Sea Smart School – Summer Camp Giveaway!

For as long as I can remember I have always felt extremely uncomfortable in social situations. Never liking to do things alone, when I was younger, I couldn’t even go to a store and pay for an item myself, the thought of talking to the teller was too much for me. It wasn’t until more recent years I learned that Social Anxiety was a thing, and that I started to look for ways that really help.

I remember when I was 10 my grandma sent me to a summer camp for my birthday, I remember being so scared that I wouldn’t make any friends or that nobody would like me. When I got to camp, we spent 90% of our time outside, it was so refreshing, and I didn’t spend time worrying about my fears. Instead I made friends easily and it is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Most of my childhood was spent outdoors, playing kick the can with the street kids, running into the gully behind our neighbors houses to go down to the creek and try to find bugs and animals or playing outside in our pool. I have very rare memories of playing inside as a kid, we just didn’t do that.


With the technology that we have today it is much harder for us to pull our children away. Most of us know that our screen time is increased for our children from that of our childhood. That we often rely on the tablet or phone to help get us through a rough family dinner that our toddler is not wanting to be at. There is so much to learn from technology there is no doubt it is the way our future is going, but what about all there is to learn from nature?

The summer camp I attended taught me so much about nature, and the outdoors, we went on hikes in the woods, nature walks, and clean up walks on the beach. None of us wanted to play video games or watch tv because we were so interested in all that was around us. What if we could provide a space now for our children to do the same? Well that is what Sea Smart School is providing for our children.



Sea Smart School is providing a space for children in grades K-12 to get off their screens and get into nature to learn about all the things it has to offer and what we can do to maintain its health. If you haven’t heard of Sea Smart School, it is a non-profit organization in Metro Vancouver that was started by Dr. Elaine Leung. “Dr. E” is a marine biologist whose vision is to inspire and empower youth to protect and love their oceans.

Sea Smart was founded in 2016 and has since helped more than 25,000 students reconnect with nature and reignite their love for their outdoor surroundings. Studies show that children who spend more time in nature have better self-esteem, that it increases their physical and mental health, and promotes their interest in biological sciences. Its also been found that children who spend time in extra curricular activities have a reduced risk of being involved in drugs, alcohol, crime or to drop out of school. They aim to focus our children on essential life skills, social responsibility, creative thinking, personal awareness, all while increasing their awareness and appreciation for the natural world around us.

Some of you may be thinking that extra curricular activities are not something you can afford at this time. Because of this Sea Smart has an amazing bursary program. Their bursary program follows a “pay what you can” model that allows every child the opportunity to attend summer camp. Their bursary program is funded by donations and event sales of t-shirts, reusable glass straws, etc.


The summer camp takes place at Acadia Beach, a biodiversity goldmine on the northwest tip of UBC. Students will spend their day exploring beach at low tide, identifying all the marine critters (from sea stars to Killer whales). They will learn about the threats our ocean creatures face and brainstorm every-day changes they can make to become environmental heroes. The day is filled with fun interactive games and activities that help kids to develop skills and awareness around our beautiful ocean. The children literally get their feet wet in the world of marine biology.

I realize that a lot of my readers are not in the Metro Vancouver region therefor they are unable to attend this camp, however there is still something you can do from where you are. You can donate providing a child who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend summer camp the opportunity to go and enjoy time in nature, go to this link to donate now. As well you can bring Sea Smart to your school. Sea Smart also runs an after-school program, and K-12 full day workshops where they work with students to create positive changes and engage in action-based conversations. If you are or know a teacher who has a passion for the environment and would like to bring this to your school please email: Lily Haines, Sea Smart Marine Biologist –


I have so much passion towards this Non-Profit organization and have been fortunate enough to team up with them to give one lucky followers child an opportunity to attend Sea School Camp. All you have to do is like the picture below, Follow @seasmartschool on Instagram and follow @monsterzmama on Instagram and tag a friend (tag in separate comments please), every tag is an entry. Contest Ends: June 30th 11:59pm PST. Winner will be announced July 3rd.

For bonus ways to enter: Share the post on your Instagram stories tagging @monsterzmama and @Seasmartschool

Find this picture on Monsterz Mama’s instagram page and enter to win!


XoX Chelsea

Christmas Basket Giveaway!

I have been teasing all of you for weeks about this fabulous basket that I have put together showcasing tons of amazing local vendors. I have teamed up with some that I have worked with or featured previously and a few new ones!! So I am very excited to announce that starting today, and ending on December 11th at 5pm, you can enter to win this basket that is all from local vendors and priced at over $950!!!!

Here are the rules:

1.You must follow the following vendors on instagram (if you click the below links it will take you to their instagrams):

Taylin Threads, Poppy Lane Nests, Rayneography, LoVe Threads, Tumble and Roar, Nancy Grace Creations, Solobaby Designs, Rose Quartz Make up, Wings and Roots Crafts, Twincess and the Frog, Urban Turban Towel, Chrystalized Artz, Eye Candy Clothing Co, Aim High Fitness 

2. You must follow Monsterz Mama Blog on Instagram

3. You must tag at least 1 friend on the picture of the basket on Monsterz Mama’s Instagram page * Just to be generous for each friend you tag I’ll add additional entries!

4.Extra ways to enter: Copy the picture of the basket from Monsterz Mama’s instagram page and post on your instagram feed, tagging MonsterzMama, Share Monsterz Mama’s post on facebook tagging Monsterzmama (every post on instagram and share on facebook counts as an entry!!)

5. Winner will be chosen on December 11th at 5pm – all entries from then and the announcement on December 13th at 10am – will not be included. 

6. Winner must be able to pick up basket in the Fraser Valley or pay for shipping themselves. It should be noted that some of the items in the basket are services provided from the Fraser Valley.


Now to a detailed description of all that you can win!!

Vinyl Magic  $10 value
Vinyl Magic is a Surrey based business that specializes in making items personalized out of Vinyl for you. We partnered up to get a 2017 Christmas Bulb for your tree! Check them out on Facebook to place your personalized order for that special person on your list  and see the amazing products they create!


Poppy Lane Baby NestsPoppy Lane Nests $88-138 value depending on size purchased
Poppy Lane Nests was part of our Mini Christmas Features this year. This Kelowna based business is 2 women who make hand made baby nests for infants and toddlers! These are great for co-sleeping, traveling with or even just transitioning into the crib, pick yours up today or if you win the basket you get 35% off a personalized or ready to ship baby nest. How amazing is this deal!

23551093_1693865677352927_6636400128955657720_oRayneography $250 value
The talented duo from Rayneography are not only blissfully married but also take absolutely beautiful pictures while working together. Kelsey has been previously featured on our Ladies Page. We have partnered up with them to offer the winner a Portrait Session ($250 retail value) this includes a 2 hour session, location of clients choice, multiple wardrobe changes, and an online gallery for you to view all your pictures.

Barefoot Books By Stacia $10 Value
Barefoot books are amazing books that’s content teaches your child many lessons, from their bilingual books to their recipe and gardening books. Purchase books that are produced while focusing on recycling, producing products in sustainable ways and guess what all the ink is VEGETABLE based! Order your items now from facebook or online! But if you win the basket you get A free book, Alligator ABC’s. You can also check Stacia out on the Ladies Page.

Nancy Grace Creations $48 value
If you’re like me your probably sick of going to an event and people giving the same card as you? Well Nancy makes beautiful hand crafted cards making any card you have from her one of a kind! Purchase from her site or Facebook page. Winner receives 8 beautifully hand crafted cards for many different occasions. Also Check out Nancy Grace Creations blog feature from earlier this season.

soloSolobaby Designs $40 value
Solobaby was previously featured last Christmas and continues to support us by being a member of our Ladies page, as well as taking part this year in our basket!Winner receives a black 4 in 1 nursing scarf, it can work as a scarf, a nursing cover, a carseat canopy, as well as a shopping cart cover all while you wear it throughout the day!

rose quartzRose Quartz Make up $75 value
Maybe your exhausted and have been spending all your money on Christmas and you really need a pamper me day? Or maybe you’d love to have your hair and make up done for some Family photos or your Christmas party, well this is definitely the item for you! Rose Quartz Make up is a Langley based business who travels all over for weddings and other events. Owner and creator Shayla is a member of our Ladies Page, we’ve partnered up to offer the winner $75.00 gift certificate to Rose Quartz Make up!

AtwincessandafrogbasketitemA Twincess and the Frog  $30 value
As part of this years Christmas Mini Feature, we mentioned already that you would have the chance to win an aromatherapy bracelet as well as a baby’s rattle! This business is a great small business specializing in aromatherapy bracelets and childrens rattles and teething toys. Check out their feature for a discount code.

Urban Turban Towel $22 value
Many of you have probably used one of these before, but wait until you try this one. It is made of actual terry cloth cotton – Just so you know it is definitely better than the microfiber once, and feels like a real towel!! We’ve partnered up to offer the winner 1 urban turban towel. Hurry and order before December 8th to get yours before Christmas! They will be feature on our blog on Dec 6th.

Lip Sense by Charming Beauty Betties- Long Wear, Fuss Free Make-up $25 value
If you haven’t tried Lipsense yet you should, it really does last all day long. I have never fussed over lipsticks or lip glosses because I hated how I would eat or drink wine and it would be gone! But I assure you with Lip sense it will last for all of that! We have partnered up with Becky Lewis, Lip sense distributor to offer the winner 1 Sparkly Lipgloss.

LoVe Threads Handmade $22 value
This shop is a small shop based in my home town of Mission, Laura is an extremely talented mother of two. She makes knot head bands, head bands and tuques, from infants to moms and dads you can all match! In our basket we have a Mom and Toddler set for all your twinning needs.

img_2752Tumble and Roar $12 value
This local business is a family favorite. We have featured them on our blog twice – this Christmas and Last and Carlee is also a member of the Ladies Page. From West Coast Best Coast Sweaters to little boxer shorts this brand has great pieces that are sure to make a great gift for that little monster on your list! Check our this years feature for a discount. If you win the basket you get 1 pair of toddler boxer shorts!

aim highAim High Fitness: $120 value
As a member of our Ladies Page we are pleased to be teaming up with the talented Kate Towne, Owner and trainer at Aim high Fitness. We have got 4 – one on one sessions for the winner, just in time to work off all those holiday cookies!!

wingsandroots3Wings and Roots Crafts $30 value
Wings and Roots was previously featured this year on our Christmas Mini Feature, where we learned a little more about this talented Mother, Daughter duo. Their pieces are unique and well made, for the winner we’ve got $30.00 shopping credit so you can pick out your favorite pieces!

1459731_671233989563741_1416410716_nUprise Coffee  $30 value
One of my favorite business here in Mission, BC, Uprise Coffee. We did a feature on them earlier this year after finding them in a the local Shop Mossy Creek and Co. Their hand roasted coffee is exactly what you need to get stuff done this Christmas. They know you need it, so for the lucky winner we have got not 1, not 2 but 3 bags of their hand Roasted coffee just for you!

chrystalized artzChrystalized Artz $50 value
From a local artist in Mission BC, who is also a member of our Ladies Page we have a beautiful painted water color painting of the mountains. Chrystal is an extremely talented artist who paints water colors and also does portraits. Check her out on Facebook for that special gift.

Taylin Threads $26 value
Taylin Threads, who was featured last Christmas on the blog and who is a member of our Ladies Page has teamed up with us again this year to show her continued support. We’ve got a pair of these super cute harem pants that are perfect for the holidays! Check her out online to see all the amazing deals she has to offer this season and order quick to get it for the holidays.
img_2967Eye Candy Clothing Co $55 value
This business is actually not local! They are a small shop from Oshawa, Ontario. But guess what this amazing company is a family business! My mother in law and Uncle Tim run this business and both used to live here in Mission, BC. We absolutely love their hand died tye die pieces and are pleased to say we’ve got one for all the kiddos in your life Winner receives 1 – 12m baby onsie, 1 kid small T-shirt, and 1 Kid size 8 shirt. Check them out on Facebook or online to order yours. Check out Laura on the Ladies Page.


Now that I have spilled the beans on everything that is in the basket, head to your instagram, follow the vendors and WIN THIS Amazing basket!!!

Good Luck

xOx Chelsea 

the winner of our fabulous basket totaling a value of $950.00 is @mrscjanderson

Halloween With a Toddler

Halloween for me always seems to be the hardest to do with a toddler. So many activities are too scary for them, and my son’s legs are too small for him to gather all the candy I need. So I decide to research some Toddler/Preschool age activities to do in the Fraser Valley for those parents who also find this season to be hard!

You may or may not have seen my previous post about the MUST DO toddler friendly fall activities, so I will not go into much detail about the pumpkin patches or corn maze. Feel free to see that post here.  

Mini Monster Approved Halloween Activities :

Image result for Pumpkin express surrey bc

  1. Pumpkin Express: Bear Creek Park – Surrey, BC
    The Pumpkin Express is a family friendly event in Surrey, where every kid gets a treat for the ride and a child sized pumpkin! With tons of activities and food under the tent at the train platform it makes sure to check all the boxes for everyone in  your family! This event runs from October 9 to October 31; 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  2. Castle Fun Park: Abbotsford, BC
    This free event will provide trick or treaters to come in costume for a special candy! They will also have an artist on site for free face painting for the kids and you can enter their pumpkin carving contest by bringing your pumpkin in from October 25 – 31st (if you enter you get a $5 gift card as well as a ballot for the draw on Halloween night). Guests also receive 20% off arcade games.Image result for vancouver aquarium halloween 2017
  3. Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC
    Celebrate Halloween a little early with a family sleep over at the Aquarium on October 28th, from 9pm – 9am. Enjoy a spooky, fun, educational celebration. Ending the evening of safe trick or treating fun in a bed in one of living galleries. Snacks and Breakfast included.
  4. Spooktacular Newton, Surrey, BC
    On October 22nd from Noon – 4pm, enjoy a free event of trick-or-treating, petting zoo, free food, a photo booth, Haunted train and a mini movie theater with lots of crafts and pumpkins by donation.Image result for surrey museum
  5. Pumpkin Power, Surrey, BC
    Check out the Surrey Museum on October 28th from 1:00-4:00pm and create your own take-home Pumpkin, enjoy a spooky scavenger hut through the exhibit galleries and compete for best costume!
  6. Halloween Spooktacular – Laughing Stock Ranch, Langley, BC
    On October 27th to 29th check out the ranch for pony rides through haunted trails, bouncy castles, Petting zoo, Crafts, Coloring contest and more!!Image result for Halloween fort langley
  7. Halloween Hoot at the Fort, Langley, BC
    Trick-or-Treat at the fort, discover surprises along the way, face painting, craft making, October 31 12:00pm – 5:00pm
  8. Celebrate the Night, Maple Ridge, BC
    On October 28th from 5pm – 8pm check out Memorial Peace Park for Halloween fun! Crafts, Spooky Story time, Costume Parade, Food trucks and Fireworks!!
    Image result for Halloween Mission Museum
  9. Trick Or Treat At the Museum, Mission, BC
    Check out the Museum from 3pm-5pm on October 31st for Scavenger hunts, Safe Candy, see their Halloween exhibits and get your picture on the green screen!!


Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe Hallowe’en! Hopefully you get to check out one of these fun events near you!!

xOx Chelsea