Pea’s Nursery

As many moms know creating the perfect nursery is probably the most stressful but necessary thing to do to complete the nesting process for motherhood. Our story is a little different!

When we found out we were pregnant we were renting a condo in Coquitlam and had a roommate! We eventually found out they were selling and we would have to move! So we made the tough decision to move back to my father-in-laws till after Pearce was born since we were ready to make the big purchase of our first home.

The Bassinet we prepared in our fathers home, in the 1 bedroom we shared with 2 dogs, 2 humans and 1 tiny baby.

We welcomed Pearce into the world 2 weeks after moving back. Soon after Pearce was born we started looking for our first home. Once we found it we wouldn’t move for a few months. We ended up Moving in Nov 26, 2015, Pearce was just over 3 months. At this time Pearce was still sleeping in our room, in his bassinet. I knew that I wanted to make a very special room so I started gathering ideas and in January 2016, we created his nursery, here’s the process.

As we plan on having another baby/babies ( if my husband caves) we knew that creating a nursery which was unisex was important to us as we would eventually move Pearce to the larger bedroom and have a new baby in the nursery.

When I had Pearce, we had chosen to keep the gender a surprise so everything was gender neutral and we had grey and yellow everything, with chevron grey as a strong part of the baby’s things. So we kept these colors as our colors for the nursery.

I scowered Pinterest for months, I tossed around the idea of doing chevron stripes on the wall however I found one picture that really stood out to me. 

When I showed my husband he liked it to! So we had our plan! I went off and got the paint and we spent a weekend painting the bedroom.

For me, from the beginning I knew I wanted white furniture, it just reminded me of my first childhood bed. My first bed was a white daybed which I absolutely loved! So we got our beautiful crib at sears, it was a gift from my sister Laken.

When we brought home the crib we actually ended up getting the wrong one and we had to go exchange thankfully sears was really good about getting me a white crib it wasn’t the one I had originally picked out but I liked it better, this crib is now discontinued. But similar styles are available on sears.

After getting the right crib, my mother in law and Mumma my husbands grandma purchased our beautiful bedding from Carousel Designs . It fit our theme perfect! We have also been featured on their instagram @carouseldesigns . I have been super impressed with the quality of the products we received, I think Pearce has too!

Next I re-finished my old dresser for his room (still need to get more knobs), and we purchased a change table off an old bidding site, to me it was not important to spend money on a change table due to the limited time you actually use one, and we got a wicked deal on one that fit perfectly with our nursery! I also picked up a glider chair at a local garage sale that I still need to re-finish!


A few of my favorite items that I purchased:

Levana Baby Monitor

was our Levana Baby Monitor, we purchased the one with 1 camera, that can have additional added for later so that we can have just 1 monitor with future babies. We have the Aria monitor, it records video, and allows us to talk back to Pearce

Owl Night Light

I am absolutely obsessed with Pearce’s night light, it is also a sound maker, it comes with 8 different sounds, 4 white noise sounds and 4 musical sounds as well as a star projector onto the ceiling and the belly lights up for a night light.


When I first set up Pea’s Nursery I didn’t think a humidifier was needed but as each cold came and went, we decided to get him one. This one works great and also has a night light feature. The humidifier runs for 10 hours.

Baby Mobile

I absolutely love the baby mobile I got for Pearce, it matched his room perfectly. Purchased from Target, it makes noise and turns.

Something I definitely don’t think worked out for us was the soft fold away toy box you see featured it’s by Skip Hop and Pearce always leaning on the edge bent it pretty bad!

Hand painted by Moi
Artwork by @bonnysalami on instagram
The next Project 
Artist work by @chrystalized_artz on instagram


Christmas Shop Local Feature: Introducing Taylin Threads

Caylee, Her Husband Mike and their beautiful children Linden and Taylor

I think I will always remember the day I met Caylee, It was like meeting my first ever Kindred Spirit. Caylee and I had a ton in common, we were both working for the same company, we both had Chihuahuas who we were weirdly attached too. Both super outgoing and very forward. Caylee was my boss, but she made work fun. When Caylee became my boss it was at a time in her career where she knew she wanted more. So we didn’t work together for long, but we have always stayed in touch. I think that is why I feel so strongly about this brand. I have watched an extremely hard-working devoted mother build it from the ground up and watch the success grow! I am so grateful to be able to share it with you and give an exclusive offer to my readers. Here’s Caylee’s Taylin Threads journey.

The Lin and Tay

Caylee always had a keen eye for fashion, and studied textiles in school, so when she got pregnant she was extremely excited to be able to finally shop for her mini. But Caylee really struggled at the time to find trendy affordable baby clothes. Since she knew how to sew, it seemed only fitting that Caylee would make her daughter Taylor trendy clothes herself. Caylee got a ton of compliments on her daughters leggings when they were out, moms wanted to buy know where she found these trendy outfits. So she started small selling to local moms and growing to even selling to Tori Spelling. Once her son came she knew she wanted this company to symbolize her devotion to her family, So it seemed only fitting to name it after her daughter Taylor and son Linden, Taylin Threads was born.

When my son was born I couldn’t wait to get some stuff from Caylee, the first thing I purchased was her grow with me harems, these pants are amazing because you can make them last so much longer by pulling the pant leg down or folding it up to start wearing them early. From there Taylin Threads has become my hide from my husband addiction. Gone are the days of hiding purchases I bought for myself… Now I hide my addiction of buying my son her hip clothes. Everytime I put my son in something from her line, I get a TON of compliments, from his wiener dog leggings to his batman harems, to his romper, her line has something for everyone!

how does one pick a favourite print? 

I think my favourite thing about Caylee is she loves to have sales. Caylee understands that times are hard and she loves to give her customers the opportunity to buy her clothes at a discounted price, Caylee often offers Fabric Frenzy sales which are usually 6-8 fabrics where you can buy all items at a discounted rate. But my favourite is her Taylin Threads Ready to ship instagram page, this is where Caylee posts items that are ready to ship and discounted including shipping (@taylinthreadsrts on instagram), I often hit this page up for quick birthday party presents, but I am always checking up on it to see what items are being offered.

Knowing Caylee and watching her on this journey I was so eager to find out how all of this has made her feel. She says “Seeing customers sends pictures of my quality hand-made clothing that I made for their littles, and knowing I touched their family in some way and seeing their adorable happy kids is the most rewarding.” But what is the best feedback she has received since starting her business “Stay true to yourself and your brand, You will never make everyone happy, continue to strive for the best customer service.”

More recently Caylee started a Facebook page for her exclusive Taylin Thread followers, this is a page where you can get exclusive sales, buy, sell or trade your Taylin Thread Apparel. She also promises to give early access to members for new style drops, secret promotions as well all the info on new arrivals. I definitely suggest following Tayling Threads BTS on facebook if you love her stuff as much as me! In honor of the launch of this page Caylee is going to be giving away a $50 store credit, check out the page to see how to win! You can also find Taylin Threads at . On facebook at Taylin threads and on instagram under: @taylinthreads and @taylinthreadsrts .

So what advice does Caylee have for Moms starting their own business, “Follow your dreams and never give up! You can do anything you put your mind and drive towards. Having your own business will be never-ending work hours and tiring, but worth every bit of it.” When I look at all the feedback from the moms we have featured, 2 things stand out, hard work and following your dreams… Kinda reminds me of an old saying, nothing worth it is ever easy.

Caylee currently ships in Canada and internationally. But the most exciting thing is that in the new year Taylin Threads is going to be READY TO SHIP!!! That’s right no more 3 week turn around, all items will be ready to ship! How exciting, and what an accomplishment for this mama! Caylee has also given us an exclusive offer to blog readers, 25% off store wide, just use the code: MINIMONSTER  and support this local family! Remember that each purchase from a local business is helping to give that family a little more. 


I want to give a huge thank you to all the businesses I have featured for my Shop Local this Christmas Feature. You are all tremendously talented mothers who have built a great support system to help you achieve your goals. Your all following your dreams and being great moms, I’m incredibly proud and blessed to know you. thank you for giving me this opportunity! As well as a BIG thank you to Stacia Sharma for doing pictures, Laken Craig for pictures and my little mini for being so patient with me while we all worked hard for the perfect picture of you in your threads!




Christmas Shop Local Feature: Introducing Tumble and Roar!


One year ago, a woman who I am extremely proud of, look up to and turn to often for support embarked on her dreams of creating her own company in the tiny tots fashion industry. Carlee launched Tumble and Roar, December 1st, 2015. I get the pleasure today to tell you all about how she started her business, while balancing her busy life as well as share some exciting things with you!

When I first met Carlee, we were both working in the fashion industry and it wasn’t friends at first sight. We actually butt heads a bit, until we realized we actually have a ton in common. It didn’t take long for us to become good friends and when Carlee got pregnant, I was sad to think of going to work without her. She is an extremely support friend and a great mother. When I got pregnant with my son I loved having an experienced friend to turn to. Although I soon moved farther away, we have stayed close by sneaking our messages between naps and after bed time. When Carlee told me she would be starting her own business I was so excited for her! I love the entire line, which has grown to be more than just t-shirts. With Carlee’s second baby coming its bittersweet to see her business doing so well, giving her the ability to stay home and be present each day with her children.


Your probably wondering how she is able to keep up with a busy two-year old and run a successful business. Well Carlee makes sure to complete work only during her sons nap time and after he goes to bed. This allows Carlee to be present during the day and take her son to all his activities. But this does lead to many late nights, something Carlee doesn’t mind because she loves her business.

As Carlee designs the shirts, she describes it as a very vulnerable experience, she questions herself a lot, and continuously asks her husband for his input. So she says any feedback that is good about her product means the world to her. Her most personal project is her newly launched baby boy briefs. She got the idea for the briefs from her late father in law who owned his own company in Montreal one of his most popular items was his boxer briefs which he designed and created himself. She has received a ton of tremendous feedback from her in laws about the launch of her briefs and she says that feedback means the world to her.


One of the things I love about Carlee is that as much as her business grows she vows to never let it interfere with her family, they are number 1. So the growth of her company will always depend on her family. If you ask Carlee where she will be in 10 years, she doesn’t respond with owning a multi million dollar business, but rather being a car pool mom on the sidelines of her children’s soccer games. I love how extremely humble this woman is. I continue to learn from her daily, as a mother and as a woman.

Carlee launched this year many new products, but most recently she launched her Daddy and Baby Boxer briefs, which are the perfect Christmas Gift for your son and husband to lounge around in over the holidays. Not to mention the many cute tee’s for the kids to run and play in. My favorite is the Snack Champ tee. I have now bought it in 2 sizes because I just love the quality and style. Below I have included some pictures of my favorite products that I will be giving as gifts this Christmas Season.


Carlee currently has an online store and allows for online orders shipping internationally. When you go to Carlee’s website you can see all her in stock products so there is no wait time and things are generally shipped with in 5 business days. She also has free local pick up for Vancouver and Richmond. Carlee has a lot more products that are not featured below, Please go to to see full line.


For Blog Readers Carlee is offering a discount code : HOLIDAYSHOPPING for 20% off their entire purchase, code is good until Christmas Eve. As well as part of her 1 year celebration she is giving away one of her SMOOCH tee’s shown below. Just check out her Instagram Account: @tumbleandroar for details.


Wish you all the best Perugini family as you invite your new baby and embark on the growth of Tumble and Roar!


Winner of Cherry Hill Decor Family Sign: Susan Burke

Winner of Cherry Hill Decor: Joy To the World Sign: Sara Elizabeth

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Be sure to go to our blog post about SoloBaby Designs and enter the draw for a surprise gift retail value $60. Draw December 5th at 5pm!!