Fathers Day

When I think about Father’s Day, I think how incredibly blessed I am to have 3 amazing Fathers in my life. My own Dad, My father in law, and my husband. All of these men teach me lessons daily, support me in many different ways as well as give me so much to be thankful for.

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When I think about my Dad the thought crosses my mind – Where do I begin? For Dad and I, it hasn’t always been an easy road. My stubborn independence was always a challenge for us. But eventually we found our groove, he understood that I was always going to do things my way, but found a way to teach me the lesson without me knowing. He let me do things the hard way even though he knew it was the hard way, he knew I didn’t want to hear the easy way.

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I have 1 distinct memory with my Dad, he had taken me to his soccer game – just me. In a family of four children you rarely went anywhere on your own with your parent, so these times were always a blessing. We had taken my Dad’s pride possession, his second wife, the spitfire, his beautiful convertible that all us kids had helped him restore. In his car there was only a radio, well in this particular memory we had it blasted. On the radio – Reba Mcentire – Why haven’t I heard from you! To this day, I think of this memory fondly, for many reasons, I had Dad to myself, I was in the spit, and we were having fun. At this age a lot of life had gotten stressful and Dad could never hide his stress but in this moment he was completely stress free.


This year my father suffered a heart attack and it was the scariest moment in my life. Thinking the last time I saw him would be my last was heartbreaking. All your memories from childhood to adulthood run through your mind. Someone who spent their life taking care of you now needs your love and support and you to be there for them. The heart attack shook our family hard, it reminded all of us how fragile life is and making an effort to be in each other’s life is so much more important. I love you Dad for all that you taught me, and continue to teach me each day. You’re a great Father and I am blessed to have had you as my Dad.

Craig, thank you for all that you have done for Chris and myself. Your not a man of many words but the few words you give us are always meaningful. You have always had an open heart and open mind. You gave me a home and a family a girl can only dream of. But most of all thank you for raising an incredibly strong, independent loving man. Chris is so much of you, so determined, kind-hearted and a lover of hockey.


I’ve known you now for about 8-9 years, and have shared many good memories with you. From being room mates to your daughter in law it’s been a great ride. We have shared a ton of laughs, sometimes at the expense of Chris falling in the ditch. You put up with me like I was your own and accepted me with open arms. Thank you for being an incredible father to Colette and  Chris, great father in law to me and a wonderful Grandpa to Pearce. We are so thankful to have you and look forward to many fun trips to the island to visit.

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Chris, 10 years ago I met you, it has been a crazy rollercoaster ride since we met and parenthood has been just another loop on the coaster. You’re the kinda Dad Pearce can be thankful to have. It’s been nearly 2 years with our crazy child and you get him like nobody else. Maybe cause he’s crazy wild like you? Watching you with our son has been the best, I have seen a side of you I never knew existed, and I am incredibly thankful to be able to give Pearce the life we have thanks to your hard work and passion for life.

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Each time I see you with our son I fall more and more in love with you. Not only are you a great dad but your also a great husband reminding me to have patience and stay grounded. Helping me cheer on Pearce’s victories and work with him together to parent as a team on the hard stuff. I like to say I could do it without you but I know I could never. You make being a mom all worth it, because your such an awesome Dad. Beyonce said it best when she sang “‘Cause darling I wake up just to sleep with you,I open my eyes so I can see with you, And I live so I can die with you. And I don’t really need these fingers, if I don’t get to touch your spine. No I don’t need these legs, if I ain’t walkin’ by your side. And I don’t really need to be, if I can’t be with you.”

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The moment I heard this Beyonce song it spoke volumes to me, it is truly the way I feel about Chris, I love my guys to pieces.. ❤ 

To all the other Fathers out there I hope you have an amazing Day with your family. One day to appreciate all you do for us moms seems so unfair! We are grateful for you everyday!!


xOx Chelsea 


Family Vacation: Kelowna 2017

This May Long was our first family vacation of 2017. We went to Kelowna for my husband’s hockey tournament. I absolutely love getting away with our little family, something about being just us warms my heart. This trip had a ton of first for us, one of which was the way we chose to stay! When you’re traveling with a little one you have so many more things to think about, to bring, and to plan for. This trip we decided to try out air b&b. We will definitely be using it again. I plan on sharing all about the air b&b experience with you, as well as some tips on traveling with a 1.5 year old, and a little bit about what we did around Kelowna. Keep in mind I have a real lack of pictures as I totally unplugged for most the trip.

west kelowna

We decided to go air b and b because we were bringing Pearce and going out for every meal would get costly, staying in a hotel with a suite was also an option but being that it was the long weekend in Kelowna we knew we would have a better time in a air b and b away from the busy downtown core. We chose a cute basement suite in West Kelowna, and boy did we luck out! Our hostess was amazing, we got up pretty late Friday night as we had an emergency plumbing situation at home right before we left. Our host had a playpen set up for us already made so literally we arrived and plunked him into bed. In the morning we woke up to find that we were staying in the cutest little house, with a huge backyard and our host had put some toys in the basement for Pearce to play with. The basement was a great choice it was so nice and cool and with temperatures above 25 it was much-needed!

Saturday morning was the first game of the tournament for my husband’s team, so we were up and out of the house early. I had gone grocery shopping before we left and bought snacks for Pearce and some breakfast goodies, our host made us scones and provided us with some fruit which was nice! After the first game, which they won; we went for lunch at Joey’s with Chris’s god mother who lives in Kelowna. It was a great lunch, Pearce loved the venue, on the balcony is a huge water feature which Pearce couldn’t get enough of. We also love Joeys the food is amazing and the service is always great!

lunch with aunty

After lunch it was nap time till the second game. Then we went and had pizza at our friends place with Pearce. Pearce had nearly the whole Hockey team watching his favorite movie Moana. They all seemed to really enjoy it, so if you’re looking for a good family movie it is definitely worth checking out.

Sunday we had another 2 games, to which my best friend and her man came to help me cheer on the boys. We ended up going to lunch at the Indigenous World Winery, the food was absolutely delicious and the wine was amazing. Not to mention the venue is in a spectacular little spot with breath-taking views. I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the Kelowna area. I am told the dinner is even better, and when it gets dark they have giant teepees that light up.


Sunday night was the final game and we ended up losing but it was an awesome game to watch! Dinner was pretty low-key at the rink and then back to our air b and b to rest up before our long and exhausting drive home! When we woke up Monday morning we found out there was a bad accident on the Coquihalla and that it would be closed. We ended up having a LONG detour and the drive took about 7 hours for us to get from West bank Kelowna to Mission. We made a few stops on the way for food. But the drive was definitely not ideal. Moana saved our lives with Pearce. As well as snacks!!

I have a list of some tips that really helped me get through the weekend:

  1. Ipad with his favorite movie to watch in the car
  2. Coloring for at the rink and peas favorite books
  3. a variety of snacks : Yogurt, Squishees, gold fish, cheerios, and LOTS of fruit.
  4. toys – bring a variety so when your child gets fussy you can take a different toy out
  5. try to plan so their schedule can still be maintained a bit it will make for a kid in better moods
  6. The car is extremely hot for a child in a car seat so plan a few stops for them to get out.
  7. having someone in the back seat to entertain your child when they get fussy is a huge bonus!
  8. Because we had to pack for cold rink and hot weather it was essential we brought a change of clothes, our SUV was our changing ground for Pearce before we went in the rink.
  9. be patient. Traveling is new for a little one so be patient because it’s a LOT of change for them all at once
  10. Packing their blanket or pillow from home helps for better sleeping at night-time.
  11. PLAN FOR PLAY! it’s a vacation remember

Overall our first vacation was a huge learning experience, packing should never be done last-minute as I forgot to pack myself knickers and my husband forgot to grab shoes. Thankfully we traveled somewhere where we could have all of those things. Air b and b was a great experience, it’s also so much more affordable for small families. Being able to have breakfast everyday and snacks and everything in our place just like we were at home was a huge plus. We will definitely be staying air b and b again! Hopefully we will be at the winery again soon as well!


xOx Chelsea