Mossy Creek and Co.

I remember the first day of grade 8 like it was yesterday (I have a pretty good memory, ask my husband 😉 ). I was incredibly nervous, I had never experienced going to a new school. On the first day of school I met so many woman who I still speak to, to this day. Carley is one of those woman. She is kind, funny and infectious, you want to be around her. Coming from a small town we have all watched each other grow up into the woman we are today, so this post is near and dear to my heart as I have had the pleasure of watching Carley’s journey and I am so excited to share a blog about a store she opened in our home town.

Carley wearing
Locomotive Clothing

On October 28th, 2016 Carley dropped a huge announcement on her social media, she was taking a huge leap with her mother Mary and opening a store in our small town of Mission, BC. Carley decided that she wanted to return to work when her youngest child started preschool.  She thought about what she wanted to do and that is when the idea came to her, she decided she wanted to own her own business. So Carley partnered with her mom and they made the jump into starting a boutique in our downtown core and so Mossy Creek and Co was born. Mossy Creek and Co, has no significant meaning to them other than their shared love for creeks and moss growing on the rocks – I love this, it totally reminds me of exploring the wilderness Mission has to offer. 

Spotted: Three Mountains – Wild And Raven – Field Notes – Canvas Candle Company – Poppy and Lace – I Luv it Natural Deodorant

At this point it was only a dream. Over the next few months, Carley and Mary went shopping for what they would put in their store, spent hours researching local companies, picking out a location and building the cutest little store. Carley describes this part of the business as one of her favorite things, being able to buy for her store and market the business is something she would like to do more of in the long run. This store is filled with so many items and every time you go in there is more. Every time I leave it feels like I didn’t see it all.


The opening of Mossy Creek and Co was delayed due to snowy weather but they opened their doors on February 8th, 2017. This past week was their Grand Opening Celebration and I was so excited to finally stop by! I was blown away, the pictures really don’t do it justice. I went down expecting it to be a cute little knick knack shop. I was sadly mistaken this store is everything you could want in a boutique, beautiful clothes from local business, for you, your husband and your little ones. As well as lots of small gift ideas for every special occasion.

Mary wearing
Locomotive Clothing

When picking out items for the store, Carley says it is most important to her to help local families showcase their business. So she has lots of stuff from local vendors, as well as clothes that can be worn a number of different ways, they have a lot of casual clothes as well as clothes you could dress up or dress down – giving your closet the versatility every woman is looking for. One thing I loved is that they had sizes for all body times,  as I have shopped a lot of boutiques in the lower mainland and found the sizes were often too small for my ever change mom-bod. They even carry plus sizes.

Two Sparrows Gifts – Dex Clothing –Locomotive Clothing

This is a new venture for Carley and Mary, but they are both very much enjoying it. Carley says that the hardest part of this new change is learning to balance both of her full-time jobs, owning a business and being a mom. Finding time to do homework, grocery shop, or just clean the house. I have a feeling that with time and the support of the community they will master the art of owning a business and being parents. I really look forward to Mossy Creek and Co becoming a reason that people travel to our beautiful town.

SoloBaby Designs – One Berrie – LoVe Threads – Whatknots Boutique – Ruby Roo and you 

When speaking with Mary and Carley they described that they are always on the hunt for new and trendy local companies to fill the shop with. These two woman are so supportive of local business and want it to be a focus for their business! So if you have a local business you think would be great for their company reach out to them on Facebook or drop by. But whatever you do be sure to check them out because this gem is ever-changing with items selling out and new items coming in!

Here are a few of the many items you can find at Mossy Creek and Co 

Cutting Board by Three Mountains

I don’t believe my picture really does this cutting board justice, Mossy Creek and Co had a few other ones but this one was definitely my favorite, these make a great gift for that friend moving into their first home, or even a decorative piece for those wine and cheese nights with friends. Three Mountains is a mission based business that creates wooden crafts.


Mason Jar Candles by Canvas Candle Company

This one I picked up for my hubby, he loves candles and I meant to grab a vanilla flavored but grabbed Best Coast flavor, but I was blown away, I lit it and felt like I was hiking the back woods of mission. Loved this scent! Canvas Candle Company is a Port Moody based business that aims to make burning home decor that we can feel good about!!


K’Pure Natural

Absolutely love this company and have actually known the maker of these products since I was a young girl, aka she used to baby sit me! I love Karen and am so excited for all that her company has become! This company makes product locally in mission that are all natural, non-toxic products. Crazy to think it all started from a Deodorant. Highly recommend checking out their site and seeing all the different products they offer.


Mally Designs Mocs

How are cute are these little Moc’s, definitely super cute and a perfect gift for the expecting mom. Mally Designs are based out of Mission, BC. They hand make their items and they started by making leather bibs. Starting their business in 2005 they are definitely doing it right!


True North Shaving Co. 

I love these little gift boxes, the absolute perfect gift for father’s day or your husbands birthday. They will definitely appreciate these kits. This company is based out of Maple Ridge, BC and prides itself on giving a better, cheaper shave! I definitely think Chris will be getting one of these boxes for Fathers Day!

At the grand opening Mossy Creek and Co was serving delicious cupcakes by Sweet Cheek’s Tasty Treats

Uprise Coffee Company 

Uprise Coffee is a hand brewed coffee made here in Mission, BC in small batches to ensure customers always receive the freshest coffee! I can’t wait to give this stuff a try!

Spotted: Uprise Coffee Company

I am so incredibly blessed that Carley and Mary allowed me to feature their beautiful shop on the blog. I am so incredibly thankful for their investment into our hometown community. Wishing them many fruitful years ahead!


Spotted Vendors: 

Field Notes: Notebooks inspired by the vanishing memo books and made in Chicago, USA

Locomotive Clothing: is a heritage inspired company that is hand-made by a dynamic duo, made locally in BC’s West Coast. They have clothing for men, woman and your mini’s! I absolutely love their collection.

Poppy and Lace: Jenaya is a Chilliwack, BC based artist making tiny paintings for special occasions. I bought a beautiful card for my friend to congratulate her and her husband on their new baby!

I luv it Natural Deodorant: a Mission, BC based company that makes aluminum and entirely chemical free deodorant with invigorating scents.

Wild and Raven: a Langley, BC based company that makes apparel in small batches. All Clothing is from Hand Drawn designs and hand printed onto the fabric. All goods are made from sustainable product. They also make clothes for all ages! Another cool fact this company donates 1% of its earnings to!

Oneberrie: This product is produced in Invermere, BC and is a towel that attaches behind your neck and hangs loosely over your core, then fold the bottom edge over your baby and once your baby is on your chest the button/hoop clasp secures the towel on and it is easily done with one hand. This product is made Terry and has a cotton flannelette shell.

LoVe Threads handmade: a Mission based business creating toques and head bands for you and your baby to twin and win! The cute designs of these are great for making mom and baby warm and fashionable.

WhatKnot Boutique: BC based crochet boutique creating tiny creations for tiny humans.

Ruby Roo and you: These customizable dolls are made in Mission, BC. They are Waldorf inspired made by hand with cotton and wool. These dolls are made with natural fibers to ensure only the best for these little doll parents!

SoloBaby Designs: As previously featured on our blog, is a local Mission based company that creates many goods for children and moms. From the 3-1 breast cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover to baby bibs and blankets!

Two Sparrows Vintage: a Mission based jewelry business. Each piece is very unique and beautiful

xOx Chelsea

Do you own a local business and want us to feature you? Head to the contact us page!

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10 thoughts on “Mossy Creek and Co.

  1. I heard so much about this store opening in Mission and because they carry CANADIAN MADE CLOTHING went to check it out.
    I was looking for quality items rather then the offshore items most stores stock, I ended up purchasing for my Wife many items locally made including two dresses, a leather coat and a scarf.
    I will certainly continue to shop “Mossy Creek” because of the two very pleasant and helpful lady owners, there was no selling pressures only suggestions.
    Thank you for making purchases so enjoyable!


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