How to Kick the Season Blues

So Christmas is over, the hustle and bustle of Boxing Day has passed, and the excitement of New Years is gone. You’ve given yourself a New Years resolution, but you’re unmotivated, you’re lost, and you just can’t kick these seasonal blues that the Holidays have left you with – I am right there with you!

So I spent the last few weeks researching some amazing tips on how to kick these seasonal blues that the Holidays and your after Christmas credit card bill has left you.


I decided to research these tips when I found myself, just starting December and feeling absolutely lost, alone and really sad. I have no reason to feel these, I have a supportive husband, an affectionate 2 year old, and amazing friends and family. I had just signed up for a new work out routine with a trainer that I was so excited for, but something was missing. I will tell you what it was, it was my motivation, my self love, and my happiness. We found ourselves renting our friends basement suite this holiday season as we waited to get into our new home and I think the lack of my routine and sons routine really wore on me. So I decided to kick this sadness to the curb and do something about it. I researched ways to boost my mood, tips to deal with seasonal depression, how to handle the debt that comes with the holidays, and how to deal with Stress. I found so many amazing tips, and started to think, I can’t be the only person who feels this way. As I went through my training program we were asked to complete mindset modules that really made me think about my feelings and so many people had similar feelings I did. So here we are, the blog post to help you kick the Seasonal Blues.

  1. Are you holding onto something that hurt you?
    I recently had some fallings out with people, some in which I felt attacked my character, and sometimes I found myself re-reading these messages, So I deleted them. (I save everything messages) I have saved a ton of screen shots over the years, emails and things from people that were really hurtful to me. So I decided purge, why let these things from 5 years ago weigh me down? 2018 would not be another year of self contentiously holding this pain any longer.shit happens
  2. Are you letting the stress of the future weigh on you?
    We all dread the after Christmas bills, we feel pressure from our partners, are families, and our society to get these amazing expensive gifts, maybe not even expensive but lots of people to give thanks to with gifts. Then the bills come and you feel the pressure of that. Or maybe there is a looming event you don’t want to attend and that is looming. Whatever it is, don’t let the future weigh on you. Focus on each day. Take steps to make sure that you are living in the moment – and enjoying it!
  3. Start each day with a nice thought!
    I literally found myself waking up and not being able to go to the gym, barely being able to get up for work. It was a serious struggle, so I decided to start my day with 1 nice thought to myself. Whether it was something I was grateful for, or something that about myself that I liked. Many days it felt overly forced, but slowly I noticed it making a serious change in my mood. I could see the difference on days I forgot, but soon a habit started and my mood changed.
    positive morning
  4. Spend time thinking about what you have to be grateful for
    I read this awesome tip, spend time each night to review your day. In that day what were 3 things that made you happy, or that you were grateful for. Some days all that was on my list, was my families health, my extra 10 mins of sleep, the fact it wasn’t raining or snowing. But when you have a bad day, having this journal to look back on, can really help you ground yourself and find happiness in the worst of days/moods.
  5. Take time for yourself.
    As a parent this can be really difficult, but it is so important to take time for yourself and enjoy it. It is vital for us to do something for ourselves each day, if you don’t your going to go crazy!! My time for myself started as a few extra minutes standing in the hot shower, to some days sitting in my car after work and take a few minutes to meditate or review the day. Sometimes it was going to get my hair done, going to the gym or a work out class. Whatever it is that you enjoy – take a few minutes to do it, or a few minutes to just sit quietly and take in the day and let your mind rest, and recharge.
  6. Get Exercise.
    Whether you go for a nice brisk walk, or make it to the gym for a work out there is no doubt that getting exercise really does make you happier. I knew I had lost my motivation so I signed up for a work out challenge where others could help motivate me and help me hold myself accountable.
  7. Try something new
    Maybe what your lacking in life isn’t positive thought rather you have gotten so stuck on the same old life. Try something new with a friend or just yourself, it may give you a challenge you are looking for or even just get that brain working in a new desiring way.
    choose hapoy
  8. Give love to those you care about.
    Sometimes when we are needing love, we can feel the love we are needing by giving it to others. When I was feeling really down, I sent some important people in my life a quick message to say what they mean to me and to let them know I am thinking of them daily and am blessed to have them in my life. Even though we don’t see people everyday and we have friendships that don’t need to be affirmed to stay alive, you never know when your caring message will push them through a rough day! – It will also make your day better I promise!
  9. Think Positive
    It is funny how people always preach the think happy be happy, but it truly works. If you are always thinking negative you can’t expect anything good to come of it! So try to remind yourself to be positive, and think positive.
  10. Lastly face the fear.
    Reading about being negative thoughts and how to deal with them really seemed like the most important thing is to take a deeper look at where those feelings are originating from… what is really causing you to feel that way. What fear is your mind trying to protect you from. Spend some time thinking about it, and try to face it to give yourself some sanity .

I hope these tips help, remember that you aren’t alone in how you feel and that it is possible to change your mindset and start slowly kicking this Seasonal Blues.

xOx Chelsea

Merry Christmas and Thank you!

Wow, what a incredible year it has been. I take a look back at the blog, my life, and everything in it, and I am blown away! This year I had the pleasure of working with so many amazing local businesses, shops and the PEOPLE behind them. I also had people who took time to read my blogs about so much more than just these shops, about my life. So I wanted to just break it down in a blog about how grateful I am and to thank all of you!

Firstly I have to thank all the small shops, and the people who have allowed me to feature them on the blog – we hit a milestone this year with the blogs first birthday! It was extremely rewarding because I knew that I probably wouldn’t be still writing these blogs if it wasn’t for all the people who have allowed me to feature them. I am so grateful for your hard work, and all that goes into running your small shop. From taking time away from your children to follow your dreams so that you can provide a happy, healthy home for your children – For the small shops that don’t have children, do NOT think I appreciate you any less. I know there are some of you who work full-time and work on your business in the wee hours, YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS, and I promise to feature you when ever you’ll have me, and to continue to support you all!

Secondly I just want to say thank you for everyone supporting me this year. It was a rough year, and I learnt a lot. It started off really rocky with a lot going on at home, but I am blessed to have this outlet, that allows me to forget everything crazy and stressful going on and to have this creative outlet where I can do what I enjoy most writing. Some of you may not know but since I was a very young kid I always wanted to be a writer, but never enjoyed English class. This blog gives me time to just enjoy writing without any pressure.

Last year for our Christmas feature we did 4 small shops, and this year we did 14! Its crazy to think that 14 small shops gave me this opportunity and I want to thank all of them! As well so many other shops that I had featured throughout the year also put together items for our Large Basket Giveaway, totaling $950 in local products. We had a number of giveaway throughout the year and also from these features this year, and I only hope we are given the same opportunities for next year.

I’ve got one last thing to ask of you all! Well three things!

1. If you know a lady who owns her own shop and deserves to be recognized or you want to nominate yourself please comment below for our ladies page!

2. If you know of a small shop or are a small shop and you want to collaborate in the new year let’s get in touch comment below or go to my contact me page!

3. If there is anything you would like for me to write about comment below I would love to give you all what you want!

Also as I post this thank you, I want to be honest I’m pooped! So I am going to be taking a break from blogging for the rest of the Christmas Season/New Year, to spend with my family! As I think we should all try and do! Expect me back in January for what I hope will be another great year

Have an amazing Holiday Season everyone!!

xOx Chelsea

Toddler Friendly Fall Activities in the Fraser Valley

One of my favorite seasons is Fall, I absolutely love the colder nights, the falling leaves and all the family time. Something we try to do each year with Pearce is the Pumpkin Patch – but we have a few must haves when we are planning on where to go! I have put together a few of our favorite places to go during the fall season for fun activities and of course everything is toddler friendly!! I hope your all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, with the world events I feel there is so much more to be thankful for this year.

I will start by sharing Pearce’s must haves:
1. a playground – our little monster has a TON of energy so he loves a good playground to burn it out on

2. Farm Animals – Pearce absolutely loves animals and farm animals are his favorite!

3. Lots to do – We all know toddlers get bored easy so having lots to do in 1 place is another key thing we look for when planning an excursion.

Now here are the activities to do around the Fraser valley this fall, all Pearce Approved!


  1. One of our absolute favorite farms to visit is Maan Farms    Abbotsford, BC
    Maan Farms truly checks off every box on our list, they have tons of activities, lots of space and all the animals Pearce could dream of seeing at the farm, not to mention its pretty close for us to visit. We have gone for Birthdays, Easter and now we will be going for their Halloween activities. Our favorite part of the Maan Farms fall experiences is their HUGE pumpkin patch and their haunted corn maze – going during the day is much easier on our monster loving toddler. Not to mention they also have all the rest of the farms great activities: Zip Lines, 2 play grounds, jumping pillow, climbing spider web, Pedal car races, Petting zoo, and for the adults they have wine tasting!! If your interested in checking them out, they are located in Abbotsford, and you can find out all your info here: Maan Farms


  2. A Childhood favorite of mine is Chilliwack Corn maze   – Chilliwack, BC
    When I was a kid my family would go to Chilliwack corn maze and it was the best time, with four kids to entertain this place truly had it all! This season they have got tons going on and although they are little further out I can ensure you it is worth the drive! They of course have the huge Corn maze, a pumpkin patch, giant jumping pillow, Pedal Carts, Duck Races, Indoor Haze maze (for the younger kids or a rainy day activity), Corn train, Hay Rides, Climbing Spider Web, playground, and Farm animals of course! To plan your family trip here:  Chilliwack Corn maze 


  3. Laity Pumpkin Patch – Maple Ridge, BC
    This particular farm has 2 Venues, there is Laity Pumpkin Patch South and Laity Pumpkin patch North, on their site they have clear attractions for each. Both sides, have a play area for the kids, you pick pumpkins, corn mazes, Hay rides, and farm animals!! This farm is definitely worth the trip, and very affordable costing only $5 for 3 and up! If you check out the north side you can explore the woods or pan for gold. The South side has some fun family games to entertain everyone! Check their site out to plan your trip! Laity Pumpkin Patch 

    taves farm

  4. Taves Family Farm Aka Apple Barn – Abbotsford, BC
    Last year on thanksgiving I got SO SICK!! It was awful, So my husband took my son, and my sister and headed out to Taves Family farm. He said it was the best experience for Pearce and him. They got a pumpkin, played on the playground and spent a lot of time petting the animals. This year I hope I can make it out to Taves Farm as it sounds like an awesome experiences. During the week they have: Pedal Karts, Corn Quest Maze, Bunny Town, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Patch, Jumping Pillow AND Pumpkin, Tractor Trail, Zip Line, Playground, Petting Barn, Farmville, Bee hive Viewing, Cider Press Demonstration, U-Pick Apples. On the weekend they add more activities: On top of all the activities above you can also, Go for Pony Rides from 10am – 4;30, try out the corn gun, Check out the concession Stand, See the pumpkin Cannon, and Check out the Corn and Potato Roaster. Check out this link to plan your trip: Taves Family Farm Aka Apple Barn


  5. Ghost Train – Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
    This one is definitely on our list to try to check out this year. Our son has a MASS obsession with trains. This year’s theme, Alien Invasion! The train runs during: Friday, October 13 to Tuesday October 31; Monday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Friday to Sunday,  11 a.m. to 10 p.m ** There are NO live performances during the matinee trains. For More info and to plan your trip: Ghost Train

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family – May your tummies be as full as your hearts! As well I hope you get to check out one of the 5 local events listed above with your family! Happy Fall Days!

xOx Chelsea