Big Changes for the Helm Family

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The for sale sign when we purchased our home

The last few months have been an insane time for my family. My husband forced me into a renovation of our basement which turned into a much bigger project than we originally anticipated.

We bought our first home together back in September 2015. It was a beautiful 3 bed 2.5 bath town house in our home town. I remember walking into our town house and knowing that it was the place I wanted. Some of the things I fell in love with in our place was our REAL entry way, the privately fenced back yard and the mass amounts of storage!! I am not afraid to say that I have hording habits as I hate to throw things away – I am working on this. We moved in November 1st 2015, with our beautiful little baby, our dog and us! The place was perfect. We had enough room to live here for 10+ years! The previous owners had lived in the home for 10+ years so it needed work. The bedrooms had been rooms their children had grown up in and made wonderful memories – We had the pen on the walls and the wall stickers to prove it. After moving in I still felt this home had everything I could ever want.

Nearly finished basement

Starting this renovation in the basement, we had no plans, it was just spur of the moment, Chris and his buddy just tearing out the drywall holding layers of peeled paint and memories. The renovation dragged on as my husband increasing work load grew. Soon we were quickly approaching our sons Second Birthday party to which we planned to have a party at the house. My husband got to work, we picked up our supplies and him and his friend started on the job – quickly realizing they were in over their head! We ended up hiring out the work to some local guys to help us with the drywall. We painted the basement ourselves and Chris and his friend did our flooring. It was starting to look beautiful! We hired a painted to paint our main living areas as this was a large job we would not have the time for. Slowly we painted the spare room and our bedroom, and both bathrooms so everything looked fresh! The basement quickly came together. But something was missing.

Backyard at Townhouse

In the last few years we have watched many of our friends buy houses and have bonfires and get together’s and we wanted a yard we could enjoy with our son and our friends. The yard at our town house just wasn’t big enough for our growing boys desire to be outside. So as the renovation came to a close and we discussed things with many friends, family and each other, we decided it was time to move on to our next chapter. Moving is never an easy decision, we have created so many precious memories in this home. A home we would never have been able to get without the love and support of my in-laws. But as we close this chapter and list our home, we know that we take a HUGE risk in this market. We know that nothing will ever change the memories we have made and the family we grew in this home. I am so excited for someone to buy our home and love it as much we did. I know that it will be the perfect home for someone and that all the love and SWEAT we put into it will be appreciated.

Thank you all for bearing with my absence as we did these renovations as a family. I promise to spend the fall bringing as much as I can to all of you!

xOx Chelsea

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playtime with Daddy
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Christmas 2015 in our new home!
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Pearce in his Castle we set up in the living room


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Playing in the backyard
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Pearce’s Nursery
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Painted the fireplace!

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