home is rancher and has a lot less natural light than our last home, so it has been an adjustment we painted the whole thing white, minus the bathroom and our master, I even painted a wood wall which everyone told me I’d regret.¬† PS I don’t! However we had this fireplace to deal with. My husband didn’t want me to paint it he wanted to leave it as he felt it broke up the white, and could be taken out down the road. But seriously since we moved in I knew I was going to be painting the stone all white!! The gas fireplace unit is very dated and had tons of gold detailing, which I knew I would just paint black like our last home. Lots of people suggested replacing it however that fireplace is a beastttttt – We’d be crazy to get a new one, they just don’t make ’em like they used to!

So last weekend was the Alberta Family day, and since my position at my work is actually for our Edmonton Branch, I was off Monday. Here was my chance, my husband had already told me he would be gone for most of Saturday and come home mid-afternoon Sunday. I knew he would never let me do it if he was home, so I waited for this family day weekend. (It is his best friends birthday so I knew he’d be out of the house).


After he left I wasted NO time. I washed the entire wall again with TSP, after it dried I actually took a blow dryer to the wall to ensure there was no dust in the cracks between the stone – there was!! Then I chose to white wash the stone as I had been pinteresting them a lot and found some I had really liked. I purchased Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra matte paintLinen white, 1 887 ml can and a can of their spray paint – same color! I took a medium size Tupperware container and dumped the paint in, Then I added a whole Can of Water and stirred. I purchased a 2 1/2 inch paint brush,stain pro application sponge as well to help with the application. I started a the top of the fireplace to be able to touch up the drips.


As I painted I held the stain applicator sponge under the paint brush to catch most of the paint and then I also used the sponge to get into cracks. Where the cracks couldn’t fit the sponge I used the spray point to get to. It was pretty tedious work but the end result was totally worth it and it only took about 2 hours. After the white dried I used Tremclad High Heat enamel in Flat black and painted our fireplace insert, it was extremely faded and had lots of gold so I painted the entire thing to keep the color the same all over.


Best part, the whole project was done before my husband got home, so he has to just live with it!

I have read a few people who did the white wash ended up doing two coats, but I actually really like the texture that 1 coat gave us, Take a look and tell me what you think! This project is so important to me as it is the first room you see when you walk into our home and is a total focal point – I absolutely love my fireplace now and think I may love my house a lot more since completing this project as well! As soon as we find a couch we can both agree on I will post some pics of the entire space, as right now we have nothing in the room as we hunt for the perfect couch for this space!


xOx Chelsea

Charming Beauty Betties – Lip Sense

not just a lipstick

If you would have asked me a few months ago about Lip Sense, I would have responded by saying oh ya that long-lasting lipstick. That was the gist of what I knew about Lip Sense. It wasn’t until I partnered up with Rebecca Lewis an Independent Consultant, that I actually tried the product.


I started by just putting the color on my hand like most of us do to see what it was like, it dried so fast and it stayed on my hand for 30 hours – and YES I wash my hands a lot, before I eat lunch, every time I go to the bathroom, and I wash the dishes every night, it truly was Long lasting. Now I have never been a huge make up person, I have a few items but my frustration is always that around 11 am I feel like my make up needs to be re-applied and well – AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! I decided to try it a few days later, I was pleasantly surprised with how the clear gloss really moisturized¬†my lips, and how long the color lasted, I apply my make up at 6am and I found I didn’t need to re-apply till 4pm.

what is lipsense

Not only did it seem to last long, the color was great, It was bright enough on my lips to add something to my basic everyday make up or glam up an evening, and I got LOTS of compliments! I started to discuss the products further with Rebecca and found that they don’t just make Lipsense. They have a few other products all of which are long-lasting!:

  1. Lip Sense – You might be wondering what makes this product so long-lasting, is it a lip stain – no! But the color does molecules that bond to your lips making it kiss proof and transfer proof!
  2. Blush Sense
  3. Shadow Sense – you can use this product on your lip – it won’t last as long as lip sense but it does make for fun color creating! it can also be used to contour or cover up dark circles
  4. Eye Sense
  5. MakeSense Foundation with anti aging SeneShield
  6. SenePlex Skin care line for all skin types – contains the science of SeneDerm and SenePlex complex which is a kinetic enzyme that affects the way cells glow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top! It also helps to renew your skin cells more rapidly to fight aging!


Whats great about these products is they are all vegan, wax-free, lead-free and gluten-free. On top of that NONE of their products are tested on animals that alone is enough to support these products in my eyes! Their products are 98% Natural 2% science, they are completely open about what they put inside the products. They believe in their product so much that they also offer a 100% money back guarantee, which is something you don’t get from the drug store!

before and after tinted moisturizer
Rebecca Before and after tinted moisturizer

It was so interesting learning about this brand, Rebecca found this brand through a family friend who sold her 1 lipstick which became many more and soon she found herself signing up to be a consultant! Being a consultant hasn’t always been easy, She too struggles with time management and balancing the work and family demands of motherhood. However SeneGence business is extremely supportive of the women in their brand and they do whatever they can to make you successful!


If you’re interested in trying this product there are 2 ways you can do so, you can purchase it directly from Rebecca and then she ships it to you, or you can sign up for a SeneGence account which is kind of like Costco you pay your annual $55 membership fee, and depending on your order size you receive discounts from 20 – 50% off your order!

Before lipsense, after 2 days of wearing

To order from Rebecca you can go to her Facebook page or email her at and as a special thank you to our blog readers you get 5% off ANY starter kit all you have to do is mention discount code: FIRSTSTARTERKIT to receive your discount. Be sure to follow her on Facebookto learn more about these amazing products! Remember that you aren’t just supporting a company that care about the environment you’re also support a local mom!

xOx Chelsea

wearing caramel latte

For more information on the product and color options scroll down!

tinted moisturizer



Full Face Make up!
Which ones your favorite?
My Favorite!
Information on the Foundation
eyebrow color
Did you know they also have eyebrow color?
Which Blush Sense is your favorite?
blush sense
My Favorite Blush sense!

How to Kick the Season Blues

So Christmas is over, the hustle and bustle of Boxing Day has passed, and the excitement of New Years is gone. You’ve given yourself a New Years resolution, but you’re unmotivated, you’re lost, and you just can’t kick these seasonal blues that the Holidays have left you with – I am right there with you!

So I spent the last few weeks researching some amazing tips on how to kick these seasonal blues that the Holidays and your after Christmas credit card bill has left you.


I decided to research these tips when I found myself, just starting December and feeling absolutely lost, alone and really sad. I have no reason to feel these, I have a supportive husband, an affectionate 2 year old, and amazing friends and family. I had just signed up for a new work out routine with a trainer that I was so excited for, but something was missing. I will tell you what it was, it was my motivation, my self love, and my happiness. We found ourselves renting our friends basement suite this holiday season as we waited to get into our new home and I think the lack of my routine and sons routine really wore on me. So I decided to kick this sadness to the curb and do something about it. I researched ways to boost my mood, tips to deal with seasonal depression, how to handle the debt that comes with the holidays, and how to deal with Stress. I found so many amazing tips, and started to think, I can’t be the only person who feels this way. As I went through my training program we were asked to complete mindset modules that really made me think about my feelings and so many people had similar feelings I did. So here we are, the blog post to help you kick the Seasonal Blues.

  1. Are you holding onto something that hurt you?
    I recently had some fallings out with people, some in which I felt attacked my character, and sometimes I found myself re-reading these messages, So I deleted them. (I save everything messages) I have saved a ton of screen shots over the years, emails and things from people that were really hurtful to me. So I decided purge, why let these things from 5 years ago weigh me down? 2018 would not be another year of self contentiously holding this pain any longer.shit happens
  2. Are you letting the stress of the future weigh on you?
    We all dread the after Christmas bills, we feel pressure from our partners, are families, and our society to get these amazing expensive gifts, maybe not even expensive but lots of people to give thanks to with gifts. Then the bills come and you feel the pressure of that. Or maybe there is a looming event you don’t want to attend and that is looming. Whatever it is, don’t let the future weigh on you. Focus on each day. Take steps to make sure that you are living in the moment – and enjoying it!
  3. Start each day with a nice thought!
    I literally found myself waking up and not being able to go to the gym, barely being able to get up for work. It was a serious struggle, so I decided to start my day with 1 nice thought to myself. Whether it was something I was grateful for, or something that about myself that I liked. Many days it felt overly forced, but slowly I noticed it making a serious change in my mood. I could see the difference on days I forgot, but soon a habit started and my mood changed.
    positive morning
  4. Spend time thinking about what you have to be grateful for
    I read this awesome tip, spend time each night to review your day. In that day what were 3 things that made you happy, or that you were grateful for. Some days all that was on my list, was my families health, my extra 10 mins of sleep, the fact it wasn’t raining or snowing. But when you have a bad day, having this journal to look back on, can really help you ground yourself and find happiness in the worst of days/moods.
  5. Take time for yourself.
    As a parent this can be really difficult, but it is so important to take time for yourself and enjoy it. It is vital for us to do something for ourselves each day, if you don’t your going to go crazy!! My time for myself started as a few extra minutes standing in the hot shower, to some days sitting in my car after work and take a few minutes to meditate or review the day. Sometimes it was going to get my hair done, going to the gym or a work out class. Whatever it is that you enjoy – take a few minutes to do it, or a few minutes to just sit quietly and take in the day and let your mind rest, and recharge.
  6. Get Exercise.
    Whether you go for a nice brisk walk, or make it to the gym for a work out there is no doubt that getting exercise really does make you happier. I knew I had lost my motivation so I signed up for a work out challenge where others could help motivate me and help me hold myself accountable.
  7. Try something new
    Maybe what your lacking in life isn’t positive thought rather you have gotten so stuck on the same old life. Try something new with a friend or just yourself, it may give you a challenge you are looking for or even just get that brain working in a new desiring way.
    choose hapoy
  8. Give love to those you care about.
    Sometimes when we are needing love, we can feel the love we are needing by giving it to others. When I was feeling really down, I sent some important people in my life a quick message to say what they mean to me and to let them know I am thinking of them daily and am blessed to have them in my life. Even though we don’t see people everyday and we have friendships that don’t need to be affirmed to stay alive, you never know when your caring message will push them through a rough day! – It will also make your day better I promise!
  9. Think Positive
    It is funny how people always preach the think happy be happy, but it truly works. If you are always thinking negative you can’t expect anything good to come of it! So try to remind yourself to be positive, and think positive.
  10. Lastly face the fear.
    Reading about being negative thoughts and how to deal with them really seemed like the most important thing is to take a deeper look at where those feelings are originating from… what is really causing you to feel that way. What fear is your mind trying to protect you from. Spend some time thinking about it, and try to face it to give yourself some sanity .

I hope these tips help, remember that you aren’t alone in how you feel and that it is possible to change your mindset and start slowly kicking this Seasonal Blues.

xOx Chelsea