The Birth of our Son

I dont know what it is about Birth Stories but before you have a kid you will 90% of the time not want to hear them! Once you have had a baby, you will always share/talk about them and want to know others. So here goes, on August 9th I told my best friend that I wanted one more day to myself before the baby, baby was due August 17th,2016. So I picked up Renee, and went to play pub bingo with her and my mom. I felt well rested that day having finally had a good sleep but I had some lower back pain. I thought maybe I was constipated (super common during pregnancy). After bingo Renee and I went to Grab a Java in mission, a delicious coffee shop which is locally owned, displaying local artist, and has delicious gelato. That day we went for the Gelato. After that I had one last thing I needed to feel prepared : The breast pump. I picked up my pump and told Renee “now the baby can come”. Then I drove Renee home and headed back to New West where we were living at the time. My husband was at a WWE show and so I put on Bachelor in Paradise and fell asleep. Around 2 hours later at 7 I woke up to some sharp pain in my back thinking it was constipation I went to the bathroom, nope it was not. I texted my husband to not get drunk as he was probably going to have to take me to the hospital. At this time the pain was coming and going every 10-20 mins. I knew that going to the hospital would mean that they would push drugs which I decided I did not want. So, I played Bingo on my ipad something I find very relaxing. At around 9 the contractions were 7 mins apart so I decided to have a bath. The bath was not relieving any pain and the tiny tub made my pregnant body feel enormous. I got out and the contractions were much stronger but I felt I could still manage it however my focus on things was not as good so no more bingo. At around 10 my husband got home and asked if we had to go I told him I wanted to wait, I called the hospital and told her what I was feeling and she said to head in when contractions were 4-5 mins apart, and they were lasting longer. So we waited, Watching True Detectives season 2 finale — I still have no idea what happened! I had decided I wanted to give birth at Abbotsford Hospital as my sister gave birth there, I had volunteered there so I felt comfortable. I had a shower and the hot water on my back felt amazing, after the shower I decided it was time to head to the hospital. We packed the car and left, the drive from new west to Abbotsford from around 12am to 12:40 ish was a quiet drive, both of us anticipating about our new baby. Once there we had to walk through the hospital and finally got to the maternity. I checked in and around 1:30 the nurse decided to check how far along I was when she lifted the blanket to check my water broke — at this moment Chris went white and got up and almost fainted! The nurse checked and I was 7.5 cm. We walked to the room and checked into the same room my nephew was born in 3 years before. At this time contractions are much harder and faster and at our birth class they said that labor can last 12 hours! The back labor was very painful so I asked for pain medication thinking it would be awhile… but the nurse said Sorry hun your baby is coming your 9 cms. I tried some laughing gas but found it didnt work. After I had my blood taken the doctor came and we began pushing, we pushed for 2 contractions when my doctor said we needed to put the vacuum on and that we needed to push as hard as we can on the next contraction. The vacuum was put on and after an episiotomy. The next contraction I pushed so hard and as it was ending my husband yelled push behind me and I pushed with all my might popping many blood vessels in my face. Babies head was out the doctor informed me to grab the baby and I pulled baby out. He then cut the cord and our baby was taken, born purple, not breathing. We had no idea if it was a boy or a girl. My mom snuck over and peeked and cried its a boy! Then we heard his cry, and held him quickly before he was taken to the nicu to ensure that he had no organ damage from not breathing. My husband left with baby, while I had to stay and give birth to placenta. After I was done at around 4:15 am I got to go and meet him, and my husband told me all the things he had that were mine and his… Pearce was born at 2:37 am, weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, with a full head of black hair, very healthy!

2 thoughts on “The Birth of our Son

  1. This brought back memories of my first, a long time back.
    It is something one never forgets, even many years after.
    Love the blog. Love my Great Grandbaby Pearce!


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