Pearce’s Second Birthday – Moana Style

The thought of having a two-year old child is absolutely crazy to me. How is he two? Where did my sweet little infant go? Well he is gone and now we have a wild, impatient two year old.

For Pearce’s birthday we also got him his First hair cut! I promised my husband that on Pearce’s second birthday we would cut his long beautiful locks – a decision to which I have strong regrets about. But my husband really wanted his hair cut, and he looks so much older now. So the Friday before Pearce’s party we woke up early and headed out to Sparky’s in Coquitlam Centre, I chose them because they focus on childrens haircuts and do a ton of first haircuts. Pearce sat on my lap and watched Toy Story 2 while the woman cut his hair, and I cried. He did really good except for when she cut around his ears and near his neck, he was very squirmy and cried a little. You are probably wondering how I kept such a wild crazy boy still. My Trick: a Booster juice smoothie. Before we went for his haircut, I took him to booster juice to get him a smoothie, so he sat and drank his smoothie while getting his hair cut. Once we were done she laminated a piece of his hair for me and I took as much as I could home. The crazy thing is he doesn’t even seem to notice his hair is gone?

Whenever my husband doesn’t have hockey on Friday we try to have a family movie night. One Friday night a few months ago we had 2 options : Sing or Moana. My husband is a big wrestling fan so we went with the obvious choice: Moana!

Pearce loved Moana, we all watched intently and have since watched thousand more times. Now when we watch we all sing along to all the songs and try to find pieces of the movie we missed the first 1000 times we watched. I remember May long weekend when we got stuck in the car for 8 hours, watching Moana 3 times with Pearce. So it seemed like the obvious choice for his second birthday!

I really like to make Pearce’s Parties a lot of fun, my parents always made my birthday  a big deal and I want to provide the same experience for Pearce. So I knew I wanted to try to follow the theme as much as possible! So I started with the decorations, I love Party City  as they have so much variety for birthdays with a huge online selection.  I went into Party City while visiting Edmonton for work and got the stuff for goody bags.

This year in the good bags it was:
Mini water guns, chalk, a mini coloring book and crayons, bubbles (of course), and a slinky! I try to steer away from the candy because we had a Pinata!!

The food was the fun part, Chris and I always really enjoy doing the food for Pearce’s birthday.

The Menu:


Chips (of course), Spring Rolls, Popcorn, Kid Treats (squishee’s, raisin boxes, fruit snacks, wafer cookies).


Home Made Turkey Burgers, Beef burgers, Veggie burgers, and hot dogs!


Moana’s boat on the ocean (jello with wafer cookie boats), Layers of sand (vanilla pudding with layers of golden oreos), Moana Cookies and Cupcakes made by the amazing Lexi’s Treats. This year we went with an Ice cream Cake because everyone loves DQ icecream cakes! 

The decorations were a lot of fun, Pearce has a mad obsession with Fish right now, so Pearce and I made some fishies for the Moana wall together. Then I took streamers and made a wall of fish and the ocean and stood the 4ft tall Moana side by side. The rest of the decor was pretty easy, thanks to Party City. We ordered the Moana balloon bouquet and got some other balloons (ps. did you know foil balloons are reusable? Once done using them insert a straw into the hole to which you fill with helium and release all the air, then fold up and reuse next time!) We ordered some ceiling swirls with Moana pictures on them from Party city and had pom poms left over from our wedding and that was basically the decor.

We had family and friends come from near and far to celebrate Pearce’s second birthday and boy did that little guy get spoiled. But mostly he had a wicked time with his friends. We had set up a mini bouncy castle outside that Pearce got from his Aunty Reid for his birthday and the kids had an awesome time. We finished the birthday off with the Pinata and a nap for all of us!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. Pearce is such a lucky guy to have so many wonderful people who love him!

xOx Chelsea 


Guest Blog: Preparing for Baby #2 By Stacia Sharma

One night Chris and I were out for dinner with my family and I got a text from my friend Stacia, “Guess what” at that moment I knew, Stacia was pregnant. We had always talked about having our second maternity leave together and at this time Chris and I were thinking of trying again. This announcement came with so many mixed feelings for me, happiness that I would have another beautiful baby in my life to cuddle, sadness that I wasn’t also pregnant. The sadness soon disappeared completely and now we know Stacia is having a little girl. Her daughter Berlynn and Pearce are best friends so I am super excited for them to have another little one to play with! Throughout my pregnancy and raising Pearce, Stacia has been a constant go to for advice, pick me ups and help with all my parenting, marriage and life tips. So when I decided that it could be fun to have some other perspectives on my blog, Stacia was the first person I asked. Here is a blog post about how Stacia has prepared to welcome Baby Number 2. 

Hi, my name is Stacia and I’m a mom to a wonderful two-year-old daughter and expecting daughter number two any day now. I’ve known Chelsea for years, we went to high school together, worked together at Mc Donald’s and now she’s one of closest friends. When I first found out I was pregnant again I was petrified, it happened a lot quicker than the first time and we were expecting it to take around the same amount of time this time. Having a new born and a barely two year old scared the crap out of me (who am I kidding I’m still terrified), for some reason I have always been more comfortable with a two and half year gap.

Once the shock wore off and reality set in, I started to do a bit of research both online and speaking to other moms about what I could do to make it as easy as possible on our family. What I found was a breath of fresh air, every single person said it was easier than they ever expected, of course I know its going to be hard but knowing that others had the same fears and it was easier than they thought was just nice to hear.

With my first I thought I was so prepared, I had my bags packed, laundry done, her room was completely done and I even remembered flip flops for the hospital room. Man was I wrong, I completely overlooked that giving birth would require any kind of recovery time and that I would be too tired and busy to want to cook anything. Sure I had all the baby gadgets but when it came to everything else I wasn’t prepared at all. So this time, I did a little more preparation for the family in hopes we can keep things running as smooth as possible and make the transition to two kids as easy as possible.

The first thing I did was pre-made some freezer meals, I know lots of people do this before having a baby and I regretted it big time for not doing it last time. I find a lot of freezer meals are casseroles, lasagna’s and soups or stews, since it’s the peak of summer I did a lot of meat in marinades so we could just toss on the bbq and serve with a salad without heating up the house and not eating anything super heavy. I also did a couple crock-pot meats for taco’s or burritos. The last thing I prepared ahead of time was smoothie bags, I took a big bag of frozen berries, spinach and banana’s and made individual 1 serving bags, all I need to do is add a liquid and protein. I really think these will be great for all of us, my daughter loves smoothies and it’s a great way to get her some extra greens.

Next on my list was making sure I had toddler activities because I know in the first couple weeks I’ll be extra occupied with the baby and a bored toddler will make things a lot harder. Thankfully it was just her birthday so I tucked away a lot of her gifts into my closet and I plan to give them to her one at a time when I need some quiet time. New toys are always great for some quiet time. I did some research on other activities that are great for toddlers and stocked up on play-dough, art supplies, puzzles, and sticker books.

The last thing I did was make sure my pantry was stocked with favorite snacks and I set up an amazon subscription for diapers, toilet paper and laundry supplies, paid all our bills ahead of time, packed our hospital bags and pre-made frozen recovery pads (seriously last time I was so unprepared for recovery, its kind of embarrassing).

I’m very fortunate to have a very hands on husband and to live close to both my parents and my in-laws who are great with our oldest daughter, fabulous cooks and always willing to help with housework and yard work so even if I’m not 100% prepared (is that even possible?) they will help make up the difference.

So my question to parents with more than one, how did you prepare for your growing family? We’re you surprised at how much easier or harder it was than you expected?



Grieving the last Feed.

When I was pregnant I imagined breastfeeding my child and I thought about how hard it would be and how important it was for me to try. As some of know, breast-feeding did not come easy for me.

Pearce was born not breathing and was revived and taken to the nicu pretty quickly after being born, we did not hold Pearce for 9 hours. We missed the initial skin to skin which helps so many babies root and find the latch quickly. When I did finally get a chance to nurse, it felt horrific, we struggled to get a latch and when he did the feeling of my uterus contracting actually made me want to faint. I broke down, I tried and tried but struggled the exhaustion and the pain my body felt was unbearable. But I was determined – I would not give up. Something I often say to myself, during pregnancy and each day since, “People have been doing this for millions of years and they got through it”. It has literally helped me so much. We ended up getting a latch and a few feeds after a nurse offered me a breast shield. At one point while in the hospital I was so overwhelmed by the nurse trying to help me that she actually urged us to just give my son formula so we could try to feed when he wasn’t starving – yes she told me I was starving my child. I was so happy when that nurse was gone and we got a different nurse, for the life of me I don’t remember her name but she was an older tiny women who helped me all night to grasp breastfeeding, after 4 nights in the hospital we headed home.

I was still using the breast shield as Pearce really couldn’t latch on my breast, I made appointments to see a breast consultant which was the best experience, if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have been able to keep going. After 3 weeks she urged me to have a doctor check for tongue tie, which we discovered he had, and he also had a lip tie. Once we had the doctors snip them I met the consultant again and she said give yourself 2 days without offering the shield, She felt Pearce was so close to getting it that all I needed to do was not offer it. After 2 days, Pearce was latching, the feeling was painful, excruciating but rewarding? Since than I have love breast-feeding, Pearce was never a cuddly child so being able to breastfeed allowed me to receive cuddles and bond with Pearce like no other time during the day.

When I returned to work when Pearce was 1, I continued to breast feed actually pumped during my lunch break in my car for 4 months. I used the pump milk for Pearce to have a bottle while at Daycare, but soon he was able to go right down without having the extra milk during the day. For those 4 months I also woke up extra early and fed Pearce in the morning before work, then pumped on my lunch and fed at night. In January I decided to stop feeding in the morning, it was exhausting for me, and I felt that he would be fine without that extra milk and he has done great.

I knew that I wanted to stop breastfeeding Pearce by the time he was 2, I have never really hated it or wanted to give it up. I am not big drinker so I never resented it because I couldn’t drink. As August has drawn near I decided to give it a try. 3 weeks ago my mom was taking Pearce over night so that Chris and I could have a date night. Then the next night I decided.. why not stop. I put Pearce to bed without giving him boob instead giving him a bottle and then putting him to bed, it was horrible he was up crying all night. My husband will NOT let Pearce cry it out he is SUPER against it so we ended up taking him out and giving him some more milk and kinda just letting him stay up with us. We tried again to put him to bed and he woke up a few hours later and ended up in our bed. I was not excited to go down this road!

The next night I decided to rock in the chair with Pearce like we did when I would feed him, I rocked him in the chair for a good 45 mins, and he fell asleep. I transitioned him to the bed and he went down great. He ended up sleeping the whole night. It was that night I realized that it wasn’t that Pearce was not a cuddly boy it was that I had never realized that time was also special for him. That it was also his cuddle time. So since then each night we go into his room and I sit in the chair and he climbs on my lap and I rock him, now only for about 20-25 mins and then I put him in his bed awake, we give each other a kiss, an Eskimo kiss and then I say, “good night my love, may you have sweet dreams” and I leave the room. Its been a great transition since.

One thing I never thought about was him waking at night I always use to just give him boob and now we just cuddle and it seems to do the same thing, so often now I feel like he just doesn’t want to be alone. But now I have found myself with a huge emotional hole inside me. I crave to have the bond of him needing me and me being able to give him something no one else can. I miss him climbing on my lap and scratching my collar-bone which was always his way of saying boob. I miss the time we would share each day together when I would feed him. Breastfeeding for me wasn’t just feeding my son, it was nurturing him and making owies better, it was cuddles and fingers poking in my mouth. It was a beautiful time and I treasured it so much, I am so incredibly happy and blessed to have spent 22 months breastfeeding my son.

This change in my life has given me more freedom as I can now drink, or I can have my husband do bed time but for me it feels like more of a loss. I feel like I am missing a part of myself now. I feel the grief of our last feed, because I did not know it was our last.. Part of me wishes I had planned better so I could have enjoyed it more knowing it would be our last, part of me thinks if I had done that I may have never stopped…

xOx Chelsea