7 Ways to Achieve your 2020 Goals

Something I take a ton of pride in is setting goals each year on things I want to Achieve, Over the new year I shared those with you. I like to get deep and raw and also semi surface level for my goals.

For some people goals are super hard, they are great at coming up with things they want to achieve, but how do they make those happen. How do they ensure that they succeed on those goals? Something I have been spending a lot of time focusing on is making sure I take actions to ensure I am constantly working towards my goals. The only one who can fail you, is yourself.

So I want to Dive into 7 things you can do to Help yourself achieve your goals, in order to do that, lets refresh on what my goals are so you can see how I have used these 7 tactics to help me work on my goals.

  1. Spend less time on things that aren’t important to me and more time focusing on the good things around me
  2. Learn to Run
  3. Cut Debt in Half
  4. Do more things to the house


Now that we know what my goals are here are 7 tactics to help you achieve your goals. And I will tell you how I put them in to play.


1. Each week/Month create a goal that helps you achieve your long-term goal – this is a mini goal, something you want to achieve that week that helps you get to the big picture.

With my goal of learning to run, I downloaded an app goal Couch to 5 k – (C25k) this app teaches you how to run, from there I set myself a goal to complete a work out each week with the app.

Cutting my debt in half, I removed all my credit cards from my online subscriptions so that they would only come off my debit card, So as not to accumulate any new debt. I made a goal to pay things off faster, So I made a list of the things I owe money on from lowest to highest example: (this is not my actual debt)

Credit card – $500
Student Loan – $1000
Car Payment $15000

From there I started to put each month I make payments on my smaller debt, to pay that off, and as I pay each item off I move onto the next one, in the process eliminating the amount of things I owe, instead of trying to pay off a large number of things at 1 time.


2. Follow 5 people each week that inspire you or have similar goals at the same time instantly remove people who do not align with your goals and where you want to be ( If you don’t want to unfollow because you run in their crowd simply hit the mute button)

This one is huge for me, I wanted this year to be more about me, creating a positive space in my life to allow me to work on myself. Something I heard today from the Birds Papaya Podcast was each time you hit follow on Instagram, you are giving that person power to impact your life. So, who are you giving power to? Does that person align with the life you are trying to have? Do they have similar goals? How are they making you feel about your life?

For me I spent the better part of the last 4 months unfollowing people, following new people in real life and Instagram. Sometimes we love people, but they don’t put us in a good frame of mind, and that’s okay. We can love people from a distance while we work on ourselves.

I decided to follow people who go for runs or discuss running. I also followed some people who talk about living a more debt conscious lifestyle. As well I will always continue to follow my core home décor peeps.

I unfollowed people who made me feel less than, models who lives perfect lives and always looked perfect no matter what. I unfollowed people who didn’t seem to be portraying their authentic selves. I followed people who started to talk about body positivity, and loving themselves, because that is what I want to see when I scroll.


I write this one in caps lock because how many of us make goals and share them with no one. We secretly tell ourselves this year I am going to lose 15 lbs, or this year I am going to be a more positive person. But we do nothing with that goal, because we don’t say it, we don’t communicate it, we don’t hold ourselves accountable.

Studies show that people who talk about their goals, share their goals, and say them out loud are more likely to achieve them, because they feel more pressure to hold themselves accountable to them. So, what if me learning to run and holding myself accountable to doing 1 run a week with my app, was holding me accountable because I shared it with all of you! I will tell you I already feel more accountable to completing it because people know it. Try it. If you have a goal, I want you to share it with 1 person, and than 2 people – I promise you will put it into action!

I am currently doing a reduced sugar challenge with my work out program (The Progress Project) Something I have done is share that with all my coworkers, so that they know what I am doing, they discuss it with me, and when things come up that could work against my goal, I have them to lean on, and as well by telling them, it keeps me accountable in a place I spend 75% of time.

4. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals!

If my goal is to reduce my debt, I shouldn’t spend my time hanging out with people who go shopping every weekend, who subscribe to every subscription box, or who eat out every meal. It would completely hinder my success towards my goal, right? Yes!

So that also means that if you have a goal that’s a more internal goal, say you want to spend your time gossiping less, well guess what, you need to surround yourself with people who gossip less, it’s a known fact that we pick up habits from who we spend our time with. So, we need to ensure that the people we spend our time with, have similar goals, or that they never try to discourage you from achieving them – this can be done by doing number 3!!! Tell your friends your goals so they can help you work towards achieving them, and if your goal is to gossip less, tell them, because chances are it might become their goal too!

5. Find something to listen to that inspires you to achieve your goals.

I have a few of these, since I commute, I spend about 1.5 – 2 hours a day in my car, which is a great time for me to reflect on my goals and put things into action. So something I do is crush audible books and listen to podcast – I say crush because 99% of the time I get so into them that the book follows me into the house while I am making dinner, doing laundry and I spend a lot less time watching meaningless tv when I am in a good book.

Something that was super important to me was to listen to challenge myself this year to listen to books to help me put things to action, I can demolish a true crime book, but what If I took that same time I am using to listen to a true crime book, and listened to something that helped motivate me towards reaching my goals. I started the first 2 weeks of 2020 listening to Rachel Hollis – Girl wash your face. In the book there is a ton of stuff that I don’t necessary believe but at the end of the day, I finished that book being more determined to work on my goals than I had when I made them. That’s the kind of thing you want to listen to if you want to achieve things this year. You can look at 100 memes talking about achieving your goals but if you spend time to actually listen to how other people achieved their goals, you will 100% be motivated.

Some of my favorite things I have listened to that have motivated me are:

The Birds Papaya podcast
The Jess Nadine Podcast
Earn your happy podcast

There are literally so many! So many amazing things, and countless books. I do plan on doing a blog post soon with 10 must reads to help keep you motivated towards your goals for 2020.  stay tuned.

6. Post a picture that correlates your goal to yourself – somewhere where you see it everyday.

So many people believe that if you manifest it, it will come true – guess what I am literally one of those people. I believe that what you put out into the universe comes back to you, one example. I told myself I am going to work hard, and I am going to lose my baby weight, and I did it 2x. I haven’t lost it all, but I put a damn good dent in it, and guess what I am still manifesting it daily.

Rachel Hollis discusses in her book that she has a picture of a vacation condo in Hawaii in her closet. Try putting a picture of something you want to achieve up where you can see it everyday. Subconsciously your brain will help you to achieve this because it will see it everyday, it will manifest. If you ever wanted to achieve something, do this. Do this one thing, find a picture that helps you feel motivated towards something and post where you look at everyday. – guess what my picture is, it’s the picture below. $0 debt, how many of us which we had no debt. Well I am manifesting it; I am telling the world that it is more important for me to have no debt than to spend my money frivolously. So, take the time find a picture that speaks to you and share it with your brain everyday.


7. Last but certainly not least. Forgive yourself.

Everyday will not be a perfect day, you are going to do things that take you steps away from your goal, but this is a journey it is not a catwalk. You are taking steps daily to achieve goals that are going to take time to achieve. You are not taking a short cut to reach your goal. So, 1,2 ,3 little things are not going to hurt your process of achieve your goals. The trick is to not let those mistakes, or slips, steer you away from achieving what you want from 2020. Or want from your life forever. You owe yourself more than that.

Last night was my husbands birthday, and we had birthday cake I had a small piece knowing that it was over my daily sugar goal, and then an amazing family showed up with ice-cream cake for him, and instead of saying no and being sad and grumpy because I didn’t enjoy myself I had a small slice. And you know what, this morning I woke up, and I looked the same as yesterday. My body looked the exact same. Because 1 day is not going to lose track of 1 year of working my butt off. Just like 1 small action is not going to take away countless steps and actions towards your goal. So, I say forgive yourself, because you will screw up, you will take actions away from your goal, you will not feel like manifesting for a day. But promise me you will forgive yourself and start again. You won’t let that 1 slip become the slope that takes you. Allow yourself to be human.




I hope these help you, because I shared them with you, to hold myself accountable to do them all. I am putting it into the universe that the goals I made this year are important to me, and that I want to achieve them, so I am going to talk about them, again and again. I am going to work on ways to achieve them, everyday. But guess what, I want you to achieve your goals too. I want you to be the best you, I want you to look in the mirror and love yourself just like I now do. It took me 9 months of hard work, a ton of mindset work but I do. I want everyone to feel this way, I want you to look in the mirror and just be proud of what you see looking back. So, if you want to start now, drop your goal below and give it power. Share it with me so you hold yourself accountable for making 2020 a year where your manifestations become reality.



Remember, everyday is a new day to find joy!


oXoX Chelsea

Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020!


Wow, I cannot believe the year is gone, its been a wild one. With 11 months of it on maternity leave I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten to spend so much quality time with my kids. This year was a big year for my husband and I, he started a new job, we had a new baby and we realized how busy life truly can be!

I think I will always remember this year for how great it was. It brought us so many blessings, and a few bumps but at the end of it all I feel so blessed. I like taking time at the end of the year to look back and talk about some of my favorite memories. So, I put together my top 12 Favorite Memories of 2019! I also reviewed my goals for 2019 – how’d I do? and made some New Goals for 2020! Check it all out and then leave me a comment with your 2020 goals!

Top 12 Moments of 2019


Sasquatch Mountain for my husband’s birthday

This takes the cake for January; my husbands Uncle was in town whom he shares a birthday with. So, we headed to Sasquatch Mountain – his Uncle is a bit of a dare devil. Decided to get lunch and go tubing, it was an amazing day the sun was shinning, and it was truly so much fun!! Pearce loved it and we could barely sneak him away. Brooks had a lot of fun watching but mostly just slept which made things easy! My husband and his Uncle forced me to go down too and I was so glad I did it was so much fun! I see us going back this year, but it will be a little harder to wrangle our busy little Brooks.

SNOW FUN! – Tubing at Nana’s House

My Favourite memory in February was tubing down the hill at my mom’s place in Mission. Growing up we had the best hill for sledding and all the neighborhood kids would come and go sledding. I was so excited for the snow this year and being able to take Pearce to my moms to go sledding. He is such a dare devil that he was running and jumping on the sled. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much! I absolutely love watching him and seeing how brave he is. We also had my best friend who used to be my childhood neighbor come and join and it made me feel young again!


Family Trip to Gibson’s!

March was a bit of a tough month; our close family friend was in a motorcycle accident and for a few days we weren’t sure what the outcome would be! But we managed to sneak away to Gibson’s to visit our amazing friends and make some memories with the kiddos. My husband even snagged a picture of Brooks and I sleeping with our mouths open! It was a quick little trip with some amazing food, but it was needed!


Easter at Maan Farms

This one is an easy one, every year we take Pearce to Maan farms for their amazing Easter Egg Hunt and every year we have the best time! This year Pearce was super into it and it made the experience a lot more fun, we even searched for the golden egg – but we’re not successful at finding it! I had a little scare and lost him for about 10 mins but thanks to my amazing friends I attended the event with they managed to keep me calm and help me find him. We learnt a big lesson that day about not running away from where we are playing!


Our Family Trip to Vernon for the Laverman Wedding

It was hard to narrow it down, May was such a good month, but going to Vernon for 5 days and getting away from everyday life was amazing! I got to spend some quality time with my kids and sister and family. We rented the cutest house which made it so amazing to enjoy our stay with 2 kids. The wedding was stunning, and Vernon must be one of the cutest little towns to explore in the Okanagan. Stopping at the Kangaroo Farmwas a highlight for us and made us want to go back and stay in Lake Country next time! We also lucked out and were in Vernon at the same time as my Dad’s annual soccer tournament, so we got to watch 2 of my dad’s soccer games – which I haven’t done since I was a kid. I drove home that weekend feeling so refreshed, and so happy!


Top Mom Blogger Event

The top Mom Blogger event in downtown Vancouver put on byVancouver Mom was an amazing event. I got to meet so many amazing women who are doing awesome things. I have bonded with many of these women and became friends. The event truly had me step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself and for that I am forever grateful. The second part of the event was Leading Moms was an incredibly inspiring event where so many wonderful women spoke about just ways, they have bettered life, struggles they have had. For me I walked away from the better feeling better about myself and having a few extra skills to take on life.


Cultus Lake Adventure Park

July was an amazing Month, we did so much, so many trips to lakes, beaches, water parks. But the best day was when we went to Cultus Lake Adventure Park for their 30th anniversary event and literally put a shift in staying they’re for 8 hours. I only made it through the day because of my waterproof baby wrap that Brooks slept in. But wow it was so much fun! Pearce went on so many water slides, played nonstop and had 0 tantrums! He still talks about it, “Remember when we went to the big water park in Chilliwack, wasn’t that fun mom?” I love that we were so graciously given the experience to make wonderful memories with our kids.


August Long Weekend/Pearce’s Birthday!

August was another fun month, and I pulled one over on my husband which was super fun! I planned a surprise golf day with him with a ton of his friends and then we had a huge BBQ at our house after with our close friends, and headed to whistler the next morning for some R&R. It was an awesome weekend, and the perfect quick get away.

Pearce’s Birthday started a little stressful for me getting in a tiny accident before the party but after dealing with that it was such a fun day. We had his party at Play Abby as per his request and it was a Life of Pets theme. He played so much and ate so many goodies and was completely spoilt. Gone are the days of Mom’s pinteresting party ideas, because he has already planned what his themes are for the next 4 years and what fun place will be hosting them!


The Sunflower Festival at Maan Farms

A huge highlight was attending the Sunflower Festival at Maan Farms – What an incredible display they put on! Everything was done so well, and the kids absolutely loved it!! I think my favourite was the blue truck parked in the middle of the sunflowers. I was so impressed! We spent the day running through the sunflowers and enjoying the delicious Mama Maans Butter Chicken. I know you want to know the wine is delicious! We sipped wine and relaxed while the babies napped, and it was one of my favorite memories with a few of my favorite people.


Hallowe’en & Brooks is One!

Hallowe’en was my favorite day in October. We had the best day, starting it off nice and early by checking out the events at the Mission Leisure center – CRAZY, but so much fun. Then we went home for a nap and headed to Historical Downtown Mission for trick or treating, which the kids loved. After dinner it was back out Trick or Treating in a nearby neighborhood and after each house the kiddos had to show each other what they got – so genuinely excited for their little treats. Our little baby also turned one and we did a Time Flies theme that was so much fun!

Kaitlyn Bristowe Fall Crawl Tour

One of my highlights of this year was getting to see Birds Papaya and Kaitlyn Bristowe in Vancouver with my gf. I absolutely love Kaitlyn she can always put me in a good mood with her sense of humor, but bird’s papaya aka Sarah is just so inspiring and beautiful and brilliant. I left leaving feeling so motivated to change my mentality.

December all together!

I absolutely loved December, it seriously brought so much joy! From going to glow with the kiddos and getting to spend extra time with my hubby and the kids. It was the best. It was so nice to have extra time with the kids after returning to work last month. But I also got interviewed for a podcast which was HUGE for me, and seriously one of the biggest highlights of my life. If you haven’t listened to it, go check it out, its all about Self love and motherhood.


My Goals For 2019:

Get myself back – Take time each day doing something for myself – I am more than just a mom 

Wow that statement – I am more than just a mom, I am so glad I made this a goal for myself because I can honestly say that for the most part I totally crushed this goal!

Stop and Enjoy the children – Sometimes I get so caught up in each day, and getting through it, I don’t take time to stop and enjoy how beautiful little boys are

I think every parent wishes they did this more, Hopefully I can continue to take time to enjoy each of my children just a little bit more each year.


Go on a family trip – Now that we are a family of four, I really want to go on a trip with our little fam and start showing the kids all the cool places this round thing has to offer. 

Well we didn’t go on too many trips, but we did make it on a few that were fun! Hopefully more in the years to come 🙂

Stress Less – This past year did nothing if not show me that all things work out. So, I just want to spend less time stressing myself out and more time just having faith in life. 

This is another goal I can honestly say I have accomplished. I stress so much less about the small stuff. Not only does it make life easier, but it has really helped with my anxiety.


2020 Goals: 

I have been thinking long and hard about what I want my goals to be for 2020 and what is going to be important for me to accomplish, Here goes:

Spend less time on things that aren’t important to me and more time focusing on the good things around me:

I spent a lot of time this year putting effort and time into things that weren’t important to me and into people that don’t return it. I have so little time that I can put towards things I want, so for 2020, I want it to be about things I care about. I can sometimes get in my head and be a negative Nancy so I am hoping that by focusing more on what’s important to me I can also focus on the good things around me also!


Learn to Run:

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I have always been a sprinter, and I am trying to spend less money next year and be a little more frugal so I want to look at spending less money on fitness, Running outside is free!

Cut debt in half:

So something that has never been huge to me is getting out of debt. Everyone seems to have debt, so it never really seemed important. But something that is the number one cause of divorce is money, so my husband and I want to ensure that money is never a reason for us to divorce. How are we doing that, by getting rid of debt, and spending less on things that are necessary. I’ll be sharing our journey on how to cut costs and reduce debt in the coming months!


Do more things to the house:

When I first moved into our home, I had a lot of ideas on how to make it be a home I could love. But over the last year I let a lot of things around me really bring me down in this department and I got comfortable with just hating things around my home and doing nothing about it! So, I’ve decided that this year I want to do more projects around the home!


Those are my 4 New years goals, I hope that 2020 brings everyone everything that they desire and a lot of happiness, love and health!

I would love to hear what your New Years goals are, feel free to tell me in a comment below.


xOx Chelsea

The Millennial Basket

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to pull off such a great giveaway that we just pulled off — but with the help of 24 other people I did. I had so much interest in the giveaway, that I decided to keep some items for an ADDITIONAL GIVEAWAY!! I know I know; you are excited!! But wait till you hear what’s in the basket. I have teamed up with 5 new vendors and 2 from the last basket to giveaway a wicked basket, that I want to call the Millennial Basket because I think its perfect for any Millennial!

This basket is worth over $500 and has some amazing items in it – Wish I could keep them all for myself, but unfortunately, I can’t! So here goes!


Ace Cams – Canada


Ace Camera’s is a Canadian Distributor of action, dash, and surveillance cameras and accessories. In our basket we have a 4K Ultra HD Upgraded Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera. 16MP 170 Degree Extreme Wide Angle. It has a Near indestructible design with Solid Shell design that is built for the toughest environments, its waterproof, dust proof and shockproof case is resistant for up to 60M. It comes with 1 Waterproof Case, 1 Helmet Mount, 1 Bike Mount, 1 Charger, 1 USB cable, 1 Battery and 1 lens Cloth. Check them out for Quality cameras, with a full Canadian warranty. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and online! This makes the perfect gift for the adventurous special someone in your life.




Anthrodesk is a Canadian company I have previously partnered with. I love their products and most importantly I love that they are working towards making an office space a healthier place to work and be! Anthrodesk has put a Laptop folded able table in our basket, its perfect for laying in bed and working on your laptop or even using to prop your laptop or tablet up and watch a movie, or show. Based out of Toronto, they have everything that you will need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working in an office. Whether you’re looking for the right accessory, desk converter or standing desk they’ve got you covered. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Online. This makes the perfect gift for that soon to be college kid in your life!


Pouch Couch Canada


Pouch Couch is a Canadian company that makes Hammocks, Inflatables (Pool Floaties), and Lounging inflatable couches. They have added a Blue Pouch Couch to our basket which are perfect for camping, going to the beach or just hanging out in your backyard. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Online. This is seriously the perfect gift for families, friends, and for the camper or beach lover in your life!


Wood Wear Sunglasses


Wood Wear Sunglasses are Proudly Canadian. They make glasses and watches from natural walnut wood, with no plastic. Polarized with 100% UV protection, these sunglasses are clean, simple and socially responsible. Made from North American Walnut which is known for its attractive colors, grain patterns, strength and durability. These are the perfect gift for men or women, their frame is flattering! Check them out online to get this unique gift for that someone special in your life.



West Coast Alchemist

IMG_4364 (2)-3

he West Coast Alchemist was founded in Abbotsford, BC in October 2019 and is owned by my sister Laken. They are a brand-new company and are still developing but they care strongly about the quality of materials they use only sourcing out the best blends. Laken has dreamt about making products that people love having for as long as she can remember. They make wool blend blanket scarfs, pillows and more and can be found in store at the Blue Dandelion in Agassiz and Harrison. You can also follow them online on FacebookInstagram and Etsy. These blankets are perfect for so many people, men included, with lots of different styles and prints you can find one for everyone on your list!


Mason Jar Merchant


Mason Jar Merchant is a small company that was founded in 2013. They make their tumblers by hand. Their company all started through their love of using glass instead of plastic to reduce the single use plastic. They used jars for eating, drinking, storing and decorating and before they knew it, they were decorating the jars and selling them at local markets. Glass is healthier by containing NO BPA or chemicals, and by its ability to eliminate single use plastic when used. They sell everything from vintage jars, jar labels, toppers, straws, and food storage. You can find their products in 27 stockists all over Canada and the US. They will also be Make it Vancouver on December 11 – 15th. You can also find them Online, on Facebook and Instagram. I absolutely love these pieces and think they are a great gift idea for Teachers, Friends and what I like best is that you can fill them with small gifts inside them.

Young and Free Creations


Young and Free Creations is a Maple Ridge based small business founded in 2018. They are specializing in sarcastic apparel catering to those who love the outdoors. They make t-shirts, sweatshirts, door signs, and are open to customer orders. If you are looking for the perfect item that is customizable, they are the right company for you. They have donated a size XL unisex t-shirt that says, “Local Legend”, as seen above. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook. Perfect gift for that someone in your life that loves witty apparel.



  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. You must follow all vendors in contest on Instagram – Please do not follow to unfollow.
  3. You must have an open profile (you are more than welcome to make it private again after December 15th when the contest is over)
  4. Must be able to pick up the basket (lower mainland) or pay for shipping. Within 5 days or basket will be re-drawn.


How to Enter:

  1. Follow Monsterzmama on Instagram
  2. Follow all 6 vendors on Instagram – Wood Wear is not on Instagram
  3. Like and Save the picture above on my Instagram page
  4. tag as many friends as you want, each tag is an entry – please make sure to tag each friend separately, any tagged on the same comment will only count as 1 entry.
Find this picture on Instagram to enter

Bonus Entries:

  1. Like Mini Monsterz Mama on Facebook and all 7 vendors
  2. Share the Basket on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Post the basket on your page and tell me which product you want the most!


Contest Ends December 14th at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be announced December 15th at 7pm PST.


Please remember that you must be willing to pick up the basket or pay for shipping within 5 days, if you do not do so you will forfeit the basket.


As a special gift I have included an ornament in the basket


xo Chelsea Helm