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not just a lipstick

If you would have asked me a few months ago about Lip Sense, I would have responded by saying oh ya that long-lasting lipstick. That was the gist of what I knew about Lip Sense. It wasn’t until I partnered up with Rebecca Lewis an Independent Consultant, that I actually tried the product.


I started by just putting the color on my hand like most of us do to see what it was like, it dried so fast and it stayed on my hand for 30 hours – and YES I wash my hands a lot, before I eat lunch, every time I go to the bathroom, and I wash the dishes every night, it truly was Long lasting. Now I have never been a huge make up person, I have a few items but my frustration is always that around 11 am I feel like my make up needs to be re-applied and well – AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! I decided to try it a few days later, I was pleasantly surprised with how the clear gloss really moisturized my lips, and how long the color lasted, I apply my make up at 6am and I found I didn’t need to re-apply till 4pm.

what is lipsense

Not only did it seem to last long, the color was great, It was bright enough on my lips to add something to my basic everyday make up or glam up an evening, and I got LOTS of compliments! I started to discuss the products further with Rebecca and found that they don’t just make Lipsense. They have a few other products all of which are long-lasting!:

  1. Lip Sense – You might be wondering what makes this product so long-lasting, is it a lip stain – no! But the color does molecules that bond to your lips making it kiss proof and transfer proof!
  2. Blush Sense
  3. Shadow Sense – you can use this product on your lip – it won’t last as long as lip sense but it does make for fun color creating! it can also be used to contour or cover up dark circles
  4. Eye Sense
  5. MakeSense Foundation with anti aging SeneShield
  6. SenePlex Skin care line for all skin types – contains the science of SeneDerm and SenePlex complex which is a kinetic enzyme that affects the way cells glow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top! It also helps to renew your skin cells more rapidly to fight aging!


Whats great about these products is they are all vegan, wax-free, lead-free and gluten-free. On top of that NONE of their products are tested on animals that alone is enough to support these products in my eyes! Their products are 98% Natural 2% science, they are completely open about what they put inside the products. They believe in their product so much that they also offer a 100% money back guarantee, which is something you don’t get from the drug store!

before and after tinted moisturizer
Rebecca Before and after tinted moisturizer

It was so interesting learning about this brand, Rebecca found this brand through a family friend who sold her 1 lipstick which became many more and soon she found herself signing up to be a consultant! Being a consultant hasn’t always been easy, She too struggles with time management and balancing the work and family demands of motherhood. However SeneGence business is extremely supportive of the women in their brand and they do whatever they can to make you successful!


If you’re interested in trying this product there are 2 ways you can do so, you can purchase it directly from Rebecca and then she ships it to you, or you can sign up for a SeneGence account which is kind of like Costco you pay your annual $55 membership fee, and depending on your order size you receive discounts from 20 – 50% off your order!

Before lipsense, after 2 days of wearing

To order from Rebecca you can go to her Facebook page or email her at and as a special thank you to our blog readers you get 5% off ANY starter kit all you have to do is mention discount code: FIRSTSTARTERKIT to receive your discount. Be sure to follow her on Facebookto learn more about these amazing products! Remember that you aren’t just supporting a company that care about the environment you’re also support a local mom!

xOx Chelsea

wearing caramel latte

For more information on the product and color options scroll down!

tinted moisturizer



Full Face Make up!
Which ones your favorite?
My Favorite!
Information on the Foundation
eyebrow color
Did you know they also have eyebrow color?
Which Blush Sense is your favorite?
blush sense
My Favorite Blush sense!

Merry Christmas and Thank you!

Wow, what a incredible year it has been. I take a look back at the blog, my life, and everything in it, and I am blown away! This year I had the pleasure of working with so many amazing local businesses, shops and the PEOPLE behind them. I also had people who took time to read my blogs about so much more than just these shops, about my life. So I wanted to just break it down in a blog about how grateful I am and to thank all of you!

Firstly I have to thank all the small shops, and the people who have allowed me to feature them on the blog – we hit a milestone this year with the blogs first birthday! It was extremely rewarding because I knew that I probably wouldn’t be still writing these blogs if it wasn’t for all the people who have allowed me to feature them. I am so grateful for your hard work, and all that goes into running your small shop. From taking time away from your children to follow your dreams so that you can provide a happy, healthy home for your children – For the small shops that don’t have children, do NOT think I appreciate you any less. I know there are some of you who work full-time and work on your business in the wee hours, YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS, and I promise to feature you when ever you’ll have me, and to continue to support you all!

Secondly I just want to say thank you for everyone supporting me this year. It was a rough year, and I learnt a lot. It started off really rocky with a lot going on at home, but I am blessed to have this outlet, that allows me to forget everything crazy and stressful going on and to have this creative outlet where I can do what I enjoy most writing. Some of you may not know but since I was a very young kid I always wanted to be a writer, but never enjoyed English class. This blog gives me time to just enjoy writing without any pressure.

Last year for our Christmas feature we did 4 small shops, and this year we did 14! Its crazy to think that 14 small shops gave me this opportunity and I want to thank all of them! As well so many other shops that I had featured throughout the year also put together items for our Large Basket Giveaway, totaling $950 in local products. We had a number of giveaway throughout the year and also from these features this year, and I only hope we are given the same opportunities for next year.

I’ve got one last thing to ask of you all! Well three things!

1. If you know a lady who owns her own shop and deserves to be recognized or you want to nominate yourself please comment below for our ladies page!

2. If you know of a small shop or are a small shop and you want to collaborate in the new year let’s get in touch comment below or go to my contact me page!

3. If there is anything you would like for me to write about comment below I would love to give you all what you want!

Also as I post this thank you, I want to be honest I’m pooped! So I am going to be taking a break from blogging for the rest of the Christmas Season/New Year, to spend with my family! As I think we should all try and do! Expect me back in January for what I hope will be another great year

Have an amazing Holiday Season everyone!!

xOx Chelsea

Last Christmas Feature: Lavender and Mint

It’s crazy that the Christmas Features have come to an end. This year I was able to feature 14 amazing small businesses. I can’t express my gratitude enough to these smalls shops for allowing me to feature them. – Thank you!


Our last and final Christmas Feature is Lavender and Mint Boutique, this small shop is based in Tsawwassen, BC. Lyndsay is the founder and owner of Lavender and Mint Boutique, but she is also a mother to three beautiful girls, and a wife to a supportive husband. Her business started when they lived in Richmond but it has since moved to Tsawwassen when they moved there.

lavender 10

From what started out with a 30-year-old sewing machine and a mother deciding to make her own children’s clothing when she had her first daughter, has grown into a small shop in the lower mainland creating beautiful hand-made items. Her shop makes everything from Children’s clothing, accessories and also bedding! They can be found online or at Scout and Co in Richmond, BC.

lavender and mint


As you can imagine the hardest thing for this small shop is Time Management. Imagine 3 girls under 3, a husband, a household and a small shop! I’m pretty sure Lyndsay has super powers to make all that work!! However with hard work comes much reward, Lyndsay’s favorite part of running her small shop is hearing her customers feedback on the items they have purchased, so if you do purchase something be sure to tell Lyndsay what you think. Her advice “Start small, grow organically and enjoy every minute of it”. What Great advice, how often we are tempted to grow our business by inorganic means.

lavender and mint 2

If you check out their online store you can also find Lyndsay’s blog, where she posts anything from Mommy must haves, recipes to quotes of the day to inspire you! All of their items are machine washable, wash in cold with like fabrics and lay flat to dry! Handle with the same love and care that went into making them.

lavender and mint 6

Lyndsays family’s favorite tradition is actually the same as mine! They get together on Christmas Eve for a big family dinner and at the end they each open one gift, always Christmas Pjs. The Christmas excitement is overflowing, with the lit Christmas tree and all the kids excitement it makes for very heart warming Christmas Tradition.

lavender and mint 3

As a Thank you to our blog readers, you can get 15% off all your purchases online, use code CHELSEA15 at checkout to apply the discount to your orders! Happy Shopping! 

lavender and mint 4

Remember that supporting this small shop, supports Lyndsay dream to stay home with her children and grow her business. Give them some love, Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Instagram and shop online!

lavender and mint 7

xOx Chelsea 

As for the winner of the pants from Mountain Tots Sewing is @rusaw 

And the winner of our fabulous basket totaling a value of $950.00 is @mrscjanderson

 Winners please email:

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