Our Wedding

One year ago I married, my guy. I met Chris 10 years ago and immediately when we met, I think we both knew that this one was different. It took 2 years for us to become a couple and after 7 years together, a baby, a house we tied the knot last year in front of 25 family members and close friends. It was absolutely perfect in every way. We had a small ceremony in our favorite park with family and friends where we shared vows we wrote for one another and had our son give us our rings. After which we had a small reception in the back of Mission with 125 of our closest friends and family. I decided for our 1 year anniversary to share the details of how I made our dream day come together. As most people know I did this on a budget as well I love crafts so I did a lot of it on my own, for anyone planning a wedding – I was not working at the time which made this a lot easier! I also had a solid group of people helping me out – My mother Lisa, helped me by giving up many weekends to go thrifting, scout flowers, make table runners, My girlfriend Ashley who gave up a weekend to fill her house with the smells of pulled pork for our food, my sister-in-law Colette who made us a delicious 3 tier wedding cake, and to my own sister who took pictures of the ladies getting ready, our rings and the reception hall before guests arrived and who bar tended the night for us! To everyone who helped us decorate the hall and to my friends who helped with the many crafts that took place before – Chris and I are incredibly blessed for everyone’s contribution to our big day, we will remember it for always as it was an incredible day!

To start, when Chris proposed it wasn’t a big deal, he didn’t plan it for weeks, it was spontaneous and just us laying in bed. He looked at me and said “let’s get married” at first I just ignored it because I didn’t think he was serious. But he was serious, he wanted to elope like I had wanted for a long time. We thought for a while about what kind of wedding we wanted. I had always dreamt of getting married on Canada Day on a beach or in a field just the three of us. However we have many people in our lives who love us dearly and it meant a lot to them to share in this special day with us. With that consider we decided to have a small ceremony in our favorite park in our home town of Mission, British Columbia; Fraser River heritage Park . Unfortunately Canada Day did not work out as Chris’s grandmother would not be able to attend so we switched the date to July 16th 2016. I had 4 months to plan our wedding, things needed to move quickly!


My friends quickly added me to the many Facebook pages for people planning a wedding: Wedding buy and sell lower mainland and Wedding Woes Lower Mainland. Both of these groups I found extremely helpful. After more discussion of the wedding we decided that we would do a reception with friends and family, but keep our ceremony strictly family only, to which we later added our closest friends. My mom and I then decided to check out some local halls, because it was such short notice it was very hard to find a hall available, earlier in the year Chris had his 10 year reunion at Mc Connell Creek Hall. which he thought was a super cool place because there was no cell reception and people actually engaged with one another, After my mother and I went to view the hall, I knew it was the perfect place. It was deep in the back of Mission, Tucked into the most beautiful little place, away from everything – and it was available! We quickly booked the hall and began with the rest of planning.


Through the Facebook groups I was able to get a Thank you sign made to hang on our guest book and gift table, a wedding dress (to which I ended up reselling), The perfect table numbers, some craft supplies, and wooden center pieces.  I was also able to discuss with lots of women planning a wedding, good photographers in the area, where to purchase flowers from, and after the wedding I was able to sell the majority of my wedding supplies. One of the things about the hall was that there was no dishwasher, so any dishes we used would have to wash. We decided rather than dealing with this we would bring in our own dishes and take them home to wash. We decided on retrieving eclectic china plates from thrift stores – 130 of them to be exact! I ended up re-selling 120 of the plates, keeping 10 as keepsakes! The wedding favors were mason jar cups, which I customized for each person with their name on it, and used this as our seating plan as well.


After my mom and I looked at a ton of rustic country weddings we came together with the center piece. It would be 3 mason jars – varying in size – the largest to contain hydrangea’s and baby’s breath (Flowers were purchased at Costco for $250), the two smaller jars had rocks and submerged candle in them. I got the candles off amazon, rocks from the dollar store, most of the jars my mom had from her mothers canning collect, the rest were purchased at Wal-Mart. The table runners I made out of Burlap I purchased in bulk from Walmart – this was a steal of a deal I purchased it for $24.00. I hung the remainder of the burlap behind our wedding cake, and ended up reselling all of it! Also on the tables we had mason jars filled with Boom chicka pop popcorn and munchies mix.  For the remainder of the decor my best friends father works at Sadie Ann Murray Antiques, where I was able to rent a ton of stuff, some wine barrels to flip over for people to use as table outside, some random Bowls and tins that we used for buns for pulled pork sandwiches, a washboard for decor, a small gun powder barrel for decor, a bird-cage for decor, Antique dessert tray for the cake table’s extra desserts. I collected a ton of chalkboard from varying business in the lower mainland, a few we found at  Creekside Home Decor in Chilliwack – if you haven’t been to this store you are seriously missing out it is a gem. We also found the large wash barrel at The Market by Spruce Collective in downtown Abbotsford – another gem!! This wash barrel was actually a surprise I had gone there with my mom and fallen in love with it, but couldn’t justify the price for decor… So my Mom went back when she was alone and picked it up and hid it in her garage till we decorated the night before and surprised me! I used my Mom’s rustic mail box for the cards and our guest book was 2 Jenga games for people to sign as it is also our favorite game to play, We also had a life-sized Jenga set up outside, and 2 tents with chairs underneath for people to spend time in outside as the hall is very cozy.


As for Food, since our wedding was an after dinner reception we wanted to stick to appetizers so we got 55 lbs of pork shoulder and roasts from Rempel’s Meats in Abbotsford and my girlfriend Ashley made a delicious pulled pork that is still talked about! We also picked up, fruit trays, vegetable trays and meat trays from Costco which were a total steal! My Step mother Sophie made a couple delicious salads, and I got 150 samosas from the always delicious Sangnam Sweets in Mission. My mom also ordered a ton of delicious treats from my Aunt’s bakery – Birdie’s Bakery in Chilliwack – you definitely need to stop here while visiting Creekside Home Decor. Chris’s sister Colette has a love for baking, so she  made us a delicious cake for our wedding, the top tier was bacon flavored! When it came to the bar we ordered 2 kegs from Mission Springs Pub and the rest of the liquor we purchased at the Government liquor store. My sister was the bartender (so thoughtful of her) and we charged our guests $20 for a wrist band which provided them with bottomless drinks. We also had house white and red wine on the table for the guests.



As for my dress I had purchased one-off the Facebook group and tried it on, at the time I was breastfeeding and found the chest to be very uncomfortable. I could definitely have worked my ass off to lose weight, but I’ve never been one to want to feel pressure to lose weight, So I decided to go to David’s Bridal in Langley, and look for a dress. For me the dress was a minor detail, so I was not willing to spend a fortune, I told them I wanted to spend no more than $300. I know, you probably think I am crazy but I just don’t like to spend a ton of money on things that won’t be used a dozen times. So I went to Davids Bridal and fell in love with 1 dress but it didn’t seem to fit my wedding, I had one left in the room and was feeling a little discouraged as nothing seemed to be working. When I got back in the room, there was a elegantly simple lace dress left. I put it on and I felt good about, I came out and Mom started crying. I looked in the mirror and knew this was the one, with my $50 dollar coupon the dress was $350 and perfect!

13754441_10154168883795399_7073519826173918091_n (1)

When it came to my bouquet and Chris’s boutonniere Chris’s mom flew into town and my mom and I had scoped out some flower places in Aldergrove that sell flowers from their driveway so my goal was to buy a bouquet from there and make my two bouquets and the boutonniere. I picked Chris’s mom up from the airport and we headed to the flower places and there were none that would match my wedding. I was upset and stressed, I had to find flowers, had a ton of money coming out of our wallets from every angle and didn’t want to spend a fortune. Chris’s mom suggested we go to a flower shop and get a quote. We went to Simply Flowers in Abbotsford and I got to hand-pick out each flowers and Chris’s mom ended up paying for my flowers! It honestly relieved so much stress. My girlfriend Emily is amazing at making flower arrangements so she came over and arranged my two bouquets and made Chris’s boutonniere, she even included some of Chris’s hockey tape in my bouquet. ** A funny fact is after our ceremony I had actually left these at our hotel in the restaurant and ended up phoning them and getting them held for me, but I was super worried I wouldn’t have my bouquet as a keepsake.**

Chelsea Chris Wedding-Print Ready-0255.jpg

Picking a photographer for me was actually really hard. I wanted someone who would know how to work with Chris. Chris is someone who 1. hates pictures and 2. is super inpatient and gets grumpy. So I needed someone who would understand him and make it work and get good pictures. I contacted someone I knew would be good Michelle Cervo however she no longer does weddings – Bummer! On the hunt again, I made a post in the Facebook page looking for a photographer, contacted a bunch of them, and found Michele Mateus Photography, as soon as I spoke on the phone with Michele I knew she would be able to handle Chris and get me the pictures I wanted. I absolutely love our photos and our experience with Michele.

Chelsea Chris Wedding-Print Ready-0240.jpg

The day had finally arrived, the family had come, the hall was decorated and the big day was here. It started off pretty mellow with me joining my mom and family for breakfast in Abbotsford and then heading home to meet Raichelle Ferris Make up . Soon after Alicia arrived to do our hair and the women slowly started trickling in. Chris’s mother in law and grandma had hair appointments at a salon nearby and Laura (MIL) got her make up done as well. Cierra from Raichelle Ferris make up did an amazing job, Chris has never complimented my make up and he was full of compliments on how good of a job she had done – he has always preferred the more natural no-make up look. Once everyone hair and make up was done I could feel the nerves coming, I was about to marry Chris, and I was so nervous!! I quickly fed our little guy and everyone but Mom, Pearce, and I left. Mom helped me get dressed and gifted me a pair of earings, I wore Chris’s mothers pearls (the ones his mom and sister had also wore in their weddings) and slipped into my lace dress and headed for the park.

Chelsea Chris Wedding-Print Ready-0269.jpg

We arrived at the park about 30 mins late, Poor Chris. As soon as I got out I found my Dad who was wearing a suit, this may have been my first time seeing him in a suit. Seeing my Dad made the day feel real. Even though I have spent nearly half my life with this man, I was still school girl excited to marry him and start a new chapter. My mother took Pearce and placed him in a small John Deere wagon we borrowed from her friend and started to pull him to the end of the park to meet our adorable flower girl Alessandra.

Chelsea Chris Wedding-Print Ready-0063.jpg

As I walked down the aisle I was extremely happy to not be walking alone, It was a long walk, and the nerves were strong. When I saw Chris I felt a huge emotion come over me, I felt safe and secure but also so overwhelmed that my dreams were finally coming true. I got my guy – forever! The ceremony went by quickly to me and we were soon taking family photos in the park. Once the family photos were done, Chris and I got pictures with Pearce and then it was time for just him and I love all the photos, Michele captured the wedding perfectly and I will cherish our photos forever, truly. I highly recommend Michele.

View More: http://michelemateusphotography.pass.us/chelseachriswedding

After the ceremony we had about 40 minutes before we went to the reception so we dropped our car at the hotel, and waited for my mom to come and get us from the hotel. Then it was off to the reception, where my childhood best friend Tasha Hilborn was our MC. We opted to not have a photographer at the Reception as we wanted it to be fun, and informal and for people to be able to keep it as a memory for them and whatever pictures were taken, were taken by guests, so its super neat to see what people decided to take pictures of, most people were enjoying themselves and forgot! We had my Uncle Djing and I got a dance with my Dad and Chris. We cut our gorgeous cake baked by Chris’s sister (it was DELICIOUS) and even had speeches — mic drop —


When I look back it truly was the perfect day. I am so thankful to all my family and friends who helped us make it happen! My Mom for her countless hours spent helping me plan, My sister for photographing and bartending, My Dad, My father in law Craig, My mother in law Laura, my sister-in-law Colette, to my close friends who gave up their time to help me craft, and cook, and set up. I’d also like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came. Some people traveled from as far as Ontario and Australia, and they made our day super special!! If your want more info on how to plan a wedding for under $10000 feel free to reach out and I can discuss prices more with you!

Chelsea Chris Wedding-Print Ready-0119.jpg

A big thank you to my husband Chris, for marrying me, putting up with me and making each day of marriage entertaining! Here’s to a few decades more of this ❤

ps. scroll down for some pictures our friends shared from our special day 


xOx Chelsea 






Uprise Coffee Company

Whenever I write about a vendor I send over a list of questions that I use to build my blog off of. When I received the questions back from Nicki and Kris, I had 2 thoughts.

  1.  Who knew roasting coffee by hand was so much work – Kris gave me a very detailed look at the whole process.
  2. Where do I begin. Kris’s passion left me with so much information I struggled a bit to figure out how I would share it all.

So let me begin here; I am not a regular coffee drinker – I drink coffee regularly BUT I usually have mochas, latte’s, french vanillas, anything that isn’t straight coffee so I knew I would need the help of my husband – the Coffee expert.  I WILL drink regular coffee it just must have sugar.

I knew that this blog would be a challenge for me and it was why I wanted it to so bad! First, I wanted to challenge my taste buds, maybe I have just been drinking SHIT coffee – we all know its out there. Second, how do I – someone who doesn’t drink regular coffee relate to coffee lovers.

Here goes everyone: Uprise Coffee Company is made in my home town, of Mission, BC. Finding a coffee company that is local was extremely exciting. Not only do I love supporting local, but I love supporting local FAMILIES. Its one thing for a person who has no dependents to start their own business and work their ass off their time is theirs. It’s a whole other thing for a parent to start their business – please do not take that offensively I recognize all struggles – but their time is mostly their childrens. We live in era where affording daycare, groceries, and your mortgage is a daily struggle for the middle/lower class families. Uprise Coffee Company is that a family business, 2 people, husband and wife, mom and dad who started their business in their kitchen, while raising their 2 beautiful little boys (trust me they are).

Now you may be wondering, what makes Uprise Coffee better than your convenient Tim Hortons, Mc Donalds or Starbucks. Well Uprise coffee roasts small batches of coffee, what I recently learned is that large companies don’t have the time to roast small batches. They need to get the fresh roast beans to their customers as quickly as possible – this means roasting in large batches. So why is small batch roasting better? Coffee beans come from the coffee tree, and after being process it is called a green bean. These are the beans a roaster will receive. Kris made sure to tell me that anyone can roast a coffee bean, but the trick is to get to know the coffee bean. Getting to know the beans and it’s defining characteristics allows you to understand how it will react during the roasting process. Differing characteristics of a coffee bean depend on region, elevation, process used to achieve the green bean, size and its ability to endure heat.

Now I will tell you why large batches are so hard to make a great cup of coffee from. When a company roasts their coffee in large batches they must find the optimal heat for the majority of their beans.  Not all beans will roast well at the same temp, some may burn, some may not be roasted long enough. So by roasting small batches more attention can be paid to the beans needs and better coffee can be made. Uprise coffee roasts their coffee in a roaster made for small batches with minimal bells and whistles it relies on the roaster to guide it through the process making the roaster in total control of the outcome of each roasted bean.

I had no idea what any of this meant the first time I read it. It took reading it a second time and pausing to digest it. Kris told me that he got involved in the coffee business by accidentally drinking his wife’s coffee and noticing it tasted exactly like his and they had ordered different roasts. AKA The standardized temperature at which large companies use to brew doesn’t make any large noticeable difference in coffee.

So where did they get the name from well Kris thought while he drank his coffee there must be an Uprise of mom and pop roasters and coffee shops to show people there is a difference in how each roast is should taste. That is how the Uprise Coffee Company began.

Coffee Roaster

My favorite question to ask vendors is what is your favorite part of owning your own business; You can tell their passion when they simply reply – we love our coffee, coffee lovers are the most passionate people around – this fact I have found true. They also really enjoy when they have someone swear off their loved chain brand and commit to Uprise. On the flip side it is also really interesting to hear what they find the most challenging. Time  – Small batches equals copious amounts of time spent in front of the roaster, they may own their own company but they still work full-time and have 2 children.

I found that like all my vendors I have featured Nicki and Kris were passionate about their business. When I ask people what is something you want your customer to know, they said “that we take pride”. When I met them in person they had their two small boys with them and their son told me he helped packaged my coffee. They had just finished roasting it that week for me. When you see the hands of a product and you taste it knowing that this small family made it, I think it makes it taste just a little bit better. So whats their goal for their company? Maybe a coffee-house one day, as the numbers grow each year. They don’t keep large amounts of coffee on hand and mostly roast to order so you truly get the freshest coffee. That being said you can find Uprise Coffee Company at Mossy Creek & Co , a local boutique on Main Street in Mission, BC (previously featured) for $13 or you can email them or contact them via Facebook to arrange shipping or drop off for $10 a bag.

Kris started the questions by telling me he was no coffee snob, that he would drink any coffee, he takes it by the gallon. Anything black and caffeinated he will have, but why not offer a great product and show people how love and passion make a cup.

Above I described that I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker, one thing I found is that I didn’t need to add much as it was so flavorful, something I hadn’t really experienced before. My husband liked it so much he took it to work to give the guys a cup and show them the exciting thing I was working on. Chris said “the aroma of the coffee filled our house and smelt delicious, even though it was a Dark roast, it was still light and flavorful” – and he is a coffee snob!  He takes his coffee black, me I take it 1 milk 3 sugars – don’t get me wrong I don’t think I will ever stop drinking my white chocolate mochas or chai lattes but it’s nice that I found a coffee I actually enjoy and don’t need to leave home for. Their company has now been open for 4-5 years and I have a feeling they may have gotten me to put away the Keurig and enjoy a real cup of coffee. I remember working at Mc Donalds for the first free coffee week and they told me, you give away 1 great cup, you get a customer for life.

On that note, Uprise Coffee Company has put together a basket for 1 lucky Blog reader, all you have to do, is comment on the picture of the basket on our Facebook page, follow our Facebook and Uprise Coffee Company’s  Facebook page and you will be entered. Winner will be announced Next week on the blog April 22nd 2017.

I hope you all order a bag, or stop by Mossy Creek and pick one up, remember supporting local mom and pop shops supports a family!

Good Luck

xOx Chelsea 

Mossy Creek and Co.

I remember the first day of grade 8 like it was yesterday (I have a pretty good memory, ask my husband 😉 ). I was incredibly nervous, I had never experienced going to a new school. On the first day of school I met so many woman who I still speak to, to this day. Carley is one of those woman. She is kind, funny and infectious, you want to be around her. Coming from a small town we have all watched each other grow up into the woman we are today, so this post is near and dear to my heart as I have had the pleasure of watching Carley’s journey and I am so excited to share a blog about a store she opened in our home town.

Carley wearing
Locomotive Clothing

On October 28th, 2016 Carley dropped a huge announcement on her social media, she was taking a huge leap with her mother Mary and opening a store in our small town of Mission, BC. Carley decided that she wanted to return to work when her youngest child started preschool.  She thought about what she wanted to do and that is when the idea came to her, she decided she wanted to own her own business. So Carley partnered with her mom and they made the jump into starting a boutique in our downtown core and so Mossy Creek and Co was born. Mossy Creek and Co, has no significant meaning to them other than their shared love for creeks and moss growing on the rocks – I love this, it totally reminds me of exploring the wilderness Mission has to offer. 

Spotted: Three Mountains – Wild And Raven – Field Notes – Canvas Candle Company – Poppy and Lace – I Luv it Natural Deodorant

At this point it was only a dream. Over the next few months, Carley and Mary went shopping for what they would put in their store, spent hours researching local companies, picking out a location and building the cutest little store. Carley describes this part of the business as one of her favorite things, being able to buy for her store and market the business is something she would like to do more of in the long run. This store is filled with so many items and every time you go in there is more. Every time I leave it feels like I didn’t see it all.


The opening of Mossy Creek and Co was delayed due to snowy weather but they opened their doors on February 8th, 2017. This past week was their Grand Opening Celebration and I was so excited to finally stop by! I was blown away, the pictures really don’t do it justice. I went down expecting it to be a cute little knick knack shop. I was sadly mistaken this store is everything you could want in a boutique, beautiful clothes from local business, for you, your husband and your little ones. As well as lots of small gift ideas for every special occasion.

Mary wearing
Locomotive Clothing

When picking out items for the store, Carley says it is most important to her to help local families showcase their business. So she has lots of stuff from local vendors, as well as clothes that can be worn a number of different ways, they have a lot of casual clothes as well as clothes you could dress up or dress down – giving your closet the versatility every woman is looking for. One thing I loved is that they had sizes for all body times,  as I have shopped a lot of boutiques in the lower mainland and found the sizes were often too small for my ever change mom-bod. They even carry plus sizes.

Two Sparrows Gifts – Dex Clothing –Locomotive Clothing

This is a new venture for Carley and Mary, but they are both very much enjoying it. Carley says that the hardest part of this new change is learning to balance both of her full-time jobs, owning a business and being a mom. Finding time to do homework, grocery shop, or just clean the house. I have a feeling that with time and the support of the community they will master the art of owning a business and being parents. I really look forward to Mossy Creek and Co becoming a reason that people travel to our beautiful town.

SoloBaby Designs – One Berrie – LoVe Threads – Whatknots Boutique – Ruby Roo and you 

When speaking with Mary and Carley they described that they are always on the hunt for new and trendy local companies to fill the shop with. These two woman are so supportive of local business and want it to be a focus for their business! So if you have a local business you think would be great for their company reach out to them on Facebook or drop by. But whatever you do be sure to check them out because this gem is ever-changing with items selling out and new items coming in!

Here are a few of the many items you can find at Mossy Creek and Co 

Cutting Board by Three Mountains

I don’t believe my picture really does this cutting board justice, Mossy Creek and Co had a few other ones but this one was definitely my favorite, these make a great gift for that friend moving into their first home, or even a decorative piece for those wine and cheese nights with friends. Three Mountains is a mission based business that creates wooden crafts.


Mason Jar Candles by Canvas Candle Company

This one I picked up for my hubby, he loves candles and I meant to grab a vanilla flavored but grabbed Best Coast flavor, but I was blown away, I lit it and felt like I was hiking the back woods of mission. Loved this scent! Canvas Candle Company is a Port Moody based business that aims to make burning home decor that we can feel good about!!


K’Pure Natural

Absolutely love this company and have actually known the maker of these products since I was a young girl, aka she used to baby sit me! I love Karen and am so excited for all that her company has become! This company makes product locally in mission that are all natural, non-toxic products. Crazy to think it all started from a Deodorant. Highly recommend checking out their site and seeing all the different products they offer.


Mally Designs Mocs

How are cute are these little Moc’s, definitely super cute and a perfect gift for the expecting mom. Mally Designs are based out of Mission, BC. They hand make their items and they started by making leather bibs. Starting their business in 2005 they are definitely doing it right!


True North Shaving Co. 

I love these little gift boxes, the absolute perfect gift for father’s day or your husbands birthday. They will definitely appreciate these kits. This company is based out of Maple Ridge, BC and prides itself on giving a better, cheaper shave! I definitely think Chris will be getting one of these boxes for Fathers Day!

At the grand opening Mossy Creek and Co was serving delicious cupcakes by Sweet Cheek’s Tasty Treats

Uprise Coffee Company 

Uprise Coffee is a hand brewed coffee made here in Mission, BC in small batches to ensure customers always receive the freshest coffee! I can’t wait to give this stuff a try!

Spotted: Uprise Coffee Company

I am so incredibly blessed that Carley and Mary allowed me to feature their beautiful shop on the blog. I am so incredibly thankful for their investment into our hometown community. Wishing them many fruitful years ahead!


Spotted Vendors: 

Field Notes: Notebooks inspired by the vanishing memo books and made in Chicago, USA

Locomotive Clothing: is a heritage inspired company that is hand-made by a dynamic duo, made locally in BC’s West Coast. They have clothing for men, woman and your mini’s! I absolutely love their collection.

Poppy and Lace: Jenaya is a Chilliwack, BC based artist making tiny paintings for special occasions. I bought a beautiful card for my friend to congratulate her and her husband on their new baby!

I luv it Natural Deodorant: a Mission, BC based company that makes aluminum and entirely chemical free deodorant with invigorating scents.

Wild and Raven: a Langley, BC based company that makes apparel in small batches. All Clothing is from Hand Drawn designs and hand printed onto the fabric. All goods are made from sustainable product. They also make clothes for all ages! Another cool fact this company donates 1% of its earnings to Pacificwild.org!

Oneberrie: This product is produced in Invermere, BC and is a towel that attaches behind your neck and hangs loosely over your core, then fold the bottom edge over your baby and once your baby is on your chest the button/hoop clasp secures the towel on and it is easily done with one hand. This product is made Terry and has a cotton flannelette shell.

LoVe Threads handmade: a Mission based business creating toques and head bands for you and your baby to twin and win! The cute designs of these are great for making mom and baby warm and fashionable.

WhatKnot Boutique: BC based crochet boutique creating tiny creations for tiny humans.

Ruby Roo and you: These customizable dolls are made in Mission, BC. They are Waldorf inspired made by hand with cotton and wool. These dolls are made with natural fibers to ensure only the best for these little doll parents!

SoloBaby Designs: As previously featured on our blog, is a local Mission based company that creates many goods for children and moms. From the 3-1 breast cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover to baby bibs and blankets!

Two Sparrows Vintage: a Mission based jewelry business. Each piece is very unique and beautiful

xOx Chelsea

Do you own a local business and want us to feature you? Head to the contact us page!

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Christmas Shop Local Feature: Introducing Taylin Threads

Caylee, Her Husband Mike and their beautiful children Linden and Taylor

I think I will always remember the day I met Caylee, It was like meeting my first ever Kindred Spirit. Caylee and I had a ton in common, we were both working for the same company, we both had Chihuahuas who we were weirdly attached too. Both super outgoing and very forward. Caylee was my boss, but she made work fun. When Caylee became my boss it was at a time in her career where she knew she wanted more. So we didn’t work together for long, but we have always stayed in touch. I think that is why I feel so strongly about this brand. I have watched an extremely hard-working devoted mother build it from the ground up and watch the success grow! I am so grateful to be able to share it with you and give an exclusive offer to my readers. Here’s Caylee’s Taylin Threads journey.

The Lin and Tay

Caylee always had a keen eye for fashion, and studied textiles in school, so when she got pregnant she was extremely excited to be able to finally shop for her mini. But Caylee really struggled at the time to find trendy affordable baby clothes. Since she knew how to sew, it seemed only fitting that Caylee would make her daughter Taylor trendy clothes herself. Caylee got a ton of compliments on her daughters leggings when they were out, moms wanted to buy know where she found these trendy outfits. So she started small selling to local moms and growing to even selling to Tori Spelling. Once her son came she knew she wanted this company to symbolize her devotion to her family, So it seemed only fitting to name it after her daughter Taylor and son Linden, Taylin Threads was born.

When my son was born I couldn’t wait to get some stuff from Caylee, the first thing I purchased was her grow with me harems, these pants are amazing because you can make them last so much longer by pulling the pant leg down or folding it up to start wearing them early. From there Taylin Threads has become my hide from my husband addiction. Gone are the days of hiding purchases I bought for myself… Now I hide my addiction of buying my son her hip clothes. Everytime I put my son in something from her line, I get a TON of compliments, from his wiener dog leggings to his batman harems, to his romper, her line has something for everyone!

how does one pick a favourite print? 

I think my favourite thing about Caylee is she loves to have sales. Caylee understands that times are hard and she loves to give her customers the opportunity to buy her clothes at a discounted price, Caylee often offers Fabric Frenzy sales which are usually 6-8 fabrics where you can buy all items at a discounted rate. But my favourite is her Taylin Threads Ready to ship instagram page, this is where Caylee posts items that are ready to ship and discounted including shipping (@taylinthreadsrts on instagram), I often hit this page up for quick birthday party presents, but I am always checking up on it to see what items are being offered.

Knowing Caylee and watching her on this journey I was so eager to find out how all of this has made her feel. She says “Seeing customers sends pictures of my quality hand-made clothing that I made for their littles, and knowing I touched their family in some way and seeing their adorable happy kids is the most rewarding.” But what is the best feedback she has received since starting her business “Stay true to yourself and your brand, You will never make everyone happy, continue to strive for the best customer service.”

More recently Caylee started a Facebook page for her exclusive Taylin Thread followers, this is a page where you can get exclusive sales, buy, sell or trade your Taylin Thread Apparel. She also promises to give early access to members for new style drops, secret promotions as well all the info on new arrivals. I definitely suggest following Tayling Threads BTS on facebook if you love her stuff as much as me! In honor of the launch of this page Caylee is going to be giving away a $50 store credit, check out the page to see how to win! You can also find Taylin Threads at http://www.taylinthreads.com . On facebook at Taylin threads and on instagram under: @taylinthreads and @taylinthreadsrts .

So what advice does Caylee have for Moms starting their own business, “Follow your dreams and never give up! You can do anything you put your mind and drive towards. Having your own business will be never-ending work hours and tiring, but worth every bit of it.” When I look at all the feedback from the moms we have featured, 2 things stand out, hard work and following your dreams… Kinda reminds me of an old saying, nothing worth it is ever easy.

Caylee currently ships in Canada and internationally. But the most exciting thing is that in the new year Taylin Threads is going to be READY TO SHIP!!! That’s right no more 3 week turn around, all items will be ready to ship! How exciting, and what an accomplishment for this mama! Caylee has also given us an exclusive offer to blog readers, 25% off store wide, just use the code: MINIMONSTER  and support this local family! Remember that each purchase from a local business is helping to give that family a little more. 


I want to give a huge thank you to all the businesses I have featured for my Shop Local this Christmas Feature. You are all tremendously talented mothers who have built a great support system to help you achieve your goals. Your all following your dreams and being great moms, I’m incredibly proud and blessed to know you. thank you for giving me this opportunity! As well as a BIG thank you to Stacia Sharma for doing pictures, Laken Craig for pictures and my little mini for being so patient with me while we all worked hard for the perfect picture of you in your threads!




Christmas Shop Local Feature: Introducing Tumble and Roar!


One year ago, a woman who I am extremely proud of, look up to and turn to often for support embarked on her dreams of creating her own company in the tiny tots fashion industry. Carlee launched Tumble and Roar, December 1st, 2015. I get the pleasure today to tell you all about how she started her business, while balancing her busy life as well as share some exciting things with you!

When I first met Carlee, we were both working in the fashion industry and it wasn’t friends at first sight. We actually butt heads a bit, until we realized we actually have a ton in common. It didn’t take long for us to become good friends and when Carlee got pregnant, I was sad to think of going to work without her. She is an extremely support friend and a great mother. When I got pregnant with my son I loved having an experienced friend to turn to. Although I soon moved farther away, we have stayed close by sneaking our messages between naps and after bed time. When Carlee told me she would be starting her own business I was so excited for her! I love the entire line, which has grown to be more than just t-shirts. With Carlee’s second baby coming its bittersweet to see her business doing so well, giving her the ability to stay home and be present each day with her children.


Your probably wondering how she is able to keep up with a busy two-year old and run a successful business. Well Carlee makes sure to complete work only during her sons nap time and after he goes to bed. This allows Carlee to be present during the day and take her son to all his activities. But this does lead to many late nights, something Carlee doesn’t mind because she loves her business.

As Carlee designs the shirts, she describes it as a very vulnerable experience, she questions herself a lot, and continuously asks her husband for his input. So she says any feedback that is good about her product means the world to her. Her most personal project is her newly launched baby boy briefs. She got the idea for the briefs from her late father in law who owned his own company in Montreal one of his most popular items was his boxer briefs which he designed and created himself. She has received a ton of tremendous feedback from her in laws about the launch of her briefs and she says that feedback means the world to her.


One of the things I love about Carlee is that as much as her business grows she vows to never let it interfere with her family, they are number 1. So the growth of her company will always depend on her family. If you ask Carlee where she will be in 10 years, she doesn’t respond with owning a multi million dollar business, but rather being a car pool mom on the sidelines of her children’s soccer games. I love how extremely humble this woman is. I continue to learn from her daily, as a mother and as a woman.

Carlee launched this year many new products, but most recently she launched her Daddy and Baby Boxer briefs, which are the perfect Christmas Gift for your son and husband to lounge around in over the holidays. Not to mention the many cute tee’s for the kids to run and play in. My favorite is the Snack Champ tee. I have now bought it in 2 sizes because I just love the quality and style. Below I have included some pictures of my favorite products that I will be giving as gifts this Christmas Season.


Carlee currently has an online store and allows for online orders shipping internationally. When you go to Carlee’s website you can see all her in stock products so there is no wait time and things are generally shipped with in 5 business days. She also has free local pick up for Vancouver and Richmond. Carlee has a lot more products that are not featured below, Please go to http://www.tumbleandroar.com to see full line.


For Blog Readers Carlee is offering a discount code : HOLIDAYSHOPPING for 20% off their entire purchase, code is good until Christmas Eve. As well as part of her 1 year celebration she is giving away one of her SMOOCH tee’s shown below. Just check out her Instagram Account: @tumbleandroar for details.


Wish you all the best Perugini family as you invite your new baby and embark on the growth of Tumble and Roar!


Winner of Cherry Hill Decor Family Sign: Susan Burke

Winner of Cherry Hill Decor: Joy To the World Sign: Sara Elizabeth

**Winners please email: lauramwatling@gmail.com**

Be sure to go to our blog post about SoloBaby Designs and enter the draw for a surprise gift retail value $60. Draw December 5th at 5pm!!